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When Qin Lin heard their evaluation, he instructed Chen Dabei, “Get Master Lin to get some fried potato chips.”

Chen Dabei nodded and immediately ran to the kitchen.

Chips were also served with tomato sauce.

It was like KFC and McDonalds… It was a common way to eat at such places.

Fried chips werent hard to make either.

With a few potatoes, every chef could easily make them.

Previously, Qin Lin had asked Zhao Moqing to buy ketchup from other brands, and Zhao Moqing had bought five types.

Qin Lin asked Zhao Moqing to get a few small plates.

He opened the ketchup and placed them on the small plates before writing numbers on them.

Zhao Moqing seemed to have guessed Qin Lins motive.

He wanted to use this ketchup as a comparison.

Moreover, Qin Lins ketchup seemed to really taste better than those brands.

She moved aside to prepare as well.

Qin Lin took the opportunity to enter the game with some of his homemade ketchup.

Due to the special nature of the game system, he immediately saw the attributes of the ketchup.

[Unknown Tomato Ketchup: Quality 1]

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[This is sour-sweet ketchup made with a special recipe that tastes excellent.

Taste 1.

Delicious 1.

It promotes appetite 1.

It can be named.]

Qin Lin didnt expect the tomato sauce he made to have so many attributes.

The texture, taste, and appetite were all 1.

In other words, it was not necessary for the system to produce it.

What was made outside could also reach the level of Quality 1.

This was like a Quality 1 watermelon.

In his fruit shop, there were always a few sweeter and more delicious watermelons (Chapter 1).

It was just that there were few of them.

Qin Lin exited the game and returned to the hall.

Zhao Moqing had already finished preparing the ketchup.

After Chen Dabei came out with a plate of potato chips, Qin Lin called Gao Yaoyao over.

“Lets try and see which one of these ketchup tastes better.”

“Okay, Boss!” Gao Yaoyao nodded.

She took the potato chips and dipped them into the ketchup.

After tasting all six, she pointed to a ketchup.

“The other five ketchup tastes similar, but I think this ones better.”

Qin Lin looked at Zhao Moqing, who nodded at him.

He had made this.

Even though it was expected, he still smiled and said to Gao Yaoyao, “Help me find some tourists to try it.”

Gao Yaoyao suggested, “Boss, should we give the tourists a small gift like some fruits Otherwise, itll be too abrupt.”

Qin Lin nodded.

“Sure, cut two special watermelons!”

“Yes, Boss!” Gao Yaoyao replied and called a waiter over to help.

Not long after.

Gao Yaoyao gave him a set of data.

She had let 30 tourists try, 25 of whom chose the ketchup he made, probably because of their personal tastes.

5 chose the other ketchup brands.

Even so, it meant that the secret recipe for the game was still very popular.

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Presumably, the sour and spicy flavor would be pretty popular too.

Qin Lin suddenly asked Zhao Moqing, “Moqing, since this tomato sauce is so delicious, how about we make a tomato sauce brand Shall we call it Qinglin Tomato Sauce”

It had come to him on a whim.

The ketchup was a daily fixture.

Many homes and restaurants required it, and because of that, ketchup had become a big slice of the cake.

For example, Tasty Foods Co., one of the top 10 food companies, earned 37.7 billion yuan a year in their country, and ketchup accounted for a large portion of that.

But his formula was now more delicious than theirs.

Maybe this ketchup was the first thing hed gotten from the game that could be marketed on a grand scale.

Zhao Moqing thought for a moment and said, “Qin Lin, your tomato sauce is delicious, but the formula for this isnt easy to keep a secret, right What if someone cracked it”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Actually, you dont have to worry about that at all.

Before it becomes popular, no one will notice it at all, let alone crack it.

But once it becomes popular, we will sell its reputation and packaging.”

“Do you really think that the ketchup from the top 10 brands will definitely taste better than the ketchup from all the smaller brands Besides, it wont take long for this secret recipe to be cracked.

As long as our reputation is consolidated, most people will only recognize our brand.”

“If youre really worried about that kind of problem, many of the bosses wont make a fortune.

Besides, we have a good channel to lean on now, our mountain villa.”

Zhao Moqing nodded with a smile and went forward to hug Qin Lins arm.

“Then can you teach me how to make this tomato sauce Ill make some for home and give some to Jiawen.

She really likes tomato sauce.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Lets go.

Theres also a sour and spicy taste.

Lets try it.”

For the next few days.

The project at the villa was going well.

The river channel for the rafting project had already begun to clear the stones from the river and detect dangerous areas.

The 100 acres of the comprehensive sea of flowers were also built.

The construction site was also surrounded.

The creation of this comprehensive sea of flowers could only be done in stages.

During the planting of various seedlings, many auxiliary facilities had to be set up.

The other thing was the wedding room and restaurant expansion project.

They were already building the foundation.

This was also the project that took the most time.

The dining room was closest to the current hall.

The main hall was not made of cement stone, but specially made bamboo with wooden materials.

The top would also be made of vintage tile.

The consummation project was the same as it had been designed at the beginning.

There were not many of them.

It was just to supplement the facilities at the villa.

There was no need to snatch the money for the accommodation from the county.

How much tourists spent in the county would depend on the county itself.

When the time came, they would take the high-end route.

The price would be more expensive than other hotels in Youcheng County.

Naturally, it would not be just a monotonous bridal chamber.

There was also a small area in front that was surrounded by flower beds.

This area was also equipped with a special stove and grill so that tourists could enjoy a separate space.

Simply put, it was an upgraded version of enjoyment on the basis of a buffet barbecue and a buffet restaurant.

The ranch on the other side was also starting work.

The area was not small.

When the time came, it would be good to raise some chickens, ducks, and geese at the ranch.

He could also raise some cows, sheep, and horses.

A fixed grazing every day would be just nice to interact with tourists and increase the fun.

Qin Lin even wondered if he should build a horse farm.

After all, Ranches Story could raise horses and horse racing.

However, all of this required time and could not be done overnight.

Overall, the expansion of the villa was on the right track.

Qin Lin wasnt idle either.

Apart from planning to mass-produce ketchup for sale, he was also moving.

His mother and Zhao Moqing had already decorated the new house these days.

His mother had called Uncle Dalin and Uncle Shuigen last night to inform them.

When she called, she never stopped smiling.

That must have been her proudest moment!

Qin Lin didnt hold any housewarming ceremony.

There was no need to beat gongs, beat drums, or fire firecrackers.

He did not want to trouble others.

He found it troublesome himself.

He would just invite the people who had helped him to a meal.

He did not want to spread the word.

Now, many people in the village and those two uncles probably thought that his family was still in the same state and was in debt.

In life, one could meet many people.

There was really no need to force one to befriend everyone.

It was fine as long as one maintained those who were good to one.

Even if they had friends all over the world, it was better to have one or two close friends.


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