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There was a cooking method in Ranches Story.

Even many players liked liver cooking.

Collecting cooking manuals had always been the favorite of Ranches Storys cooking players.

In this new version, there were three ways to obtain the secret manual.

One was to obtain it from the news broadcast on television.

The other was to crack the recorded recipe from the stone version.

The other was to exchange it from the Gourmet.

After obtaining the secret recipe for ketchup from the ordinary Mystic Stone Slab, he had also checked the relevant information about the new version.

In the new version, if there was a ranking for obtaining cooking manuals, the ones obtained from the television news would be relatively ordinary.

Qin Lin had controlled his game character to watch television, but he had never obtained one before.

It should also be random.

What the gourmets obtained was even more advanced.

They might even obtain culinary skills.

What the Mystic Stone Slab obtained was completely random.

It might obtain a steamed egg or a high-quality secret recipe.

The higher the quality of the Mystic Stone Slab, the more high-quality the secret recipe could be cracked.

After Qin Lin controlled the game character to obtain the Gourmets storyline mission, he did not hesitate to control the game character to return to the storage room.

He took out a portion of the Quality 2 crops and fish, along with a small bottle of medicinal wine.

Then, he controlled the game character to find the Gourmet and submit the items to the Gourmet.

[These are all amazing ingredients.

I can definitely make delicious dishes.

As a reward, please accept my gift!]

[Congratulations on obtaining the Fish Experience Book of Special Cooking Skills!]

“Fish Experience Book of Special Cooking Skills” Qin Lin was surprised.

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This was really a culinary skill.

Since he had gained something, he didnt hesitate.

He found an empty spot and entered the game.

Replacing the game character, he saw the message from the skill book:

[This is a special cooking skill book.

After using it, you can obtain skill experience in cooking fish.

It includes the treatment of fish, frying, steaming… Furthermore, as long as you make relevant fish dishes, taste 1! Delicious 1! Appetite 1]

“F*ck!” Qin Lin cursed when he saw the notice.

It was bloody awesome.

If he didnt understand wrongly, this experience book could allow him to increase the quality of his food when he cooked fish.

For example, making a grilled fish.

An ordinary fish would have an average taste and texture.

When he made it, it would have a 1 taste, 1 taste, and 1 appetite.

A Quality 2 wild fish would have a texture of 2 and a taste of 2.

Then the fish he made would have a texture of 3, taste of 3, and appetite of 1.

Wouldnt this turn him into a big chef Even if he could only cook fish.

[Do you wish to use the Fish Experience Book of Special Cooking Skills]

Qin Lin decisively chose to use it.

In an instant, the same information flow that he had obtained the secret recipe for ketchup appeared again.

However, this time, it was information about how to deal with fish.

It even gave him a very strange feeling that he could do everything written in the book.

After receiving all the messages, Qin Lin immediately logged out of the game.

When he returned to the hall, he realized that it was especially busy inside.

There seemed to be more people ordering today than usual.

Even Zhao Moqing went up to help.

“The sea of flowers in this villa is really beautiful.

I took photos with the little squirrel.”

“Weve also drunk the medicinal honey water and it tastes very good.

Its just that Qinglin Villa doesnt accept company group building appointments.

We still have to wake up early in the morning to rush over.”


When Qin Lin heard these conversations, he understood what was going on.

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Qinglin Villa currently limited the number of visitors to 1,500 people, so it naturally did not accept the companys team construction.

It would take up too many people and would be too unfriendly to ordinary itinerant customers.

Moreover, it was very troublesome to host team-building companies with many requirements.

However, since some people from the company had made up their minds to come, they would also come by themselves.

For example, there were quite a number of people here.

When these people arrived, they also acted together.

Now that they were ordering, it would naturally make the hall busier.

Qin Lin walked straight to the kitchen.

As soon as he entered, he heard Master Lin instructing a young man, “Since you want to learn, learn seriously.

Otherwise, go back.

Is it wrong for Master Liu to scold you As an apprentice, if he doesnt scold you when you do something wrong, itll be harming you.

You wont be able to learn anything.”

Qin Lin looked at the young man and ignored him.

The other party was an apprentice in the kitchen.

Master Lin could handle it himself.

Previously, the kitchen was too busy.

Other than hiring a helper chef for Master Lin, there was a junior in Master Lins hometown who did not manage to get into university during the college entrance examination.

When he found out that Master Lin had become a chef in the mountain villa, his family wanted this junior to obtain a skill and send him to Master Lins place to become a chefs apprentice.

Seeing Qin Lin enter, Master Lin also said to the apprentice, “Go over there and wash the vegetables.”

The apprentice did not dare to respond to Master Lins criticism and hurriedly went to the sink to wash the vegetables.

“Boss, sorry you had to see that.

Children are insensible,” Master Lin said apologetically to Qin Lin as he busied himself with the pot again.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “A group construction company suddenly came.

I thought that you guys would be very busy, so I came in to help.”

Master Lin teased, “Why are you, a boss, joining in the fun in the kitchen We have an extra helper and apprentice, we can handle the crowd.”

“Master Lin, are you looking down on me, your boss Then I have to show off my skills today.” Qin Lin also joked.

Then, he went to the menu at the side and took a list of braised wild fish.

Master Lin also joked, “Masters, take a look.

This boss is interesting.

As our boss, he even wants to steal our job.”

Truth be told, he loved his current work environment.

This boss was very nice.

He was worlds apart from his previous boss.

The three chefs naturally looked over, but they didnt dare joke with their boss like Master Lin.

They werent as capable as Master Lin and werent that familiar with their boss.

Qin Lin had already put on an apron and grabbed a wild fish that Master Lin had prepared.

This was clearly a game product, a Quality 1 wild black carp.

It weighed about 6 catties and had the attributes of Qi Nourishment 1, Stomach Nourishment 1… Delicious 1, Taste 1.

The moment he grabbed the fish, information about how to deal with it popped up in Qin Lins mind.

It was a wonderful feeling as if he had done it many times before.

When he picked up the knife to kill the fish, it was even more as if he had a muscle memory.

He cut accurately into the fishs stomach and cut a long line before dealing with the internal organs.

Master Lin, who had been paying attention to Qin Lin, was shocked to see this scene.

The boss was too skilled at handling fish.

He was like an old master.

Qin Lin started the fire, added oil, and boiled the ingredients step by step.

The fish went into the pot, he flipped the fish and added the seasoning… until the braised fish was ready.

The entire process was smooth and natural.

“Boss, youre hiding your strength!” Master Lin said in disbelief.

Putting aside the taste of the fish cooked by the boss, just the color alone was definitely appetizing.

Qin Lin was also very surprised when he saw the braised fish he made.

Although he could cook, it was only limited to the home version.

The fish in front of him was definitely at the level of a chef.

The key was that the taste 1, delicious 1 fish should have the attributes of texture 2, delicious 2, appetite 1.

Master Lin had also prepared a dish.

He took a pair of chopsticks and walked forward.

“Boss, let me see the taste of your fish.”

It looked appetizing, but he was still worried.

After all, they were serving a guest.

“Try it,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

Master Lin placed some fish minced meat in his mouth and tasted it.

Immediately after, his face revealed an expression of disbelief.

Why did this fish feel even more delicious than his cooking


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