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After Zhang Shi left, Qin Lin received another call.

The number surprised him.

It was Cheng He, who had come looking for him last time and wanted to be the agent for Qinglin Ketchup.

The other partys call must have resulted from the previous incident.

Qin Lin picked up the call and Cheng Hes voice came from the other end.

“President Qin, remember to watch Douyin tonight.”

Cheng He did not tell Qin Lin directly about Qinglin Ketchups agent.

Instead, he talked about the ketchup market and promotion.

This was also a disguised way of saying that he had the ability to be a good agent.

Qin Lin knew Cheng Hes motive, but he was looking forward to the battle tonight.

At night.

After Zhao Moqing finished the statistics of the villa, Qin Lin drove her and her mother home.

After taking a shower and coming out of the bathroom, he saw Zhao Moqing shouting excitedly from the bed, “Qin Lin, look at this popular video.”

Qin Lin leaned over to watch the video before a smile appeared on his lips.

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The popular headline read: “So the counterfeit exposer Chun Chun was paid to defame Qinglin Ketchup.

It wasnt because the assistant got the two ketchup types wrong.”

The video also showed the chat records of Chun Chun and the person behind her.

This was a direct stone hammer.

Qinglin Villa was very popular now.

As more and more tourists tasted Qinglin Ketchup, there were also many good reviews.

Coupled with Chun Chuns incident, even the popularity of Douyins long-legged Internet celebrity was overshadowed.

The only thing that could surpass the popularity of Qinglin Villa was the news that the first leading Internet celebrity had been fined 1.3 billion yuan for tax evasion.

As soon as this video of Chun Chun was released, it immediately became a trending topic.

Last time, she glossed over it, but this time, she didnt even have the chance to do so.

Netizens definitely hated this kind of hypocritical Internet celebrity who used fake flags to make black money everywhere.

For a moment, everyone cursed her.

“This is someone who exposes counterfeits Thats a direct hit.”

“Hahaha, shes a goner.”

“Its all right.

Anyway, the fans are very gullible.

Even if the stone hammer is hammered, there are fans who believe her.”


Zhao Moqing felt happy that he had gotten his revenge.

“Qin Lin, someone posted a screenshot of the comparison.

After this video of her became popular, her fans started to drop.”

Indeed, as a counterfeit exposer who had been paid to do things, her credibility was gone.

It could be said that this account was useless now.

However, Qin Lin knew that this was Cheng Hes doing.

He was curious how Cheng He had obtained this chat history.

Outsiders shouldnt be able to obtain the pure transfer records of the person behind this, right

That had to make one think.

However, Cheng Hes contract with Tasty had expired, and he wanted to represent Qinglin Ketchup.

That shouldnt be the case either.

The other party didnt seem like an idiot.

However, he could not get an answer by dwelling on this now.

For the time being, this ending was what he wanted.

The current situation was that Qinglin Ketchup was going to be popular again.

This fake person had been purely hammered by a rock.

It had also helped him vent his anger.

With that in mind, he took out his phone and called Cheng He.

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“Are you satisfied, President Qin” Cheng Hes questioning voice came from the phone.

“I suddenly want to have a drink to celebrate,” Qin Lin said.

He probed jokingly, “But Im curious.

How did Mr.

Cheng get that chat record This should be the other partys privacy.”

Cheng He smiled and explained, “I found out that Chun Chun was in Ming City at that time.

I know one of the managers who checked into that hotel.

I secretly found the other partys payment account.

Coincidentally, my wife works at the bank.

Although there were some violations, I also followed the clues and found out who the person behind it was.”

“The market is big, but there are only a few ketchup agents.

They always know something.

Coincidentally, I know the person behind this.

Hes an agent of the American brand, Delmon.

He has a very messy private life.

I got someone to take some indecent videos of him.

Hes afraid that his wife will find out.”

“So, its just some chat records and transfer records.

The other party handed them to me personally.

What does the life and death of Chun Chun have to do with the other party”


Cheng, come to Qinglin Villa when youre free!” Qin Lin was not someone who did not keep his promises.

Cheng Hes explanation was simple, but these actions were definitely not as simple as just a few words.

After hanging up, Qin Lin said to Zhao Moqing, who was still watching the video with a smile, “Now, you can send a lawyers letter to Chun Chun and sue her.

Do you want to vent your anger”

“Yes!” Zhao Moqing immediately said, “Well look for Senior Brother Chu tomorrow to write an indictment.

Hes a barrister at Power Law Firm.

Well make Chun Chun lose everything.”

The next day, he got up.

Qin Lin contacted Senior Brother Chu again.

He would definitely sue Chun Chun.

This was no longer about compensation, but attitude.

After that, he went to the factory.

The factorys waffle production line had been removed.

Deng Guang had contacted a factory in the county that also made cookies and bought them.

Coupled with an area that had been sorted out, it was not a problem for the factory to squeeze in and lower three production lines without exceeding the limit.

However, this kind of flow line could only produce 1,000 bottles an hour.

10 hours a day could produce 10,000 bottles.

Currently, four production lines could only produce 40,000 bottles a day.

Even if the three production lines were expanded a few days later, there would only be 70,000 bottles a day and 2.1 million bottles a month.

RT-Mart had ordered 300,000 bottles, which would take five days to produce.

In addition, a portion of the villa would also be consumed.

After that, when the online sales opened, another portion would definitely be consumed.

That wasnt enough.

No matter what the product was, offline sales were still the mainstream.

If he wanted to give Cheng He, the agent, offline sales would definitely have to be enough.

2.1 million bottles would definitely not be enough.

The key was that the villas turnover had to be continuously invested in the ranch and the manor villa.

With the addition of three production lines, they would have to invest all their turnover these days.

They did not have enough funds.

As soon as Qin Lin arrived at the factory, Deng Guang came to report, “President Qin, the online sales department has already prepared and especially found a warehouse to package the goods.

They are now discussing with Shun Feng, Shen Tong, and Yun Da… The person-in-charge of these express delivery divisions will see which one offers the best price.”

Qin Lin subconsciously said, “Just dont look for a postal service! I have to go out of the neighborhood to receive it every time.”

The link to this online order would be posted on the official account of the villa.

Qin Lin continued, “Old Deng, Ive found an agent here.

This small production is already not enough, but we dont have enough funds now.”

Deng Guang said, “Then well recruit more people.

Well mix the new and old employees and implement a two-shift system.

This way, the output can be doubled.

The night production employees will be subsidized according to the regulations.”

“Yes, subsidies are not a problem.” Qin Lin nodded.

This was also the fastest way at the moment.

After all, their funds were limited.

Qin Lin and Deng Guang discussed some other problems with the factory before returning to the villa at noon.

In the afternoon, after dealing with the villa, Qin Lin controlled the game character to pick up the fishing rod and go fishing by the river.

The fish that had respawned today had yet to be caught.

[You have caught a wild black carp (Quality 1)]

[You have caught a wild bass (Quality 1)!]

After fishing several wild fish in a row, just as Qin Lin controlled the game character to throw out the fishing rod again, he received another notification:

[The fishing rod has met the upgrade requirements.

You can go to the blacksmith shop to upgrade it to a Level 2 copper fishing rod!]

After receiving this notification, Qin Lins eyes lit up.

He immediately controlled his game character to retract his fishing rod and head to the blacksmith shop in Ore Town.

In Ranches Story, not only could the fishing rod be upgraded to catch more types of fish, but it was also more likely to catch high-quality fish.


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