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Qin Lin nodded and said, “These signs are also made of rosewood.

The two signs in the villa cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

The sign of the winery is cheaper, about 70,000 yuan!”

“” Zhao Moqing was stunned.

She suddenly felt that her husband was a little prodigal.

The desk and tea table were both made of rosewood.

It was fine if they were expensive.

But even the signboard that was hung outside still cost hundreds of thousands.

Wasnt he afraid of being targeted by thieves

Chen Dabei suddenly felt immense pressure when he heard his bosss words.

A sign that cost hundreds of thousands Was there anyone more of a spendthrift than his boss

Chen Dabei immediately said to Zhao Moqing, “Boss, I want to apply for funds to increase the surveillance cameras and build two new security guard booths.”

Zhao Moqing nodded and said, “Ill transfer the funds to the security department later.”

Although her husband was fooling around, the signboard had already been made.

It couldnt be covered in dust and had to be hung up.

However, this safety measure had to be taken.

Besides, putting up this kind of sign removed the fear of being remembered.

It wasnt without its benefits.

At the very least, it could give tourists another hot spot.

Then, Chen Dabei led his men to move the rosewood desk and the red sandalwood tea table into Qin Lins office.

The woodworker was also called over to hang the plaque for that days salary.

The tea table and desk were soon set up as well, and the original computer and belongings moved to the rosewood desk.

It had to be said that after knowing the price of the desk and tea table, the entire office felt inexplicably elevated.

However, Qin Lin looked at the rosewood desk and the red sandalwood tea table and felt that there were still some chairs missing.

This had to be a package.

Next, if Mount Notre Dame refreshed rosewood or red sandalwood, he would arrange it first.

In the evening, Gao Yaoyao delivered a package to his office.

“Boss, this is your delivery.”

“Yes.” Qin Lins eyes lit up when he looked at the package.

He knew that it was the incense burner he had ordered online.

It was not cheap.

This was to be used with the agarwood incense powder.

The lid was opened, and some of the powder was put in and lit.

The lid was closed, and a delicate fragrance would quickly drift away with the wisps of smoke that floated up.

After Gao Yaoyao left, Qin Lin opened the package.

There were two incense burners inside.

He picked one up and placed it on the shelf beside him.

Then, he picked up the other and took out a box of agarwood incense powder from the drawer before walking to Zhao Moqings office.

Inside, Zhao Moqing was reading seriously in front of her computer.

“What are you looking at” Qin Lin stepped forward and smiled.

Zhao Moqing snorted.

“Isnt it all because of you Chen Dabei was so anxious that he wrote a funding application.

I immediately approved it for him.

Otherwise, who would feel at ease if that signboard was hung up”

When Qin Lin heard this, he could only admit that he had not thought it through.

“I know youve worked hard, so I prepared a gift for you.”

“What gift” Zhao Moqing asked curiously.

“Good stuff.” Qin Lin placed the incense burner and agarwood incense powder on Zhao Moqings table.

“Incense” Zhao Moqing asked in surprise.

“This isnt just any incense,” Qin Lin said as he opened the box of agarwood incense powder.

Then he opened the incense burner and placed a little inside before lighting it and putting the lid back on.

In an instant, wisps of white smoke floated up from the incense burner.

However, in a short period of time, a very pleasant fragrance spread throughout the office.

Zhao Moqing smelled the fragrance.

At first, it smelled good, but after a while, shock appeared on her face.


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