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Li Qing ignored his uncles complaint.

He still had three bottles of silver-grade Qinglin Wine.

Besides, after helping Boss Qin solve the problem, Boss Qin was happy.

It was definitely not a problem to beg for two bottles of Qinglin Medicine Wine.

When they reached the original hall, Li Qing said, “Uncle, do you want to go to the greenhouse to see the watermelons first Theyre in the backyard.”

“Go on, get it over with and get back.” There was no way Li Kai was going to refuse.

He couldnt wait to solve the problem here and get back to his low-temperature crop genetic experiments.

They entered the backyard.

The first thing they saw was a paddy field, a large shed, and a small watermelon field.

There were still some watermelons left unplucked.

The paddy field was too empty for him to care.

When Li Kai looked at the watermelon field, he was stunned.

He ran over in disbelief.

“Are you kidding me You plant watermelons out here in the middle of winter and they grow so well”

Li Qing explained with a smile, “This is a kind of genetically mutated melon that Boss Qin discovered.

Not only can it grow very well in winter, but it also tastes better than ordinary watermelons.

However, this is the second generation.

The taste is a little worse.

The taste of the first generation is amazing.

Unfortunately, there arent many left.

By the way, the seeds that have problems are in the greenhouse.

I heard from Boss Qin that those are dead, so these melons are extinct.”

Li Kais hand trembled as he touched the watermelon.

It was exciting.

The low-temperature experiment he was studying was about this kind of crops low-temperature off-season growth.

He wanted to work out that this off-season crop could be planted in winter without relying on the marquee.

This topic was a little difficult.

Perhaps he would have to devote his entire life to it.

If he could research it, he would have no problem winning a science award.

He had been studying it for a few years.

Although he had published a few papers and received some feedback, he had never been able to make a big breakthrough.

Now he saw something.

A finished, low-temperature, off-season crop.

Since this watermelon could be grown off-season in winter, there must be elements in its genes that could adapt to low temperatures.

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For him, this was putting a treasure directly in front of him.

Hearing that the watermelons might be going extinct, Li Kai asked Li Qing with a vexed expression, “You knew that there were such watermelons here Why didnt you tell me earlier”

Li Qing looked at his uncle who was suddenly a little agitated and said in surprise, “Uncle, whats wrong with you You didnt ask.

As soon as I told you about the watermelon seeds, you became frustrated and resisted.”

Li Kai was even more chagrined.

“If you told me you could plant watermelons in the winter without the greenhouse, would I resist”

Li Qing felt speechless.

“Uncle, be reasonable.

Who told me to shut up”

“Will you shut up if I tell you to Why are you so opinionated You have to tell me!” Li Kai completely disagreed with Li Qing and said angrily, “Get out.

Dont disturb me.

I want to spend some time with this melon.”

“…” Li Qing felt that there was no place to say anything.

He left the backyard in embarrassment and returned to the hall.

Seeing that his uncle was interested in this watermelon, he was relieved.

At least he didnt have to worry about his uncle not paying attention to Boss Qin.

Qin Lin also returned to the villa as quickly as possible.

When he arrived at the original hall, he saw the unhappy Li Qing.


Li, whats wrong Who made you angry”

“An unreasonable guy.” Li Qing looked helpless.

Then he pointed in the direction of the backyard and said, “My uncle is inside.

He seems very interested in your watermelon.”

He was already getting up and walking toward the backyard.

Qin Lin also entered the backyard immediately and saw a man pulling out vines from the greenhouse and throwing them out.

Seeing this, Li Qing hurriedly introduced, “Boss Qin, this is my uncle, Li Kai.”

Li Kai also saw Qin Lin and asked, “Are you the owner of this villa Did you cultivate these watermelon vines”

Qin Lin knew Li Kais identity and nodded.

“I was just messing around.

Sorry about that.”

Li Kai snorted.

“Its nonsense.

How did something good end up in your hands Why didnt you ask Li Qing to tell me earlier if you didnt know how to do it”

“Uh!” Qin Lin didnt know how to answer.

Previously, he did not know that Li Qing had an uncle who did agricultural research, nor did he know that there would be problems if he messed around.

Before there were problems, he still thought that he could succeed.

Li Qing hurriedly said, “Boss Qin, dont mind him.

Sometimes, my uncle has a mental problem that makes people want to hit him.”

Li Kai glared at Li Qing.

“Li Qing, please watch your words.

Im your elder.

You cant retaliate when I hit you.”

“…” Li Qing had a new understanding of his uncles shamelessness today.

Why didnt he realize it before He simply snorted and stopped talking.

Qin Lin listened to the conversation between the uncle and nephew.

Although they were mocking each other, he could tell that the two of them were really close.

He also smiled at Li Kai and said, “Mr.

Li, if I had known that you were an expert in this area, I would have definitely asked Li Qing to invite you over.

I wonder what went wrong now The steps I took to nurture the seeds were all according to the books.”

“This book” Li Kai took out a book from one of the shelves in the greenhouse and asked Qin Lin.

“Yes, its this one.” Qin Lin nodded.

This was the book he had tried to find out if there was a problem with it.

Li Kai, on the other hand, was very disdainful.

“Wang Dafeng, how dare this kind of guy make up books Do you dare to read what he dares to write His book is about cultivation of specific ordinary seedless watermelon seeds.

Many varieties of melon will go wrong if they do as he says.”


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