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Naturally, these foreign tourists were not international tourists.

They were not the kind of people who could stay in the country for long.

Those people basically went to View 5A.

The foreign tourists who came to his villa to play basically all had residence permits to stay in the country for a long time.

The villa had even received a white tourist with a national identity card.

Many people in the country envied the full moon overseas and emigrated.

However, there were also more foreigners who wanted to own and cherish things that they did not care about.

Moreover, it was even more difficult for foreigners to join the Chinese nationality and there were many conditions.

This was because the country didnt recognize dual citizenship.

The country would heavily review contributions to the countrys construction.

Therefore, many foreigners cherished Chinese nationality even more.


After the white tourist used his ID to register, he actually carefully wiped it before putting it back into his wallet.

The waitresses even talked about it for a long time.

However, in the face of this kind of conflict between foreign tourists and domestic tourists, it would be easy to deal with if the foreign tourists were wrong.

They could just get Captain Hong to arrest the foreign tourists and hand them over to the relevant departments to deal with.

Then the Internet would definitely give them a lot of praise.

But the most troublesome thing was that it might not be the fault of foreign tourists.

This was troublesome.

He thought about the news that had just come out the day before yesterday.

A video of a woman shouting at a foreign tourist in the subway had exploded on the Internet in a short time.

The cause seemed to be because a woman was randomly squeezing.

The other passengers were very critical.

Finally, a foreigner said, “Can you stop squeezing”

The result was naturally that the woman started cursing as if she didnt deserve to be scolded.

When this news came out, although most people could remain objective and felt that the foreigners were not wrong, even if the passengers had already proven that it was the womans fault at that time, there was still a group of people who were patriotic, wanted to help their own people.

If anyone dared to question these people, they would immediately be labeled as a traitor.


If a small friction in the subway was already like this, a place like the scenic area, which was already sensitive, would be even more difficult to deal with.

Besides, he had already been injured.

If it really wasnt the fault of a foreign tourist, then he could either go against his conscience and help the woman and get away with it.

After all, no one would stand up for him if a foreign tourist suffered a loss.

Or he could stand on the side of reason and not family.

He could deal with it however he wanted and be prepared to be scolded online.

Qin Ren and Hu Fei were curious and followed behind.

Soon, Qin Lin brought them to the sales center.

Sure enough, a group of tourists had already gathered there.

All of them were taking photos with their phones.

A patrol cop and two security guards also stepped between the foreign tourist and woman trying to mediate.

But it was completely useless.

They were still arguing.

The foreign tourist was still covering his face.

There were scratches.

What surprised Qin Lin was that this foreign tourist was arguing with the woman in Chinese.

The woman said, “This foreigner touched my butt.

Hes a pervert.

Everyone, take a photo.”

The foreign tourist said, “No, Im not a pervert.

I didnt touch her.

Im not interested in a body like hers.”

When the woman heard this, she seemed to be a little annoyed.

Seeing that the patrolling police officers and security guards had not moved, she shouted even more unhappily, “What are you waiting for Hurry up and arrest this pervert.

Is Qinglin Villa going to protect foreigners Are foreigners first-class citizens here There are so many tourists watching.”

Qin Lin was already frowning.

This kind of thing was indeed tricky.

Natural foreign social problems were sensitive.

“Boss Qin!” Captain Hong walked over from the other side.

He had been watching for a while and had only handed it to his subordinates to mediate.

He had yet to enter.

Qin Lin frowned and asked, “Captain Hong, how should we deal with this”

Captain Hong said, “The woman said the foreign tourist touched her.

The foreign tourist said this woman cut in line.

He called out a warning and the woman scratched him.”

“Uh!” Qin Lins frown deepened.

“There shouldnt be such a brainless woman who would frame someone in a scenic area like this, right Could it really be this foreign tourist who stretched out his hand”

“Supervisor Chen, there are surveillance cameras here.

Lets go look at the surveillance video,” Captain Hong said to Chen Dabei with a sigh.

He was also most afraid of foreign tourists being in the right.

Because he had no choice in this situation.

He could only choose to help reason rather than family.

The law was there.

But even so, it was inevitable that he would be scolded by some people.

After all, it was not like there were no police officers who dealt with such incidents.

Some people didnt care about right or wrong.

Instead, they naturally liked the feeling of being on the moral high ground.

Qin Lin and the others went straight to the surveillance room.

When Chen Dabei came over, he had already asked the security guards in the surveillance room to pull out the surveillance cameras.

As soon as they arrived, they could see the surveillance video.

On the video, the foreign tourist could be seen carrying a backpack and queuing up seriously like the other tourists.

Seeing this, there were already a few sighs in the monitoring room.

Because the line in front of the foreign tourist did not have that woman before and after, which meant that what that woman said might all be lies.

Sure enough, a moment later the woman appeared.

At first, she queued at the back.

However, she seemed unable to wait.

She directly cut the line.

Seeing that the tourists didnt say anything, she silently stepped forward two more and cut the line again.

She did this several times in a row, until she and the foreign tourist started arguing.

As the foreign tourist had said, she cut the line, and they started arguing after a word.


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