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Chen Li quickly returned to the topic.

“Boss Qin, lets get down to business.

Look at the terms of the support fund agreement.”

Qin Lin nodded and took the document from Chen Li.

The terms of the contract agreement plus the information and additional introductions were more than a dozen pages long.

After taking a look at the terms, the results were the same as in the previous discussion.

The county supported the expansion of the villa, the bridal chamber, and the 100 acres of a comprehensive sea of flowers.

The total support fund reached more than 23 million yuan.

When the time came, the villa would especially apply for a bank card.

The funds would be placed in this card and the people from the countys Financial Bureau would monitor every expenditure.

After the project was developed, the income from the three projects would be returned interest-free.

After the support fund was repaid, all the profits of the project would go to the villa.

In addition, there was an additional fund of 10 million yuan.

It was the fund for the ecological park development of the mountain where the river flowed past.

It had nothing to do with his villa.

The county had invested in it.

It was sort of the countys official property.

The reason why it was added was to liaise with the villas drift project.

It was because of this project that the county wanted to develop this ecological park.

For example, you need a special car to send drifting tourists up the mountain, right

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Then, the county would build an ecological park scenic area and build a sightseeing train that would go straight to the drifting point.

Many people would probably be willing to buy tickets and take the sightseeing train up the mountain.

This project would definitely make money because it was to contact the villa.

This project would give the villa a dividend.

In addition, the county could organize people to sell Youcheng County specialties at the floating-point, or sell swimming rings, swimming trunks, sunglasses, and so on.

As long as there was a lot of traffic, there would be a lot of benefits.

Naturally, Qinglin Villa could also do these things, but he had no intention of doing so.

It was impossible for a person to earn all the money alone.

If a person insisted on earning all the money, they would only be met with envy.

If they could earn a large sum of money themselves and let others earn money as well, they would have many followers.

On the surface, this additional clause meant that the county had taken the mountain villa tourist bonus, but Qin Lin knew that there were many hidden benefits for him.

If he did it well and the results were visible to the naked eye, at least no one in Youcheng County could cause trouble for his villa.

He didnt even need to do anything about that womans unreasonable behavior last time.

The county would settle such matters and give him a platform.

As for some people, they would definitely be worried that there would be some twists and turns in their cooperation.

But most people believed in this country that had always protected them and allowed them to have a peaceful life that the entire world envied.

Even if there was an individual problem, it was someone elses.

Moreover, this was the Internet era.

Sometimes, one really wasnt afraid of others.

In the Internet era, how many people lived in fear They were afraid that their families would make them suffer if they said anything wrong.

The Internet age had given birth to many bad things, and just as many good things.

“Boss Qin, you can consult the relevant lawyer about this contract.

After confirming that there are no problems, we can go to the county to sign the contract.

If there are any other doubts, we can also hold a meeting as soon as possible to make adjustments.” Chen Li saw Qin Lin looking at the contract and took the initiative to remind him.

He took this cooperation very seriously.

He also wanted both sides to proceed in harmony and not leave any loose ends.

After all, they stood on different sides.

If they felt it was reasonable, the other party might not feel it was reasonable.

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Qin Lin nodded.

He was not a law student.

Although he felt there was nothing wrong with the contract, it never hurt to be cautious.

Since Chen Li had mentioned it, he opened WeChat and took a photo of the contract to a senior from the law department.

“Senior Brother Chu, please take a look at this contract.”

He had met this Senior Chu in the university club and had a good relationship with him.

When he confessed to his girlfriend, he had even brought the club members to help set up the scene.

At that time, the scene was so romantic that even Zhao Moqing was envious.

Senior Brother Chu entered the famous Quanjing Law Firm as soon as he graduated.

In the end, he even successfully stayed in Quanjing Law Firm.

It was very impressive.

After sending the photo, he transferred another 3,000 yuan.

This was the other partys two-hour consultation fee.

A moment later, the other party sent an OK gesture, followed by a surprised message.

“Qin Lin, youre good.

Do you own Qinglin Villa I knew there was something wrong with this name.

Qin Lin, Zhao Moqing, I see.”

“Senior Brother Chu, come and play when youre free,” Qin Lin replied again.

“OK, definitely!”

Chen Li knew that things wouldnt happen overnight, so he suggested to Qin Lin, “Boss Qin, lets go take a look at that river when we have time As a field research project”

“Alright, lets take a walk.” Qin Lin did not refuse and followed Chen Li and the other two out of the hall.

Chen Dabei also followed with two security guards.

The people and bosses in this county had to be taken good care of when they went out.

Nothing must go wrong.

The river that was to be developed was less than ten minutes away from the villa.

It was also connected to the reservoir.

To be precise, the river originally merged into the Central Lake.

This reservoir was built later and became the intersection point.

At that time, the end of the rafting would be next to the reservoir, and this road had to be specially renovated.

A fence would be built, and the beautiful gravel road would be planted with vines and flowers.

At the foot of the mountain near the reservoir, Qin Lin was about to take a look with Chen Li when he saw three people working by the reservoir, carrying fish on a small boat.

When he saw one of them, he was stunned.

Wasnt that Liu Hua, who had come with Zhao Moqings brother and sister-in-law and asked him where he caught fish

This guy really came to catch fish

Qin Lin sighed inwardly.

This person really believed him.

Liu Hua was also very embarrassed to see Qin Lin.

After all, he knew that what he had done was quite embarrassing.

However, once the temptation of 650,000 yuan was aroused, it was not so easy to resist.

He bowed his head in silence and urged his two friends to get on board, intending to enter the area where the reservoir and the lake were linked to place the fuel.

As long as he caught one of those wild ornamental fish, he could immediately change to another car.

Qin Lin did not care about them and followed Chen Li into the mountains.

The two of them talked a lot along the way, about tourist issues.

They had a lot in common.

He felt that many of Chen Lis suggestions made sense.

The other party must have done some research on Youcheng Countys tourism development.

As they chatted, Chen Li suddenly said in embarrassment, “Boss Qin, actually, I have a very difficult request to make today.

I hope you can help.”

“Chief Chen, what is it that requires you to use the wordrequest” Qin Lin asked curiously.

This matter should have nothing to do with fund support.

Otherwise, it would have been added to the contract terms.

Moreover, since Chen Li had spoken, it should be something he could do.


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