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The next morning, Qin Lin got out of bed happily with a look of surprise on his face.

The fruit of the Tree of Strength increased his physical fitness.

Seeing that Zhao Moqing had woken up, he leaned over and asked, “Moqing, how was my performance last night”

“Qin Lin, its so early in the morning!” Zhao Moqing snorted softly.

With a flushed face, she extended her finger to Qin Lins waist.

Qin Lin didnt feel any pain because Zhao Moqing didnt use much strength.

This was just a form of fun.

“Hmph!” Zhao Moqing snorted again and got up to enter the bathroom.

Qin Lin smiled and followed her in.

Qin Lin came out of his room and smelled a mellow fragrance.

His mother was cooking porridge in the kitchen with Quality 2 Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

This thing had a high nutritional value and had a vitamin VPP anti-aging attribute.

Not only did Lin Fen lose her white hair from eating it for a long time, but Zhao Moqing also looked radiant.

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Smelling this mellow fragrance, Wang Cai strolled through the kitchen door.

It was probably the dog that liked rice the most now.

It was the richest dog in the world.

It ate whatever 90% of the worlds rich couldnt.

“The porridge is ready,” Lin Fen said with a smile when the couple came out.

After eating the porridge, Qin Lin went to the warehouse to move the crops that were to be delivered today from the game and sent them to the villa.

Moreover, he had brought out some Quality 2 seedless watermelons from the game today.

This was because according to the time, it was time to plant these two seeds in the greenhouse.

This way, the flowering period of the seedless watermelon and the ordinary watermelon would match and there would be a chance to pollinate it.

This was also a key step in cultivating this seedless watermelon seed.

When Qin Lin arrived at the villa, he saw Lin Feng, Wang Wei, and the other suppliers.

Usually, the products of these suppliers were delivered by employees.

As today was the settlement cycle, they all came by themselves.

During the settlement, both parties had to take out a bill that had been calculated.

After the bill was settled, both parties would sign it.

The villa had a special settlement account that would pay for Lin Feng and the others.

After Zhao Moqing calculated the funds to be settled last night, he had already transferred the money.

When Lin Feng, Wang Wei, and the other suppliers saw Qin Lin arrive, they all greeted him with smiles.

“President Qin, business is booming!”

“President Qin, your villa is getting more and more popular.”

“President Qin, your villa will be expanded soon.

At that time, your business will rise to another level.”


These people were more or less complimentary.

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Qinglin Villa was already a big channel for them now.

They had no choice but to flatter him.

There were many people from the same industry watching them.

The villa was being expanded, one day at a time.

When this scale of expansion was completed, the demand would be even higher.

It was obvious that those in the same industry would come to compete.

“President Lin, President Wang, everyone, please take a seat first.

Moqing will come to the villa to settle the bill with everyone soon.” Qin Lin also smiled and greeted these people.

After chatting with them for a while, Zhao Moqing arrived.

When these people were settling the bill with Zhao Moqing, he also found Chen Dabei and entered the courtyard at the back.

Now that the triangular plum pot had been successfully cultivated, he had great expectations for the seeds of the Xiangshui Tribute Rice and the watermelon seeds of Quality 2.

Unfortunately, before they reached the artificial paddy field, there was still no sign of any seeds sprouting.

They might have failed again.

He now suspected that the chances of the adaptability mutation were close to zero.

Looking to the side, the Quality 2 watermelon seeds were already forming green watermelons the size of eggs.

He would soon know the quality of the watermelons.

Chen Dabei had already walked into the shed and started working with a small hoe.

He now knew that the watermelon planted by his boss was not simple.

It had already ended up in the greenhouse in the middle of winter.

Qin Lin also walked into the greenhouse and took out the Quality 2 watermelon seed that he had brought out from the game.

He planted the seeds at the spot where Chen Dabei had dug.

After that, he instructed Chen Dabei to water the plants.

The day passed quickly.

In the evening, another batch of crops ripened.

Moreover, this time, there were also Level 2 conchs.

After Qin Lin collected all the mature crops and conchs, he immediately found a deserted place and entered the game.

Because he was craving a conch.

After entering the game, Qin Lin went straight to the storage room and saw the harvested conch in a pool.

[Conch: Quality 1 (15 catties)]

[This is a delicious ingredient that Southerners like very much.

Its rich in nutrition.

Protein 1, texture 1, delicious 1, strength 1!]

[Conch: Quality 2 (2 catties)]

[This is a delicious ingredient that Southerners like very much.

Its rich in nutrition.

Protein 2, texture 2, delicacy 2, strength 2!]

These conchs were not small.

The ones with a quality of 1 were already 3 centimeters, and the ones with a quality of 2 were more than 5 centimeters.

There were very few such large conches in this season, and there were only about 20 of them per catty.

When he was young, he followed his father to farm.

Every time he caught a conch in the field, there would always be one or two especially big ones.

He liked to eat the biggest one the most.

The harvest of this batch of conchs was not much.

Quality 1 and 2 only added up to 17 catties.

However, they were only suitable for aquaculture and he did not intend to move them to the villa to sell.

He did not insist on the number of conchs.

The conch needed to spit out some water and mud for some time before it could be eaten.

Therefore, Qin Lin exited the game.

After an hour, he entered the game with two bags and took out all the conchs.

According to the game time ratio, these conchs had basically finished spitting mud.

When he entered the kitchen, Master Lin and the other chefs were already cooking for the employees.

Tourists usually ate between five and eight.

The waiters in the hall and barbecue area would finish their meals before five and arrive at the station.

The other employees took turns eating in batches.

“Boss!” A helper saw Qin Lin enter and greeted him respectfully.

Master Lin smiled and asked, “Boss, are you here to cause trouble again”

“No, Im not cooking today.

I encountered a person selling conches caught in an old farm.

I bought it to add more food for everyone.” Qin Lin smiled and found a basin to pour out the bag of Quality 1 conch.

Master Lin looked at the conchs in surprise.

“Theyre so big.

There are such big conches in this season”

The other three kitchen chefs came up and were also surprised.

Conch was one of the Southerners favorite side dishes.

Qin Lin instructed, “Find a few pliers and deal with the conchs tail.”

Master Lin walked to the side and took a few pliers.

He summoned a chef and started processing the conch.

Qin Lin also took a pair of pliers and cut off the two catties of the conch tail.

Then, he asked Master Lin to deal with the two catties of conch alone.

Master Lin was naturally attentive to Qin Lins instructions.

He could tell that these conchs were bigger.

There were only about 20 of them per catty.

Clearly, the boss kept them for himself.

Making the conch required a strong fire to cook the pot.

As soon as Master Lin set the pot, the flames would rise high and some peppers would be placed into the pot.

When it was 80% ripe, it would be seasoned with salt, cooking wine, and so on.

If it continued to be stewed for a while, a fragrance would quickly drift.

When it was ready, the conchs were already shiny.

Master Lin habitually picked up his chopsticks and picked up a conch to taste.

With a whoosh, the conch meat was sucked out.

This was a unique skill of the Southerners.

Very few Southerners could not suck the conch out.

This was a unique skill that the Northerners could not learn.

After sucking a mouthful of conch into his mouth, Master Lins eyes lit up.

The smell …

And that kind of texture was really perfect.

Master Lin hurriedly picked up another one from the pot and stirred it.

Then, his face was filled with intoxication.

He had never eaten such a delicious conch.

At this moment, a sip of wine would be perfect.

After swallowing one, Master Lin couldnt help but pick up another and suck it into his mouth.

After a few conchs in a row, he remembered that these were kept by his boss and hurriedly resisted the urge to take another.

However, this conch was really tempting.

It made him feel like he had never eaten a conch before.

When he had time, he would let his son go to the countryside to take a look.

He should be able to catch a lot of them.


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