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Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen walked to the desk and observed it carefully.

They realized that this desk was really a high-grade rosewood.

It was not that they were ignorant, but that rosewood and red sandalwood were rare collectible-grade wood.

Moreover, the better the quality, the fewer the high-grade ones.

As for the top-grade ones, they were completely rare.

They were almost rare, and the people who owned them hid them tightly and would not take them out at all.

Many people collected such furniture.

High-grade furniture could be slowly assembled into a set.

Top-grade rare furniture could only be obtained by luck.

Otherwise, when that person from the Wang family was still the richest man in the world, he wouldnt have specially brought people to take photos of the mahogany furniture at home in that interview for “The Day of a Wealthy Man”

That was because that set of furniture was made of top-notch rosewood.

Very few people in the country could find top-notch rosewood to make a complete set of furniture.

With that complete set of furniture, even the richest man would definitely show off, much less someone who liked to collect such wooden furniture.

There was also a complete set of top-notch rosewood furniture in the corporation that Ma Yun had created.

It represented nobility.

It was said that the rosewood cabinet that stood in the corner with extremely fine and complicated workmanship was even hand-made by the old carpenter who hired Engineer Su according to the cabinets in Empress Dowager Cixis palace.

This cabinet alone cost five million yuan.

Although five million yuan was nothing to rich people like them, it was really not something that could be bought with just five million yuan.

The price was there.

There was no such thing in the market.

It was said that one could buy anything with money, even emotions.

However, those were only inferior things.

When something really reached a certain level, even money could not buy it.

Although Boss Qins high-grade rosewood desk and red sandalwood tea table were inferior to the top-notch ones of the two former richest men, they were still very rare.

It was a pity that there were only two large pieces, not the full set.

Otherwise, even if it was a set of high-grade furniture, it would be an astonishing achievement for the rich who liked such furniture.

“Qin Lin, I really realize that you always have unexpected surprises.

You always have good things.” Ma Liewen sighed.

He took the oolong tea and sat at the tea table again.

“However, you dont have any tea, right Youll have to count on me now.

I love tea and have a collection of good tea leaves.”

Ma Liewen felt rather proud.

After all, it was inevitable to be proud of something he liked.

Chen Shengfei was still looking at the rosewood desk.

He tried to ask, “Qin Lin, do you have any channels in this area If you can help me ask around, I also want some rosewood furniture at home, but nothing big.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he smiled and said, “Old Chen, Ill help you keep an eye on this.

If theres any news, Ill inform you.”

Although the refresh of trees in the game was random, rosewood would definitely refresh again in the future.

Life was long, and there was still a lot of time.

It wouldnt be difficult for him to get a complete set of rosewood furniture of Quality 2 or above.

Wouldnt that be better than two of the former richest men

Since Chen Shengfei liked this kind of furniture, he would find an opportunity to get him a set when the trees were refreshed in the future.

However, in order to avoid others from probing, he had to leave it in the game for a while.

It was better to make it old-fashioned until before the founding of the state.

Then it would become an antique.

If others asked, it was still an old item.

If they saw it in the market, they would buy it.

“Hey, Qin Lin, do you play with incense too” Chen Shengfei walked to the tea table and saw the incense sticks and incense burner on the shelf beside the tea table.

“Your office is getting better and better.

Theres no brand name for this incense, so it should be a very precious custom-made one, right”

It was no wonder he thought so.

Qin Lin had too many good things.

From the first time he came to eat wild goods, there were different kinds of good things every time he came.

Now, Qin Lin felt that anything he saw might be good.

Besides, when it came to incense, the really high-end ones were custom-made.

And there werent a lot of them, especially the kind of agarwood that cost 13,000 yuan a gram.

That kind of thing was even harder to come by than the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

Hed only gotten his hands on it a couple of times, but he had to admit that when the agarwood incense was lit in the office, it was really unobstructed and very effective.

Chen Shengfei opened the incense box curiously and smelled the familiar fragrance emitted by the powder inside.

He was surprised again.

“This is… agarwood”

He could tell.

No wonder this fragrance was so familiar.

Qin Lin said in surprise, “Old Chen, you can tell”

Chen Shengfei explained, “Ive bought agarwood incense a few times.

I didnt expect to see this incense here today.”

Now Ma Liewen was intrigued.

“Lets light some.”

Although he did not use incense, he had heard from Chen Shengfei that Old Chen was bragging back then.

Chen Shengfei looked at Qin Lin and asked.

It was fine to take a look at such things, but it would be impolite to do it privately.

“Go ahead!” Qin Lin nodded.

Chen Shengfei immediately became excited.

He immediately took the incense burner and skillfully operated it.

It could be seen that he often used incense.

He skillfully lit the incense and covered the incense burner.

After a while, white smoke curled up, accompanied by a faint and pleasant fragrance.

“Wow, this smell is as good as you said, Old Chen.” Ma Liewen let out a surprised sound after a moment.

“Besides, I feel strangely refreshed.

Old Chen, it seems that this thing youre using is pretty useful.”


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