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Tomorrow, Qinglin Villa would actually give away 1,000 servings of this wine for free.

Even if each serving was only 30 ml, it could be used sparingly for more than three days.

Moreover, according to the 60,000 yuan per catty, it was worth 3,600 yuan.

Now it was available for free as long as the conditions were met.

This was a real gift.

It wasnt like those influencers who talked about cutting prices for their families as benefits but sold them at a higher price than online.

Most importantly, this medicinal wine was something that those rich people could not buy even if they wanted to.

Now, they had a chance to receive it for free.

The first benefit instantly attracted everyones attention, but when Gao Yaoyao mentioned the second benefit, many people were dumbfounded.

A Qinglin Medicine Wine that could cure hemorrhoids

Many people squeezed their legs together inexplicably when they saw this.

Then their faces revealed their urgency.

Because that was Qinglin Medicine Wine, which cost 60,000 yuan per catty.

Now that Qinglin Villa said that it could treat hemorrhoids, they shouldnt be joking, right

After all, this medicinal wine that could treat hemorrhoids was also 30ml, but only 666 portions are available.

This meant that this medicinal wine was even more precious than the one that nourished the kidneys and strengthened the body.

If it cost 60,000 yuan per catty for the medicinal wine that nourishes the kidneys and strengthens the body, how much was this more precious medicinal wine worth

In the video, Gao Yaoyao announced the third benefit.

“The first two benefits have already made everyone look forward to it, right Then lets talk about the third benefit.

This benefit is a true blessing for insomniacs.

That is 3,000 sets of sandalwood incense that can increase sleep.

Each set costs 10 grams.

It will last until its sold out.

Moreover, Yaoyao has experienced this sandalwood incense personally.

Its very effective.”

“The above 4,666 benefits can be received for free as long as you pay 200 yuan tomorrow.

Moreover, because its a benefit, you can only receive it once.”

The third benefit also attracted everyone.

Because hemorrhoids were common, insomnia was also very common.

In modern society, there was poisonous chicken soup everywhere.

The young people on the Internet were already 25 years old and had millions of dollars in savings, cars, and houses.

This naturally caused huge pressure on the young people who were working hard in reality, and also caused their insomnia rate to be very high.

Many people suffer from insomnia in the dead of night.

They find it difficult to sleep when they turn the other way.

Their hearts and minds are tortured.

If there was something that could help him sleep, it would definitely be a blessing.

Most importantly, the fact that the Qinglin Villa gave the incense and the Qinglin Medicine Wine together as benefits showed the value of the incense.

Otherwise, wouldnt the Qinglin Villa be making a fool of themselves

Those who saw the video were already eager to try.

In Min Province.

In a villa, Wang Yang was already wrapped in a towel.

He picked up the Qinglin Medicine Wine and poured himself a cup.

The effect of this wine was extremely strong, but it wouldnt last long.

“Brother Yang, theres an event at Qinglin Villa again.

Theyre even giving us some medicine.” A woman ran out with a towel around her waist and sat beside Wang Yang with her phone.

Wang Yang looked at the womans phone and saw the welfare video of Qinglin Villa.

Without any hesitation, he said to the woman, “Baby, Ill go to Qinglin Villa tomorrow.”

Even if it was 30 ml, it could be used three times.

Besides, he could pay the bill himself and get his girlfriend to do it again.

Wouldnt that mean he could use it six more times

However, the woman suddenly clenched her fists nervously and frowned at Wang Yang.

“Brother Yang, Ive already divorced him.

Will you really marry me”

“Well get our marriage certificate after we return from Qinglin Villa,” Wang Yang said decisively.

He was not irresponsible.

If he said he would marry her after winning the prize at Qinglin Villa, he would marry her.

So be it.

Initially, he had wanted to marry a girl who was quiet and did not play in nightclubs.

However, one of his brothers had thought the same and had also found a quiet female teacher.

But his friend had recently discovered that the other party was a mistress for four rich people.

Wasnt that ridiculous A man who had hung out at night had been defeated just like that.

In the end, he realized that the child did not belong to his friend either.

That scared him, too.

In that case, he might as well leave it at that.

Men should resign themselves to fate sometimes!

“Brother Yang, youre so good to me.” The woman was instantly touched as she looked at Wang Yang.

However, he looked at the woman seriously.

“Dont go to the nightclub after you get married.”

The woman nodded frantically.

“No, Ive had enough fun.

Its fine as long as youre around in the future.

Brother Yang, dont go, okay”

“Ive had enough fun too.

Lets live a good life.” Wang Yang sighed and picked up his phone.

“Ill book the bridal chamber at Qinglin Villa!”

“Yes!” The woman nodded and happily scrolled through the video.

She was really willing to stop going to nightclubs for Wang Yangs sake.

As for her ex-husband, perhaps it wasnt true love.

He was too honest and unromantic.

A moment later, the woman saw a video and suddenly said to Wang Yang, “Brother Yang, look, a very famous Professor Ren is posting a video to scold Qinglin Villa.”

“As a professor dedicated to physical health research, Im very angry at what Qinglin Villa is doing.

Theyre playing to the gallery.

Its common knowledge that those who have hemorrhoids have to abstain from alcohol.

Their diet needs to be very light.

Now, in order to promote themselves to increase their popularity, Qinglin Villa is actually openly promoting medicinal wine that can treat hemorrhoids.

Theyre breaking through our bottom line of understanding.

This is very shameful…”

“” Wang Yang stared at Professor Rens promotional video in shock.

It seemed like Qinglin Villa was in trouble.

This was because he knew that Professor Ren was really very famous.

He wasnt the kind of expert professor who played to the gallery.

He was a real professor of medicine at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was about to become an academician.

Most importantly, what Professor Ren said made sense.

Because people with hemorrhoids did have to avoid alcohol.

Indeed, many people on the Internet knew that not only did hemorrhoids require abstinence from alcohol, but they also needed to have a light diet.

When they saw Professor Rens video, more and more people tagged Qinglin Villa, especially those who were watching the commotion.

In a suite.

A womans face revealed a ferocious expression when she saw the video.

This woman was none other than Chun Chun.

She had suffered heavy losses the last time at Qinglin Villa.

Her account had been blocked, and the other party had even asked that lawyer surnamed Chu to sue her for financial compensation.

Now it finally gave her a chance for revenge.

She took out her phone and contacted the Internet ghostwriters.

She wanted them to help Professor Ren scold Qinglin Villa.

She wanted to hype this matter up.

With Professor Rens status, Qinglin Villa would be unlucky no matter what.

She wanted others to scold them for playing to the gallery and insulting peoples intelligence.

They actually said that alcohol could treat hemorrhoids.

“This time, Ill let your Qinglin Villa have a taste of what its like to be attacked by the Internet.” Chun Chun gritted her teeth and transferred 100,000 yuan.

Although it had been a little difficult recently, and 100,000 yuan was already a lot, if this matter was blown up, Qinglin Villa would lose a hundred times, or even a thousand times more than that.

After all, that was Professor Ren, the person who had made a huge contribution in the previous disaster.


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