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“Training pets!” Li Kai interrupted again.

“I was doing an experiment in the backyard watermelon field this afternoon.

There was a little squirrel dressed and carrying a backpack standing on a watermelon and staring at my experiment for a long time.

Then Ms.

Lin walked past with the dog.

The squirrel jumped onto the dogs head again and walked away together.”

Ma Liewen added, “Theres more than one squirrel.

Qin Lin trained a lot of squirrels at the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.”

Chen Shengfei suddenly thought of something and said proudly, “You guys definitely dont know about Qin Lins ability.

Only I should know.”

That did get the others attention.

“What is it” asked Ma Liewen curiously.

Chen Shengfei explained, “Fishing.

Qin Lin and I went to the reservoir to fish before.

Do you know how he fished When I caught one, he had already caught two buckets.

It was as if the fish ran to his hook by themselves.

Hes definitely better than those fishing masters.

I even saw him catch a wild big fish with my own eyes.”

Ma Liewen and Li Qing felt a little emotional.

How much more ability was Qin Lin hiding

Even Chen Fengwu, who was a master, felt that Boss Qin was a very strange person.

It was already not bad for a person to be able to make a name for himself in an industry.

It was already impressive for him to become the top in this industry.

However,he could even achieve top-notch results in different fields.

It was really not something an ordinary person could do.

Qin Lin returned to the office area and walked towards a multimedia room.

This was specially arranged by Zhao Moqing.

There were already more than 1.8 million fans in the official account of the villa.

Coupled with the fact that the villa was busy, she naturally had to hire some special people to handle some matters.

Otherwise, she would not have the energy.

When Qin Lin walked into the multimedia room, the lights inside were brighter than those outside.

They were specially installed for filming videos.

Other than Zhao Moqing and Gao Yaoyao, there were two other people inside.

A man was holding a camera machine and connecting it to a computer.

He was editing a video.

He was naturally a professional editor he had recruited.

He also took care of the cameras.

The other person was a girl who was watching the video on another screen with Gao Yaoyao.

It was a synced video of the cut.

The girl was the planner.

In the past, Zhao Moqing had thought of the video lines for the official account of the villa.

Now, she had handed them over to a special planner.

As for the female lead of the video, it was naturally Gao Yaoyao.

Who asked her to be so generous and amiable

“Boss!” Gao Yaoyao noticed Qin Lin and hurriedly greeted him.

The girl planner and editor hurriedly greeted him respectfully.



Qin Lin nodded and said, “Carry on with your work.

Dont worry about me!”

Zhao Moqing pulled Qin Lin to the screen and said, “Qin Lin, come and take a look at the video.

If theres no problem, Ill post it at prime time tonight.”

“Yes!” Qin Lin nodded.

Time passed.

The sky quickly turned completely dark.

The villa was no longer as peaceful as it used to be.

With the opening of the bridal chamber, many overnight tourists would stroll around the villa and talk intimately.

For many couples, this was also a form of romance.

After all, the villa was brightly lit and they could go anywhere.

And night was naturally the golden time of the Internet world.

Most people had already finished work and started online life.

In particular, a certain voice had become the gathering point for most of the Internet traffic.

It was either looking at beautiful women or handsome men, or listening to chicken soup for the soul, or scolding someone, or being a wave of goddesses…

Qinglin Villas fans had already reached more than 1.8 million after the last Supreme Set Event.

Moreover, it had not been long since the Supreme Set Event and the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

The popularity of the Qinglin Villa was still very high, and the number of fans was increasing every day.

Many fans were even looking forward to the next event at Qinglin Villa.

After all, every event at the villa was popular on the Internet, and the prizes were even more amazing.

The melon king, the Supreme Set meal, and the Qinglin Medicine Wine were all rare outside.

In fact, the standards were so high that most rich people could not eat these things.

One after another, it was difficult not to look forward to the activities at Qinglin Villa.

Some hardcore fans would even click on the Qinglin Villas backstage every day to take a look.

What if there was another activity at the Qinglin Villa Then they would know immediately and book the bridal chamber at the Qinglin Villa.

Everyone knew that the bridal chamber at Qinglin Villa would be the most popular at that time.

Today, many fans of Qinglin Villa were surprised to find that the villa had released a new video.

Gao Yaoyao, this beautiful girl, appeared on screen again.

The content of the video immediately attracted many fans.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Gao Yaoyao.

I have good news for everyone today.

Our villa has custom-made two signs.

Well be hanging them up tomorrow.

On the day of the listing, our villa has prepared 4,666 benefits for the tourists that day.”

“Remember, this is a benefit.

Theres no need for a lucky draw.

As long as you meet the requirements, you can receive the benefit for free…”

After watching the video, everyone was surprised.

Many people even became anxious.

The first benefit was the Qinglin Medicine Wine that strengthened the body and nourished the kidneys.

Each serving was 30ml, a total of 1,000 servings.

The Qinglin Medicine Wine had long been known by everyone.

Everyone knew that this bottle of wine cost at least 60,000 yuan per catty.

Moreover, the people who had won the prize had already confirmed that it could make men last very long in bed.


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