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This time, Qin Lins fishing rod movement was indeed a little violent.

Even with his grip tight on the rod, it wobbled wildly, as if trying to escape his grasp.

Immediately after, he felt a strong force from the fishing rod that almost slipped out of his hand.

In order to hold the fishing rod tightly, he was pulled a step forward.

“Big goods! Boss Qin, quickly swim the fish.” Chen Shengfei subconsciously shouted as he stared at the fishing line.

As a fishing enthusiast, whether it was himself or the people around him, they could not help but feel excited when they caught something big.

Qin Lin still knew what it meant to be a fisherman.

Usually, one couldnt relax before catching a big fish.

Many people caught big fish because they were careless.

Wasnt there news online that a young man caught a big fish Not only did the fish not come up, but he also lost his fishing rod and went into the water himself.

The netizens all teased that this person had used all his strength on his wife the night before.


This kind of wild fish in the reservoir was fierce and cunning.

They needed to swim until the fish ran out of strength.

Qin Lin and the fish were in a stalemate for a while before he pulled the fish to the shore.

It was a black carp.

From afar, one could tell that it was quite big.

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Chen Shengfei hurriedly took the net and filled it with fish.

Boss Qin had eaten a lot of big items in the villa.

This was the first time he had seen this big item being fished up from the wilderness.

Lu Jianxian, who was at the side, did not understand what Chen Shengfei was thinking.

He was the chairman of a large corporation, yet he rolled up his pants and ran on the mud.

Was there a need to be so passionate

In a moment, the unlucky black carp was brought up by Chen Shengfei.

It weighed more than 20 catties.

Chen Shengfei grabbed the fishtail and raised his hand to his waist.

The fish head was almost hanging to the ground, and it could not even fit the bucket.

He could only throw the fish to the ground first and sink into self-doubt.

They were both fishing, but Boss Qin casually caught fish consecutively and even caught such a big fish.

Meanwhile, he didnt even see the shadow of a fish.

In the distance.

Liu Hua, who had secretly followed them, saw it too.

His eyes were bright.

He thought his guess was right.

He had not caught a fish this big in so long.

“Boss Qin, isnt your bait a little special” Chen Shengfei looked at the big guy and asked curiously.

This was all he could think of.

After all, the effect of the fishing rod was that it affected the operation, weight-bearing, and other factors.

Boss Qins fishing rod was obviously a fixed one.

A newbies simple and crude fishing rod was far inferior to the fishing rod in his hand that was worth more than 100,000 yuan.

Then it was the baits problem.

“Try it.” Qin Lin smiled and handed some LV2 bait to Chen Shengfei.

The fishing bait had to be used with the LV2 fishing rod.

It should be useless if Chen Shengfei used it alone.

Qin Lin put on the bait and found an area to hook the rod into the water again.

Chen Shengfei thought that it was because of the bait and started looking forward to it.

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However, a moment later, he saw the fishing rod in Qin Lins hand shake again.

A bass weighing 2 catties was caught again.

“…” Chen Shengfei.

Next, he watched as Qin Lin took the fish, put it on the bait, and swung the hook again.

He repeated this action, and then the fish were caught one after another.

There didnt seem to be a problem with the bait either

Chen Shengfei suddenly felt a sense of defeat.

It was too damn demoralizing.

It had nothing to do with bait, either.

Then it was purely a technical problem.

Previously, he had seen the video of the fishing master, Deng Gang, the Sobbing Fish Farm on the Internet.

He had found it unbelievable.

The same fishing rod bait was in that guys hand, but why did it seem like the fish had bumped into the other partys fishing rod

Looking at Boss Qins skills now, he seemed to be even more impressive than Deng Gang.

There were probably not many such people in the fishing circle.

After thinking it through, Chen Shengfei did not hesitate anymore.

There was no way to compare.

It was no wonder that Boss Qins villa could get so many big goods.

It was said that every time Deng Gang fished, he would sweep the goods.

Sometimes, he would especially look for those old reservoirs to fish for big goods.

Qin Lin caught a few more fish in a row and filled the buckets that he and Chen Shengfei had brought.

At this moment, Chen Shengfeis fishing rod caught a 3-catty black carp.


Chen, lets go back!” Qin Lin said happily.

This was the joy of sweeping up goods.

Most importantly, even if the bucket was full, there was no place to store it.

If it was in his fish pond, he could just throw the fish back.

In any case, the tourists would quickly catch them back and consume them.

However, if it was placed back in the reservoir, the fish would probably die soon.

There were many bacteria in the water, and the injured fishs mouth was easily inflamed.

Wild fishing generally did not advocate putting the fish back into the water.

“Lets go back!” Chen Shengfei looked at the fish in the bucket and decided not to fish beside Boss Qin anymore.

It was really boring.

Lu Jianxian was the happiest when he saw that the two of them were going back.

He really couldnt understand the mentality of someone who was still fishing by the lake in the middle of winter.

This was torture, no

After the three of them left, a figure sneaked to the same spot as before.

It was Liu Hua.

“Ill come here tomorrow,” Liu Hua muttered to himself.

Qin Lin brought Chen Shengfei and Lu Jian back to the villas hall first.

Chen Shengfei smiled and said, “Boss Qin, are we going to deal with this big fish today”

“Alright, treat me to lunch today.” Qin Lin also wanted to try the taste of the big fish he had caught outside, so he waved at the security guard patrolling at the side.

The security guard stepped forward respectfully and asked, “Boss, what can I do for you”

“Let Master Lin cook the big goods inside and some other dishes.

Ill treat Mr.

Chen to a meal.

As for the other fish, let Master Lin cook them for the staff.” Qin Lin instructed the security guard and led Chen Shengfei and Lu Jianxian to a table at the side.

The security guard immediately carried the fish into the kitchen.

“Boss Qin, do you have ornamental fish” Chen Shengfei saw the aquarium beside him and walked forward to take a look.

Lu Jianxian said, “Cichlid, redtail catfish, and flowerhorn fish.

They have some value based on the quality.

The most expensive one is this flowerhorn fish.

Its worth about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, but its still considered an ordinary ornamental fish.

I saw a wild albino tiger fish in Ming Citys Aquarium City before.

Thats a classic.

Unfortunately, the boss doesnt sell it.”

“If you dont understand this, President Lu, whats the point of wasting money on this” Chen Shengfei shook his head.

He liked fishing, but he really had no interest in ornamental fish.

“…” Lu Jianxian was speechless.

He really wanted to ask Chen Shengfei, Whats the point of spending money on those fishing rods But he didnt dare.

He had money, but it was far from Chen Shengfeis.

He even counted on the other partys company.

Qin Lin was stunned when he heard the wild albino tiger fish.

He had sold one before.

After the three of them sat down at a table, Chen Shengfei asked, “Boss Qin, I heard from Old Ma that you have a medicinal wine here.

Can you sell me a bottle”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “That wine is a little small, but since Mr.

Chen has asked, we can still sell one bottle.

However, let me make it clear first that the price is not cheap.”

Chen Shengfei immediately smiled and said, “Dont worry, I know.

Ive heard the price from Old Ma.

Its only 5,000 yuan per catty.

The key is that there must be something.”

One catty was 5,000 yuan.

This was the price of Qinglin Medicine Wine for three years.

Qin Lin had originally planned to pay 1,000 yuan per catty, but he learned from Li Qing that the medicinal wine passed down by the two Chinese medicine families in Min Province for half a year to two years was basically above 3,000-5,000 yuan.

His effect was no weaker than the other partys.

There was no reason to lower his value.

It could be seen in Li Qings desire at that time.

Moreover, he did not intend to sell this wine on a large scale.

He wanted to restrict sales like the two stores that Li Qing mentioned.

Naturally, he did not want his items to be lower than those two stores.


Lu, do you want to bring a bottle back” Qin Lin asked Lu Jianxian first politely.

After all, he had come with Chen Shengfei.

Chen Shengfei was the first guest of the villa.

Ma Liewen and Li Qing could come because of Chen Shengfei.

In addition, they got along quite well with Chen Shengfei, so he had to give him enough face.

“Forget it, Im not used to medicinal wine.” Lu Jianxian shook his head.

None of the medicinal wines on the market was useful.

They were all just bragging about buying it for a psychological effect.

Especially after a channel found out what happened to the medicinal wine, he had long stopped buying medicinal wine.

5,000 yuan for a catty of wine.

He might as well get someone to buy Maotai liquor.

However, under such circumstances, he had no choice but to find an excuse.

Otherwise, he would be embarrassing Chen Shengfei.


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