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[Congratulations on obtaining Violet Jadeite Ore: Quality 1]

[This is a piece of violet jadeite ore that can be sold for gold coins! I heard that Sebara of the Forging House has opened a jewelry forging service.

You can take a look!]

Was this because mining could trigger a plot and open up new functions

In Ranches Story, mines could be mined.

Gold, silver, copper, and even agate could be found.

However, there did not seem to be anything like jade in the old version.

It should be something newly added in the new version.

Moreover, although the old forging house could forge farm tools and upgrade them, and at the end of the upgrade, the farm tools could even chop off an area of wooden stakes with an axe, just like a martial arts expert, the forging house did not have the function of forging jewelry.

It seemed like it was a new function.

Most importantly, if a prop like a fishing rod could be brought out in reality, could he do the same for jewelry

From the time he and Zhao Moqing fell in love to the time they secretly registered their marriage, he had never given her a single piece of decent jewelry.

Besides, tomorrow was Christmas Eve.

It was time to give her something.

As Qin Lin thought about it, he directly controlled his game character to leave the ranch and head to the Ore Town Forging House to talk to the old NPC, Sebara.

He chose to forge jewelry.

[May I ask what part of the jewelry you are forging]

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[ Pendants, bracelets, rings…]

Qin Lin looked at the options and decisively chose the pendant because Zhao Moqing liked pendants.

However, the most expensive pendant he had given her in the past was only 200 yuan.

[Please choose the style you want to forge!]

[You can also give me the design you already have!]

Two more options appeared in the game.

Qin Lin naturally didnt have any design plans, so he could only choose the pendant design that came with the game.

There werent many types of accessories in the game, only the three types of accessories.

Qin Lin chose the pendant beside the bag because this was the most beautiful of the three.

[Please select the forging materials!]

Qin Lin directly chose the Violet Jadeite Ore.

[Materials are lacking.

You need wrapping materials to forge it!]

Seeing the game notification, Qin Lin understood.

There were two materials needed.

The violet ore was the main body, and another material was needed as the side.

Qin Lin immediately chose the gold ore in his bag.

Gold jade had always been the best choice, but one gold ore was not enough.

He chose 10 gold ores at once to click on theforge option.

A moment later, the violet ore and the five gold ores shimmered.

Then the light fused and a pendant slowly appeared.

[Congratulations on successfully forging a Violet Jade Pendant!]

Seeing this, Qin Lin controlled the game character to return to the ranch as quickly as possible.

Then, he found an empty place in the villa and entered the game.

After replacing the game character, he also took out the Violet Jade Pendant and saw the note:

[Violet Jade Pendant: Quality 1]

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[This is a pendant made from violet jadeite.

It has a beautiful appearance and is very popular with women.

Beauty 1, art 1, translucency 1.]

It was a very simple attribute.

Beauty and art were both easy to understand.

After all, any jewelry was associated with these two things.

Didnt jewelry look at the beauty, the artistry, and the price

Qin Lin looked at the translucency 1.

He knew nothing about jade, but he had seen the relevant videos and roughly knew that the more translucent the jade, the higher the price of jade.

The pendant was beautiful in appearance.

The violet jade was the main body of the pendant, and the wrapping material was gold.

It had even created subtle patterns, like two exquisite phoenixes.

The gold was also pure without any impurities.

This games forging was quite convenient.

Gold ores did not even need to undergo complicated industrial extraction before they were directly turned into finished gold.

But he had submitted 10 pieces of gold ore as materials.

Was this all the gold he had

This blacksmith shop was a little shady.

Fortunately, this pendant was very beautiful.

Zhao Moqing would definitely like it.

However, looking at the pendant, Qin Lin fell into deep thought.

He didnt think he ever gave his mother any decent jewelry before either.

Even though his mother was old, she was still a woman.

Didnt she like jewelry

She surely did.

Older women liked jewelry just as much.

He could buy a golden bracelet and give it to his mother.

He could guarantee that she would smile happily.

Qin Lin also firmly believed that his mother used to have jewelry and an emerald bracelet.

She had only sold it when she was treating his father.

Now that he had to give Zhao Moqing jewelry on Christmas Eve, he definitely couldnt forget about his mother.

Although he knew that his mother wouldnt say anything even if he only gave Zhao Moqing a gift.

However, as her son, he couldnt be biased and forget his mother.

But he only had one pendant now.

He could just keep digging.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to head to the Spring Mine again to continue mining.

The second floor of this new version of the mine was much bigger than the first.

Some of them had been dug, but his luck didnt seem to be very good after that.

He dug a lot more gold, silver, and copper, but no more jade ore came out.

He could only continue to control the game character and dig hard.

If it really didnt work out, he would use those gold ores to see if he could forge a gold bracelet for his mother at the forging house.

If not, he would buy a bracelet outside.

No matter what, he couldnt leave his mother behind when he sent gifts tomorrow.

Fortunately, his efforts paid off.

When he was about to finish digging in the open area on the second floor of the mine, he unearthed another jadeite:

[Congratulations on obtaining Flower-Green Jade Ore: Quality 1]

[This is a piece of jadeite ore that can be sold for gold coins! You can also go to the forging house to find Sebara to forge jewelry.]

Flower-Green Jade Ore

Qin Lins eyes lit up.

The jade bracelet that his mother sold to treat his father was the Flower-Green Bracelet.

He still remembered that the bracelet was only sold for 2,000 yuan because there was no certificate.

Perhaps it was fate!

Without hesitation, Qin Lin controlled his game character to head to the forging house again and chose to forge the bracelet.

This bracelet only needed one kind of jade.

[Congratulations on successfully forging two Flower-Green Jade bracelets!]

Qin Lin was surprised.

He didnt expect two to come out this time.

In his hometown, other than as a big wedding gift, gold and silver bracelets were usually given in pairs, while jade bracelets were given by itself.

The elders would give two, and the juniors would give one.

Jade bracelets were usually only worn on the left hand.

He just did not know how this tradition came about and what it meant.

He originally wanted to give both of them to his mother, but on careful thought, he already had gifts for his mother and Zhao Moqing.

Although his mother-in-law had forgiven him, he could not take it for granted.

He had to be filial to her as well.

To be honest, when the marriage certificate was discovered and Zhao Moqings mother took out the 300,000 yuan, he was really ashamed and grateful.

Now, these two bracelets were just right for his mother and mother-in-law.

After the item was forged, Qin Lin controlled the game character to return to the ranch.

Then, he found an empty place to enter the game again and saw the information on the bracelet.

[Flower-Green Jade Bracelet: Quality 1]

[This is a bracelet made of floral green jade.

It has a beautiful appearance and is very popular with women.

Beauty 1, art 1, translucency 1.]

Both bracelets were the usual size.

Mother and mother-in-laws hands could fit the bracelet.

Moreover, the notes for the bracelet and pendant were similar, and they both had the attribute of translucency 1.

This Violet Jadeite pendant and Flower-Green Jade bracelet couldnt be too cheap, right

However, there was really no one around him who understood jade.

He had to find someone to appraise it.

At the thought of this, Qin Lin logged out of the game with the bracelet and pendant and left the villa.

After entering the county city, he went straight to a jade shop called Jadeware Pavilion.

This shop was different from those fraudulent jewelry shops.

Although it also dealt in jade jewelry, it was only custom-made and came with an appraisal service.

The owner was in charge of the appraisal.

He was an old man who had retired and returned to his roots.

The price was considered fair and his reputation was good.

Nowadays, many people would look for the Jadeware Pavilion to forge jade artifacts when they got married.

After all, there were too many shops on the streets that cheated people when it came to jade artifacts.

Qin Lin also had some experience with this.

When his mother was selling her jade bracelets, the other party would tell the shortcomings of several bracelets at a glance.

It was as if she was afraid that others wouldnt be able to tell that she was deliberately lowering the price.

If the other party took his mothers bracelet and sold it, those few flaws would become several merits again.

Those who could sell their jewelry were all from their families.

They could only accept it if they were cheated.

They only hoped that they wouldnt be too ruthless.


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