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Qin Lin was determined not to admit that he had become a sacrifice of Arnie the Dwarf.

He only admitted that the squirrel was a gift from Arnie the Dwarf.

Looking at the little guys small blue backpack and even its fluffy and neat fur, it was really quite exquisite.

Qin Lin fiddled with the little guys tail.

“Look at your big red tail.

Ill call you Red Hair!”

As if it understood Qin Lins words, the little squirrel squeaked at him.

“You can still understand” Qin Lin was surprised and called out again, “Red Hair”

“Squeak!” the little squirrel squeaked again.

This was amazing.

While Qin Lin was surprised, he exited the game with a thought and appeared in the toilet cubicle with the little squirrel Red Hair in his hand.

Qin Lin brought Red Hair out of the toilet and headed to the hall.

Red Hair stayed quietly in his hand and looked curiously at the tourists around him.

After entering the hall, Gao Yaoyao saw the red fur in his hand and ran over in surprise.

“Boss, this squirrel is so cute.

Its even wearing clothes!”

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“Its called Red Hair.” Qin Lin entered the bar and placed Red Hair on the long bar table.

The squirrel looked around and started moving around the bar, curiously observing what was on the surface.

Gao Yaoyao leaned against the bar and stared curiously.

The cashier girl at the side was also attracted by it.

Girls loved such furry and cute little things, especially when they were wearing clothes and had small bags attached to them.

But Red Hair was minding its own business, ignoring the two girls bright stares.

Suddenly, it ran in front of the penlight as if itd made a discovery.

It scrambled out and snatched a small hairbrush in the pen holder before dropping it on the table.

The cashier panicked.

It was hers.

She instinctively reached for it.

Red Hair seemed anxious, too.

It squeaked at the cashier and wagged its tail at her.

“Boss, it…” The cashier looked at her boss in confusion.

Gao Yaoyao suddenly said, “Xiao Yun, did it ask you to comb its tail”

“Y-yes” the cashier said uncertainly.

Maybe the little one was too cute.

She tried to brush the comb against Red Hairs tail.

To the surprise of the two girls, Red Hair cooperatively lifted its tail, its beady eyes narrowing in enjoyment.

When Qin Lin saw this scene, he knew better what the note meant byexquisite life.

This was f*cking more enjoyable than he was.

“Boss, has it become a spirit” Gao Yaoyao was in disbelief.

However, there were too many animals that had become intelligent on Douyin these days.

They were definitely surprised, but they wouldnt make too much of a fuss.

“Qin Lin, where did this little squirrel come from” Zhao Moqing and Lin Fen, who was holding Wang Cais leash, walked in and looked at Red Hair in surprise.

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“Previously, I saw that this little fellow was a little special.

I met it again today and fed it some things, so it followed me.

I bought these clothes at the pet shop, its originally for miniature dogs.

It took me a long time to choose a suitable one for it.

Isnt it beautiful” Qin Lin knew that someone would definitely ask this question.

He had already thought of an excuse in the game, so he immediately made it up.

“Yes, the clothes suit it very well.

Do you want to adopt it in the future” Zhao Moqing did not doubt Qin Lins words, or rather, she believed Qin Lins words unconditionally and would not think too much about it.

Qin Lin smiled and explained, “I even named it Red Hair.”

When Zhao Moqing heard this, he teased, “What names do you have Its either Wang Cai or Red Hair”

“…” Qin Lin was speechless.

He had given it that name very seriously, all right

Dont Wang Cai and Red Hair have good names

“Woof!” Wang Cai seemed to have heard Zhao Moqing call its name.

It stood up and placed its legs on the bar counter.

The dogs sudden appearance clearly shocked Red Hair, causing him to jump onto Qin Lins hand.

Its movements were very agile.

When Qin Lin saw this, he rubbed Red Hairs head to reassure it.

“Woof!” Wang Cai cried out again when it saw this scene.

It also stretched its head towards Qin Lin and stared at him, its meaning very obvious.

Zhao Moqing couldnt help but tease, “Is Wang Cai jealous of a squirrel”

“Woof, woof.” Wang Cai called out to Qin Lin again, as if urging him.

Qin Lin was helpless and could only reach out to rub Wang Cais head.

Only then was the dog satisfied.

It grinned happily and stared curiously at the red fur in Qin Lins hand.

The little squirrel seemed to have Qin Lin to rely on as it stared at Wang Cai.

At this moment.

Chen Dabei walked in from the entrance of the hall with four people in police uniform.

The four police officers even had sticks and walkie-talkies on their waists.

The four of them immediately attracted everyones attention.

Qin Lin also looked at the four of them.

When he saw the tourist police logo on their arms, he understood.

Chen Li had told him about the tourist patrol earlier.

With the rapid development of the economy and society and the great improvement of the peoples standard of living, while tourism contributed to the economy, tourism safety management also faced new challenges and new requirements.

It was no longer enough to rely on the security of the scenic area.

On the Internet, there was also news of many tourists throwing a tantrum.

First, there were aunties who pushed down the trash can in a scenic area without any restraint.

There were aunties who pushed the trash can to the scenic areas notice board one after another.

Then, there were aunties who wanted to bring their granddaughters to break into the safety line to take photos with the young tiger cubs.

There were also aunties who brought their grandsons to a scenic area to forcefully take away the scenic areas stones…


It was common for these scenic spots to be unreasonable.

Most importantly, these tourists were fearless when they threw a tantrum.

The security guards of the scenic spots did not have the right to enforce the law, so they were not afraid at all.

They even looked like they would call the police if anyone dared to touch them.

Therefore, the scenic patrol officers were born because of some tourists who lacked quality.

In addition to being in charge of the security of the scenic spots and scenic spots, they were also in charge of promoting tourism safety and guiding the tourists in their vehicles.

Naturally, the most important thing was law enforcement.

Some of the people who caused a disturbance in the law and order would immediately be given a pair of silver handcuffs on the spot.

The more serious ones could basically be given a free 3-15-day tour of jail.

These four patrol officers were very young and heroic.

Chen Dabei brought the four of them to Qin Lins side.

“Boss, these police officers said that they are patrol officers from the county.”

A young patrol officer at the front also walked out.

“Boss Qin, Im the captain of the patrol team set up by the county, Hong Linhao.

We still need to cooperate with each other in the future.”

Qin Lin shook hands with the other party and said with a smile, “Captain Hong, Ill have to trouble you with the security of the scenic area in the future.”

There was no affiliation between the two parties, but there were many areas that were closely related to each other.

Sometimes, the tourist police had to cooperate with the scenic area, and sometimes, the scenic area had to cooperate with the tourist police to promote the rule of law.

“Captain Hong, let me show you around the mountain villa.” Qin Lin knew that at the current level of his mountain villa, he was not qualified to set up a tourist police station.

Only at least a Grade 4A scenic area was qualified to set up a police station.

Only at Grade 5A would they set up a police station to deal with the situation.

Now there was a team of tourist patrolmen in the county.

This was the disguised support and platform.

Naturally, he had to take it seriously enough.


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