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Why did this feel like an unreasonable person Her family was tolerant and understanding of her, but she took it for granted that outsiders would also be polite to her

“Shes disgraced her country,” Captain Hong said resentfully.

Then he copied the surveillance channel.

“Boss Qin, Ill go and mediate.

Try to make it a big deal.

Give her a chance.

If she doesnt appreciate it, Ill release the video.”

“Yes!” Qin Lin nodded.

Although this was unfair to foreign tourists, if they really arrested the woman according to the rules, the scenic area would definitely be scolded by some people.

This might even become a counterpoint incident.

After all, a female subway passenger vs.

a foreign passenger incident had just happened yesterday.

This quickly led to another female tourist vs.

a foreign tourist incident.

The key was that the woman was still unreasonable.

There might be people talking about the women in the country.

He did not want the villa to be involved in such a contrasting matter.

After all, these two women could not represent all women.

It was purely an individual mistake.

Moreover, although these two foreigners were in the right, many foreigners were indeed unrestrained in the country.

It was also true that they were annoying.

Individual matters were not complicated.

He was just afraid of being compared to others.

After Captain Hong left, Qin Ren, who had followed him, said, “Lin Zi, give us a copy of this surveillance video.

I know that if something like this gets online and someone deliberately guides it, regardless of right or wrong, your villa will be in trouble.

Why dont we get you to guide it first and let everyone know the truth”

Qin Lin nodded.

Captain Hong quickly returned to the sales center.

After the mediation between the patrol cop and the two security guards, the woman argued even more fiercely with the foreign tourist.

Captain Hong walked in and ordered the two security guards with a frown, “Send this gentleman inside first.

I want to talk to this lady.”

The two security guards nodded and invited the foreign tourist sheepishly.

Captain Hong stepped toward the woman as well.

“Maam, its not a good idea for everyone to be gathered around here.

Why dont we find a place to talk and have everyone disperse”


The woman could obviously tell that Captain Hong was the leader of the scenic patrol, but it was precisely because of this that she said very stubbornly, “Why do we have to talk somewhere else Are you trying to cover up for that foreign tourist so that everyone wont know”

She knew exactly what was going on.

She had acted on impulse, but she knew it was too late to back down now.

More importantly, she was the planner of a media company and knew the power of public opinion.

Public opinion could pressure many people and even distort the truth.

Now that there were so many tourists around, she could guide the others to put pressure on the other party.

That would be to her advantage.

Captain Hongs frown deepened.

“Im giving you a chance, maam,” he reminded her.

“You should cooperate with us.”

When the woman heard this, she clearly felt that something was wrong.

In her impatience, she actually took out her phone and started filming Captain Hong.

Doing self-media was naturally her habit.

“Sigh!” Captain Hong felt really helpless when he saw this.

He took out his handcuffs.

“Maam, youve disturbed the security of the scenic area.

Now were asking you to go back and cooperate with the investigation.”

These words made the woman completely anxious.

She could only go all out and say, “Everyone, take a look.

Qinglin Villa is protecting foreign tourists.

Its fine to be a pervert among them.”

“There are surveillance cameras here.

Have you been lying so much that youve forgotten what the truth is” Captain Hong snorted this time and brought the handcuffs to the woman.

In that instant, the woman was dumbfounded.

Qin Lin shook his head when he saw this scene among the tourists.

Captain Hong had given the other party a chance, but she didnt cherish it.

He did think that no woman would be so stupid.

After all, she was not a young girl.

But he seemed a little naive to think this way.

At this moment, Chen Dabei also stepped forward and said to the tourists around him, “We will upload the surveillance video of the incident to the public multimedia screen in the hall.

Everyone can go and take a look at the whole story.”

These words made the womans face turn extremely pale.

Her legs went limp and she lost her balance.

If Captain Hong hadnt been pulling her, she would have fallen to the ground.

She was involved in self-media planning.

She knew exactly what she was going to face next.

Being abused by the Internet, losing her job, not being able to make it in the industry she has always worked in…

She really regretted cutting the line and bringing things to this point over a spat.

At this moment, Chen Dabei continued, “Although many foreigners are unrestrained and annoying in our place, we cant abandon our morals just because we hate foreigners, let alone distort the truth.”

“Whatever it is, its built on our own sense of right and wrong.

Otherwise, whats the difference between us and those who havent finished evolving”


These words were at the level of the management of a scenic area.

The surrounding tourists also applauded.

Because for some reason, the security guard was right.

This farce ended with the woman asking for trouble.

Qinglin Villa naturally waived the foreign tourists bill and even sent him a set of Quality 1 eel and loach.

The foreign tourist ate until his mouth was full.

Clearly, Quality 1 was something he had never eaten in his life.

The next day, he went to the warehouse to move the items from the game to the villa.

Qin Lin returned to his office and took out his phone.

As expected, he realized that yesterdays incident had been exposed online.

Like the video of the woman scolding the foreign passenger on the subway, most people could remain objective and even express dissatisfaction with the woman cutting in line and distorting the truth.

After all, no one liked someone who didnt follow the rules and casually queued up, let alone someone who distorted the truth.

It was a light punishment to scold her for embarrassing the Chinese.

However, Qinglin Villa was still scolded by some people.

The reason was naturally not defending their own people.

However, Qin Lin did not mind.

It was impossible for everyone to like his business, right

After settling some matters, Zhao Moqing came over and asked, “Qin Lin, you said that the signboard of the villa is already being customized.

How long will it take for it to arrive Mom heard that the villa wants to change the signboard and asked them to choose a few auspicious days.”

“It should be ready.

Ill go get it myself,” Qin Lin said with a smile.

Old people always believed more in things like feng shui and auspicious days.

Since his mother had chosen a few auspicious dates, he would choose one of them to hang the signs.

“Since were going to choose an auspicious day, lets hold another event at the villa!” Qin Lin said and stood up with a smile.

He pulled Zhao Moqing over and sat on his lap, his hands on her waist.

Men would more or less want to try romantic things in the office.

Even if he didnt work in the office, he could still experience that romantic atmosphere, right


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