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Qin Lin brought the bottle of medicinal wine directly to the villa.

As soon as he arrived at the hall, he called Chen Dabei and Master Lin to the bar.

“Boss, what are your orders” Chen Dabei asked as soon as he arrived.

“Boss, there are many people ordering now, and the kitchen is getting busier.

We have to hire another helper.” Master Lin started complaining as soon as he arrived.

“Master Lin, Ill arrange this later.

Now, help me taste a medicinal wine.” As Qin Lin spoke, he took out two small cups and gave them a small cup of medicinal wine each.

Medicinal wine was not suitable for large cups, only small ones.

Chen Dabei and Master Lin did not understand what their boss meant.

Seeing that their boss had handed them the wine, they hurriedly took it and tasted it.

After drinking a small glass of wine, Master Lin said, “Boss, this medicinal wine is 55 degrees, right”

Chen Dabei also said, “I think so.

Its very strong.”

This was clearly not the answer Qin Lin wanted.

In just a moment, Master Lin and Chen Dabei clearly felt that something was amiss.

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It was a feeling that made their blood flow more smoothly, especially the warm and comfortable feeling at their waists.

“Boss, this medicinal wine isnt cheap, right” Master Lin asked in surprise.

Chen Dabei also nodded and said, “After drinking a cup, I feel much better.

Ordinary medicinal wine definitely wont have such an effect.”

Qin Lin nodded when he saw their reaction.

That was more like it.

Otherwise, the 2 game attribute would have been wasted.

He asked again, “Master Lin, can you tell how old this wine is”

“Boss, how can I tell” Chen Dabei looked at his boss in a daze.

How could he know this

“Boss, youre asking the wrong person,” Master Lin said.

Wasnt it difficult for him to tell if the wine was good or not

He was not a taster like on TV.

“Alright, its fine.” Qin Lin sighed.

Indeed, everyone was an ordinary person.

If he couldnt tell, how could Chen Dabei and Master Lin, who were also ordinary people like him, tell the age of the wine

It looked like he would have to find a professional sommelier.

He wondered if there were such people among the tourists who came to the villa.

As Qin Lin was thinking, he heard a familiar voice.

“Boss Qin, Im here again.”


Ma!” Qin Lins eyes lit up when he saw Ma Liewen enter.

Previously, when he bought the house, he had received a call from Ma Liewen saying that he wanted to bring someone over and even asked him to help prepare some okra.

He did not expect the other party to come without saying anything.

When ordinary people like them didnt have time for this wine, rich people like Ma Liewen should understand, right Wasnt that what happened in television dramas Rich people often had 1982 Lafite and tasted wine with all kinds of logic.

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Ma Liewen was still holding a bottle of medicinal honey water.

There were three other people behind him, two women and a man.

They were also holding the medicinal honey water.

They were probably the people Ma Liewen had said he would bring.

He couldnt tell the exact ages of the two women.

After all, the rich had taken good care of themselves, but they were both in good shape and beautiful.

They also had a special aura.

One of them was carrying a child.

The man looked a little ordinary, but he had an aura that was incompatible with ordinary people.

“Hubby, is this the Boss Qin you were talking about” Chu Qing went forward and held Ma Liewens arm, looking at Qin Lin curiously.

She usually went online and scrolled through Douyin.

She had also seen the video of this villas triangular sea of flowers, but she was more curious about what her husband had brought back previously.

She had also pulled strings to look for those things.

They were of the same special breed and had some effects, but the effects were not as good as what her husband had brought back.

This made her curious about Boss Qin, who provided these things, but she realized that he was too young.

At this moment, Ma Liewen also introduced them to Qin Lin.

“Boss Qin, this is my wife, Chu Qing.

The two behind are Mr.

Li Qing and his wife, Lin Liu.”

Qin Lin looked at Chu Qing, who was beside Ma Liewen.

When he thought about it, he knew that this Mr.

Ma indeed needed a Grade 2 okra to marry a beautiful wife who was more than 10 years younger than him.

Not only could he not control himself at this age, but he also could not last long, right

If he didnt nourish himself now, he would cry over a divorce in another 10 years, right

Qin Lin thought to himself and said to Ma Liewen, “Mr.

Ma, try this medicinal wine first.” Then, he winked at him.

“This wine has the same effect as the special quality okra.”

Ma Liewen was immediately interested.

“Boss Qin, hurry up and give me a cup of this medicinal wine.”

Qin Lin smiled and poured a small cup for him.

Ma Liewen took the wine.

It tasted spicy as soon as he drank it.

It tasted so much worse than anything hed ever drunk before.

Or none of the expensive medicinal wines hed ever drunk had tasted so bad.

However, he did not question Qin Lins words.

The effect of this medicinal wine was definitely not in the texture.

Sure enough, after a moment, he realized that his blood was flowing smoothly in his body, and the trace of warmth surging in his waist.

This wine was indeed not simple.

Ma Liewen immediately asked, “Boss Qin, how much wine do you have Are you selling it to the public”


Ma, are you able to tell the age of this wine” Qin Lin smiled and made up a story.

“Im still planning to organize an event today.

Ill give this bottle to whoever can accurately judge the age of this wine.”

He did not say that he did not know the age either.

This made it seem like he was giving someone else a test.

When Ma Liewen heard this, he panicked and said, “Boss Qin, if you give me 10- or 20-year-old medicinal wine, I can tell if its real or fake.

After all, Ive drunk a lot of wine of this age.

But if you ask me to specify the age, arent you making things difficult for me Im not a professional sommelier.”

These words made Qin Lin feel a little regretful.

What happened to rich people tasting wine

It seemed that television dramas were also lying.

It was Young Master Wangs fault for watching a rich second-generation heirs melodrama.

He directly posted a selfie of himself drinking wine and wrote two big words: “Nonsense.”

Ma Liewen was a little anxious, so he looked at Li Qing beside him.

“Boss Qin, I want this bottle of wine.


Li beside me is very knowledgeable about wine.

There are only a few people in the entire Ming City who know more about wine than him.

Li Qing, help me try it.”

Li Qing was actually already very curious about this wine.

Even if a person like Ma Liewen did not know much about bars, he could still differentiate between good and bad.

For him to be in such a hurry, there must be a reason for this wine.

Naturally, he was more curious about the owner of the villa.

Previously, his wife had said that her colostrum had changed because she had eaten the okra.

He did not believe that the okra had such a strong effect.

Then, why were there many people still worried about this problem

But after he ate the bit of okra that Ma Liewen had sent over, he realized that he seemed to be wrong.

The effect was really…

When husband and wife ate together, he could really add another blessing.

It was double happiness.

“May I know who Mr.

Li is” Qin Lin asked politely.

He could hear a hint of politeness towards Li Qing in Ma Liewens words, which meant that the other partys identity was definitely not simple.

“Im just a sommelier.

My hobby is to study wine occasionally.” Li Qing smiled and said, “Boss Qin, do you mind letting me taste this wine”

Qin Lin smiled and poured a cup for Li Qing.


Li, please!”

After Li Qing took the wine, he did not drink it directly.

Instead, he put it to the tip of his nose and sniffed it.

Then, he brought it to his mouth and tasted it before closing his eyes.

That action was gentle as if it carried a special emotion.

It was completely different from the feeling of Ma Liewen, Master Lin, and Chen Dabei drinking this wine.

It was no wonder that wine tasting was not just like drinking wine.

One could only think of the wind and moon and not know the scriptures.

It was like farming a cow and drinking from a canal.

After carefully tasting the wine, Li Qing said after a moment, “Boss Qin, lets not talk about the effects of this medicinal wine.

Ive already sensed that among the medicinal wine sources that I know of, the only ones that can have the effects of your medicinal wine are the secret medicinal wine from the two families of traditional Chinese medicine.

Its just that the taste of your wine is far inferior to theirs.”

“This medicinal wine must have been brewed by Cherokee roses and Myrtles.

And it tastes very strange.

It seems to be completely different from the ones used in these two medicinal herbs.”

“As for the age, it should only have been settled for five to six months.

The spiciness is still very strong…”

Qin Lin was really surprised.

How could he tell the difference between the materials of Cherokee roses and myrtles

Professionals were indeed different from ordinary people.

No matter which industry they were in, there seemed to be very deep knowledge.

What concerned him most, naturally, was the five to six months.

This confirmed his theory, which meant the time guess was right.

“Boss Qin, is Li Qing right” Ma Liewen hurriedly asked, “If hes right, then this bottle of wine will belong to me”

“This wine should belong to me.” Li Qing suddenly said, “Boss Qin said that whoever could tell the age of the wine would get it.

I was the one who tasted it, so the wine is naturally mine.”

This wine had the same effect as the okra.

A man definitely couldnt let it go.

“” Ma Liewen was stunned.

Thats bloody unethical!


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