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The car owners surname was Chu.

Qin Lin had already thought of the car he wanted to book.

It was a BMW 5 Series and a blue truck.

His brother-in-laws BMW 5 Series was very comfortable to drive.

He did not know much about cars, so he chose the BMW 5 Series.

The blue truck was naturally meant to transport goods, and it was time for the three-wheeled truck to be eliminated.

After booking the car, he and Zhao Moqing took the contract to the villa.

As soon as they arrived at the villa, Qin Lin asked Chen Dabei to bring the two of them to the sales center with the milk tea sealing machine he had taken from Zhao Moyun.

There was also honey.

He could use the plastic cup directly when it was delivered tomorrow morning.

Zhao Moqing found Gao Yaoyao and asked her to help film the promotional video for the new medicine.

Zhao Moqing had already written the lines.

In the evening.

Qin Ren and Hu Fei arrived at the villa and sent over the advertising cloth and all the promotional materials he needed.

The advertising cloth was upright and needed to be erected.

Hu Fei and Qin Ren personally went to install it.

After installing it, Qin Ren asked, “Lin Zi, come and take a look.

Are you satisfied”

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Qin Lin went forward to take a look.

The advertising cloth was basically made according to his requirements.

First, it was a summary of medicinal honey.

His wild honey could only be used as medicinal honey publicity.

This introduction only needed to let people know that medicinal honey was rare.

The following effects were the most important:

Firstly, it had a very good texture and tasted even more delicious.

Secondly, it had the effect of relieving fatigue, treating chronic gastritis, and treating constipation.

When Qin Lin saw the end, he was stunned.

“You placed constipation at the end and even specially increased the number.

You guys are so knowledgeable!”

“He did all this!” Hu Fei pointed at Qin Ren.

Qin Ren explained, “Lin Zi, you have to know that among these effects, constipation is the most uncomfortable.

That feeling is worse than death.

It has to be especially striking.”

“Oh, looks like you have a deep understanding of constipation.

Are you constipated” Qin Lin looked at Qin Ren strangely.

“No…” Qin Ren subconsciously wanted to answer, but then he realized that something was wrong and hurriedly corrected himself.

“How is that possible I heard this from my constipated friend.

He complained that it was very painful.”

Qin Lin teased, “Do you want a cup of wild medicinal honey water Its really effective.”

“Yes!” Qin Ren replied decisively.

“Ill make it for you!” Qin Lin said with a smile.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Gao Yaoyao from Qinglin Villa.

First of all, welcome to our villa.

Our villa has launched a new beverage: Medicinal Honey.

Medicinal Honey is premium honey with special medicinal effects.

It has…”

“300ml small cup of medicinal honey water is priced at 45 yuan, 500ml medium is 75 yuan, 700ml large cup is 100 yuan per cup.”

“To thank everyone for their continued support of the villa, our boss has decided to treat visitors tomorrow to a free taste of the Medicinal Honey.”

“Theres a limited amount.

For the time being, there are 1,500 large cups of honey water.

When the time comes, tourists can rely on the receipt spent at the villa or the tickets to the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea to collect them from the villas sales center…”

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There were many lines, but Gao Yaoyao passed in one go.

Her expression was natural and her sweet smile made people feel comfortable.

Moreover, Qin Lin only planned to take out 90 catties of honey from his inventory and save the rest for emergencies.

Zhao Moqing also edited the video slightly and chose to post it on Douyin.

The villa was still popular.

The videos taken by the tourists in the sea of flowers did not decrease every day, especially the videos taken by the beautiful tourists.

With their beautiful looks and meaningful videos in the sea of flowers, it was very easy to become popular.

This kept increasing the popularity of Qinglin Villa, making it even more popular.

Therefore, with this popularity, Zhao Moqings official video quickly became popular.

The people backstage also received likes and comments.

“Miss, youre so pure and cute.

Whats your account…”

This was clearly an old lecherous comment.

Naturally, many people were also attracted by the wild medicinal honey topic of the video itself.

“Whats wild medicinal honey water Isnt that too damn expensive 100 yuan for a 750 ML cup”

“100 yuan for a drink.

Makes me think of some comic book show harvesting tourists, 50 yuan for a glass of lemonade.”

“F*ck, is it an expensive drink”


There were questioning voices, and naturally, there were curious voices:

“The price isnt important.

What I care about is the efficacy of this medicinal honey water.

Is it real”

“Is it really effective in treating constipation To be honest, I have a friend with severe constipation.”

“The friend upstairs is me.

Ive been constipated for days.

Im going to buy a ticket now.”

“Im from Youcheng County.

My friend is constipated too.

Ill be sure to collect one for him tomorrow.”


Under the original popularity of the villa, the wild medicinal honey had turned into fire and water in a short period of time.

Be it those who questioned or those who were curious, adding a single comment or like would increase the popularity of this topic.

And this popularity reached its peak when a witness account appeared at night.

It was actually a video sent by an old physician professor who had certified the account of a certain tertiary hospital in the province:

“First, let me introduce you to the medicinal honey.

This is high-quality honey.

Honey itself has medicinal effects, but some honey is less effective.

Some are more effective.

Some of the more effective ones are also called medicinal honey.

Another is… Our hospital has a lot of high-quality honey.

High-quality honey of this level is not cheap.

The cheaper ones cost more than 500 yuan per catty.”

“However, there are too many fake medicinal honey on the market.

Ordinary people wont be able to differentiate them easily.

If the medicinal honey effect of Qinglin Villa is real, I can only say that the owner of the villa is generous.

If we have to throw away tens of thousands of yuan for a free trial drink, the constipated tourists will be blessed.”

“So, dont be in a hurry to question it.

Since the villa is holding a free tasting, why dont everyone look forward to it”

Once this video was released, it was equivalent to an official statement, causing the previous discussions to turn into anticipation for this medicinal honey water.

Even the certified old professor had said so.

It was always right to let the bullet fly a little longer.

Whether it was true or not, it would be clear tomorrow after they tried the medicinal honey water.

Because 1,500 large cups of medicinal honey water were free to try, the owner of the villa couldnt possibly find 1,500 shills, right

Moreover, such high-grade medicinal honey water and a big cup of 100 yuan made people eager to try it.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing were also very surprised when they saw the old professors video.

This video was clearly beneficial to the villa.

But why would a professor certified by a tertiary hospital help him

It was only when he saw the old man that he recognized him.

It was the old man who had brought his granddaughter that day.

His granddaughter had chronic gastritis and asked for two cups of medicinal honey water.

He did not expect the other party to have such an identity.

It seemed like it was really convenient for him.


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