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As Chun Chun secretly supported Professor Rens video, the video of Professor Ren attacking Qinglin Villa quickly became popular.

This attracted the attention of countless netizens.

With Qinglin Villas reputation and the reputation of Qinglin Medicine Wine, if it were another professor, no matter who it was, the netizens would definitely scoff.

Perhaps this professors comments section would immediately be attacked, and he might even be mocked for playing to the gallery

But this Professor Ren was different.

Not only was he famous, but he had really contributed a lot.

The several drugs he had researched had benefited countless people, making the originally expensive drugs cheaper.

Professor Ren was about to be conferred as an academician as well.

Most importantly, he was still a hero.

He had also been a member of the front-line research team during the unprecedented disaster crisis.

He had made a huge contribution and was on the hero commendation list.

When such a person questioned Qinglin Villa, no one dared to think that he was playing to the gallery.

Besides, it was indeed common sense to avoid alcohol when one had hemorrhoids.

In the video, it could be seen that Professor Ren was exceptionally angry when he attacked Qinglin Villa.

The most important point was that the effects of the qinglin medicine wine had been proven.

The effects of this treatment for hemorrhoids had not been proven.

There was no guarantee that Qinglin Villa would not deliberately resort to unorthodox means to attract attention.

After all, who could guarantee anything on the Internet

More and more people saw the video and tagged Qinglin Villa.

This caused Qinglin Villa to fall into a whirlpool of public opinion.

In Qinglin Villa.

As soon as Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen finished dinner, they pulled Li Qing to Qin Lins office to make tea.

After all, with Ma Liewen bringing the oolong tea and the agarwood incense in Qin Lins office, wouldnt it be enjoyable to chat and drink tea inside

“Agarwood incense.” Li Qing sighed.

“Qin Lin, when did you get such a good thing”

Chen Shengfei teased, “Li Qing, to think youve been staying at Qin Lins place all this time.

Youve been staying here for nothing.”

Ma Liewen smiled.

“He only has eyes for wine.

If it werent for you playing with incense, Old Chen, I wouldnt have paid attention to Qin Lins shelf with a box of incense.”

Qin Lin, on the other hand, poured everyone another cup of tea made by Ma Liewen.

As they were chatting, Zhao Moqing suddenly walked in with an anxious expression.

There were Gao Yaoyao, the planner, and the editor.

“Qin Lin, something happened online,” Zhao Moqing said anxiously.

“Whats wrong” Qin Lin asked curiously.

This was the first time he had seen Zhao Moqing so anxious.

“Look at this video.” Zhao Moqing immediately handed her phone to Qin Lin.

A video was playing.

“Professor Ren” Qin Lin was surprised to see the person in the video.

There should be very few people who didnt know Professor Ren, Elder Zhong, and Elder Yuan, right

Although Professor Ren was far inferior to people like Elder Zhong and Elder Yuan, everyone knew that Professor Ren would be the successor to such people in the future.

He had contributed greatly, and the reason why he was awarded as an academician was only because of his seniority.

There were still some people ahead of him.

Although there was some seniority in such matters, there was no helping it.

Professor Rens angry voice came from the video.

“As a professor dedicated to physical health research, Im very angry at what Qinglin Villa has done…”

“” Qin Lin was stunned when he saw the video.

He respected people like Professor Ren very much.

But he did not expect to be rebuked by Professor Ren.

After watching Professor Rens video, he was powerless to refute.

This was because he also knew the common sense of alcohol abstinence.

Before the outside world proved this effect, it was normal for others to suspect his medicinal wine.


However, he did not understand one thing.

It was impossible for people like Professor Ren to criticize him for promoting an event like Qinglin Villa, right

After all, there were many fake promotions online.

The other party would not be in the mood at all.

But it was happening now, and Professor Ren looked furious.

Wasnt this putting Qinglin Villa on the fire

Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, Li Qing, and Li Kai also came over when they heard the voice.

“Whats going on” Ma Liewen wondered.

Chen Shengfei wondered, “Its Professor Ren.

Why would he suddenly come to criticize Qin Lin That shouldnt be the case.”

“Somethings wrong,” Li Qing agreed.

Li Kai suddenly interrupted.

“The medicine is effective, Ive drunk it.

It can be proven.”

This made Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, and Li Qing look at him with strange gazes.

Li Kai was immediately annoyed when he met the gazes of the three of them.

He said, “I know Professor Ren and Ive seen him before.

Hes indeed not someone who has such leisure.

There must be some misunderstanding.

From the angle of the shot, its obvious that it was secretly taken from the side.”

They watched the video and realized that was true.

Chen Shengfei frowned and said, “But Professor Rens words are indeed directed at the villa.

If we dont deal with this, the villa will indeed be in some trouble.

Perhaps some people who cant stand Qinglin Villa or those who purely earn traffic online will take the opportunity to cause trouble.”

“Then when everyone questions you, whats wrong can become right.

Whats fake can become real.”

This was the drawback of the Internet.

It was difficult to tell if it was real or fake.

Zhao Moqing frowned again and said, “This has already happened online.

Many bloggers have already posted videos about this.

Almost all of them are on Professor Rens side and scolding our villa.”

Qin Lin took Zhao Moqings phone and scrolled through a few videos.

Sure enough, he saw a video of a commenter:


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