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Qin Lin told Zhao Moqing about the welfare plan he had long thought of.

He prepared three kinds of perks:

The first was the Qinglin Medicine Wine for acne.

Other than keeping a few catties in reserve, he intended to take out 40 catties, then purchase 30 milliliters of the sealed bottle and pour it into the wine.

That would give him 666 bottles of perks.

He could drink 30 milliliters three times if he saved it.

After all, it was more than 50 degrees medicinal wine.

10 milliliters a time was the best amount for medicinal wine.

The second was naturally the Quality 1 sandalwood incense with sleep enhancing abilities.

There were 300 boxes of 100g Quality 1 sandalwood incense.

The effect of Quality 2 had already been learned from Zhao Xianhong.

The effect was very strong, and the effect of Quality 1 was probably not bad.

On the other hand, 0.5 grams was enough for one sleep aid.

He planned to buy some special packaging.

Each package could hold 10 grams, which meant one portion was enough for 20 uses.

That left 3,000 copies for visitors to claim.

The third type was naturally Qin Lins medicinal wine.

This was the kind that nourished the kidneys and strengthened the body like before.

He took out 60 catties of the latest batch and which was also 30 milliliters.

There were a total of 1,000 servings.

In this way, the benefits totaled 4,666.

However, there were more than 4,666 tourists who could be satisfied.

After all, many of them came as a family, husband and wife, and couples.

There would only be one person who would pay the bill and could only receive one.

It was also very simple to receive it for free.

That was to spend the full 100 yuan.

When the bill was paid, one out of three would be chosen until it was delivered.

The benefits this time were definitely not low.

After all, everyone knew that the Qinglin Medicine Wine was now worth more than 60,000 yuan a bottle.

Ordinary people would not have the chance to drink it.

Now, they were giving the tourists a chance to drink it.

In fact, when some hemorrhoid tourists found out about the effects of the hemorrhoid medicinal wine, the reputation of the Qinglin Villa medicinal wine would rise to another level.

Naturally, after taking out so much medicinal wine at once, Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, and the others would definitely inquire about it.

He just had to use the excuse that it had been mixed.

With Chen Shengfei and the others character, they would not ask too much.

When they left, he would just sell them a bottle of bronze wine as a benefit.

After Zhao Moqing heard about the benefits from Qin Lin, he immediately returned to his office to make plans.

Then, he found Gao Yaoyao to take a video.


Time passed, and soon another day passed.

By the next afternoon, Ma Liewen and Chen Shengfei arrived at the villa early.

Behind the two of them was an old man with white hair.

Although the old man was old, his body was obviously very strong, and his face was full of energy.

Qin Lin immediately went forward to welcome them.


Chen, Mr.

Ma, thank you for coming.”

“Boss Qin, weve known each other for so long, so theres no need to be so polite.” Chen Shengfei smiled and suggested, “Besides, theres no need to call us Mr.

Chen and Mr.


Itll seem distant.

Just call us Old Chen and Old Ma.

Well be more cordial.”

Qin Lin didnt hesitate when he heard this.

He smiled and said, “Alright, Old Chen and Old Ma.

Dont call me Boss Qin, either.

Im young, so you can just call me Qin Lin.”

He had known Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen for a long time and knew them well.

They were both worth befriending.

At this moment, Chen Shengfei also introduced the old man to Qin Lin.

“Qin Lin, this is my uncle, Master Chen Fengwu.”

Qin Lin had already guessed it and immediately went forward to shake hands with the old man.

“Master Chen, your writing will definitely brighten my villa.”

“Boss Qin, you overestimate me.” Although Chen Fengwu knew that his handwriting was not bad, he did not have the thick face to say that his handwriting could bring light to a villa.

Ma Liewen suggested, “Qin Lin, Master Chen likes to make tea.

Lets go to your office and make tea.

This time, I brought some high-grade oolong tea.”

“Lets go!” Qin Lin also called the three of them to his office.

As soon as Ma Liewen entered Qin Lins office, he took out a small can of luxuriously wrapped tea leaves from his briefcase and sat at the tea table to make tea.

The moment Chen Shengfei entered, he was attracted by the plaque.

“Qin Lin, this plaque is not bad.

When did you hang it up”

Master Chen Fengwu also walked under the plaque.

“The words on this plaque are almost meaningful, but the person who made it is quite skilled.

Its impressive.”

Qin Lin smiled when he heard this evaluation.

That was the attribute of the high-end atmosphere 1 effect.

“Oh, the texture under the wax…” Master Chen Fengwu suddenly moved closer to the plaque and observed it for a moment before saying in surprise, “This plaque is actually made of rosewood The texture and the color of the wax are probably made of high-grade rosewood.”

“High-grade rosewood” Chen Shengfei also stepped forward in surprise.

Rosewood was not rare, but high-grade rosewood was very rare.

“F*ck…” Ma Liewen exclaimed, “I didnt realize that this entire tea table was made of rosewood.

Moreover, it seems to be high-grade rosewood too.”

Chen Shengfei was attracted and immediately squatted in front of the tea table to check.

A moment later, he looked even more surprised.

This large tea table was really made of high-grade rosewood.

Chen Shengfei felt that it was unbelievable.

High-grade rosewood no longer depended on the price.

It was very rare.

They could buy it, but it was definitely not easy to build such a big tea table with so many high-grade rosewood at once.

Even they might have to spend a lot of manpower and favors to get it.

“This desk is also made of high-quality rosewood,” Master Chen Fengwu said suddenly, stroking the top of the desk.

“What” Chen Shengfei exclaimed.

“Even the desk” said Ma Liewen.

The two of them looked at Qin Lin in unison, clearly asking where he got so much rosewood at once.


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