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After a night, because of the recent popularity of Qinglin Villa, there were also many people paying attention to the medicinal honey water.

Many people were curious if the wild medicinal honey water of Qinglin Villa really had such an effect.

Early in the morning, Qin Lin had just moved everything from the game to the villa.

Many tourists had arrived early.

Some of them even looked pale and ugly.

They were obviously constipated.

Previously, when tourists came to the villa, the first thing they would do was to buy tickets at the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea and then enter the Sea of Flowers.

This time, after the tourists bought tickets to the Sea of Flowers, they swarmed toward the already open sales center.

The sales center was not far from the reception hall, visible as soon as they entered the villa.

Three sealing machines had already been set up on the most prominent sales counter in the sales lobby.

There was also wild honey from the game, as well as custom-made boutique cups delivered by coconut fruit and Fuhai plastic.

Gao Yaoyao was also waiting with three waiters.

Tourists could also see the advertising cloth at a glance and gathered around.

Someone asked, “How do you get wild honey water for free”

Gao Yaoyao immediately explained, “Everyone, line up first.

When you receive the tickets, just show us the receipt or the tickets to the Sea of Flowers.”

Upon hearing this, a tourist immediately handed the tickets to Gao Yaoyao.

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Gao Yaoyao also took out a special tool and made a hole in the ticket.

She then returned the ticket to the other party so that she wouldnt have to collect it again.

Dont expect others to be self-aware.

There were many people who are greedy for small gains.

The three waiters also began to move.

Honey was put in, coconut was put in, water was poured, and the lid was molded and shaken evenly.

Then, along with straws, it was given to the recipient.

In a moment, this batch of tourists received the medicinal honey water for free.

After last nights popularity, these people came with curiosity and anticipation.

When they received the medicinal honey water for free, they immediately inserted a straw and drank it.

Putting aside the effects, under the attributes of texture 2 and delicacy 2, these tourists were clearly attracted to the taste.

“Isnt this medicinal honey too delicious I thought medicinal honey was bitter.”

“Yes, it tastes too good.”

“Not to mention the effect, just the taste alone is definitely stronger than any drink Ive had in the scenic area.”

“I agree! Have you noticed that after drinking this honey water, you feel slightly refreshed”


I thought it was an illusion.”

This was naturally the effect of relieving fatigue 2.

Apparently, whatever the effects of the medicinal honey, these tourists had been drawn to its deliciousness.

Then, a tourist thought of something and took out his phone to take a photo of the medicinal honey water in his hand.

“Ive successfully checked in.

I received the free medicinal honey water from Qinglin Villa.

I just drank it.

I dont know how effective it is, but the taste is absolutely perfect.

Its too delicious.”

The other tourists also reacted and took out their phones to take videos.

They all said that it was delicious and that they were intoxicated because it was easy to ride on the popularity of Qinglin Villa now.

If it wasnt to gain popularity, they wouldnt be the first to rush over.

Indeed, Qinglin Villa was still under the heat of blowing up the traffic pool.

Tourists swarmed to post videos, and there were always people who could ride on the popularity.

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As more tourists arrived, there were more such videos.

The already hot medicinal honey water attracted attention again.

“F*ck, do I need to be so intoxicated”

“Is it that good”

“Dont tell me Ive misunderstood Medicinal honey isnt the medicinal smell I imagined.”


On the train, Zhao Qianqian frowned at the view.

She didnt look too good.

Anyone who was constipated wouldnt feel very comfortable either.

She clearly wanted to defecate, but she couldnt.

She wanted to go to the hospital, but she thought it was a waste of time to register.

She thought of what her best friend had said about constipation.

The doctor had even suggested that she do a colonoscopy.

She wasnt in the mood to go to the hospital and just found a neighborhood clinic to take a look first.

The clinic doctor prescribed medication and suggested a little honey water.

She also went online to check.

The honey water did have some effect on constipation, but it didnt have much effect when she drank it yesterday.

Therefore, when she saw the medicinal honey water in Qinglin Villa last night, she took the train from the city early in the morning.

She scrolled through Douyin in the car and quickly saw the video of Qinglin Villas medicinal honey water released by the tourists.

However, if these tourists wanted to ride on the popularity, so be it.

Did they need to describe it so well

It was as if no one else had drunk medicinal honey before.


The car arrived at Youcheng Station.

Zhao Qianqian left the train station and got into a taxi at the taxi stand.

“Miss, are we going to Qinglin Villa” the driver asked as soon as she got into the car.

“How did you know, Master” Zhao Qianqian was surprised.

The driver explained with a smile, “Theres been a lot of moving cars recently.

Girls like you who dont bring any luggage and only carry a bag usually go to Qinglin Villa.

Most of the time, we can drag someone to the villa and bring someone back to the station.

We dont have empty cars.

Now, we earn much more than before.”

“In the past, we used to compete with online cabs for customers.

Now, were too lazy to do so.

During rush hour, we cant even finish taking orders from Qinglin Villa.”

Zhao Qianqian was surprised.

A villa scenic spot had improved the conflict between Youcheng County taxis and online taxis

However, she did not know that this was only one aspect of the influence that Qinglin Villa had on Youcheng County.

When she got out of the car at Qinglin Villa, Zhao Qianqian realized that there were already many people in the villa.

Inside, she also saw the sales center mentioned in the villa video last night.

Zhao Qianqian followed the signs to the sales hall of the Sea of Flowers tickets.

After buying the tickets, she went back to the sales center.

The busboy wasnt surprised, either.

Todays customers had been drawn to the honey water.

Zhao Qianqian quickly lined up at the end of a line, and surprised voices kept coming from inside.

“It was really good.

I drank half a glass and I felt much better.”

“Ive never tasted honey water so good.”


The taste is truly amazing.”


Zhao Qianqian looked at those people and did not see any pretense at all.

They were all revealing their true feelings.

One or two of them might be fake, but all of them expressed that the medicinal honey water in the villa was really delicious.

Zhao Qianqian was looking forward to it.

No matter how effective the honey water was for constipation, it should taste good.

After some time in the queue, it was finally Zhao Qianqians turn.

She used her ticket to collect a cup for free and couldnt wait to insert the straw.

She had only taken a few sips when her eyes lit up.

It was really good.

Miraculously, it was always difficult to travel by train and taxi all the way, but after drinking the honey water, she felt inexplicably more energetic.

This medicinal honey water was a little expensive, but with this smell, if it could still be effective for constipation, it would definitely be worth it.

Zhao Qianqian walked towards the Sea of Flowers.

As she drank the honey water and checked her ticket, she entered the Sea of Flowers and realized that the tourists around her were also discussing the medicinal honey water in their hands.

After entering the Sea of Flowers, Zhao Qianqians mood improved.

As they walked, the beautiful scenery intoxicated her, and she forgot her constipated anxiety.

Especially when she reached the Triangular Sea of Plum Blossoms in the middle, the beautiful scenery and cute squirrels made her feel good.

She couldnt help but take out her phone to take a selfie.

Zhao Qianqian only left the Sea of Flowers after satisfying her desire to take selfies.

However, the moment she left, she felt a sense of discharge.

This made her immediately head to the toilet in the villa.

Zhao Qianqian immediately ran into the female toilet and found a cubicle to close the door.

Then, a comfortable voice sounded.

A moment later, she emerged, beaming.

It actually worked.

But when she came out, she was dumbfounded.

There was actually a queue outside the toilet.

Fortunately, she wasnt suffering from diarrhea.

Otherwise, with so many people queuing up, that scene…

However, this medicinal honey water actually worked.

She couldnt resist taking out her phone to take a video.

She had to tell everyone that the medicinal honey water was effective and share it with the other constipated sufferers.


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