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Qin Lin also saw the information on the sign.

[Qinglin Villa Rosewood Sign: Quality 2]

[This is an advanced signboard made from rosewood: Fragrance Reduction 2, Wood Hardness 2, Texture Perception 2, Insect Repellent 2, Attraction 2, Artistic Aura 2!]

The note on this signboard was clearly a little different from Quality 1.

There was also the wordadvanced.

Moreover, there was also the attraction 2 attribute.

This was similar to the attraction 2 attribute of the Quality 2 triangular plum.

In addition, there was an additional attribute of artistic aura 2.

This might have something to do with the signature template design and Master Chen Fengwus superb calligraphy.

After being upgraded by the system, the signature words were even more agile than Master Chen Fengwus own.

These would undoubtedly greatly increase the value of the entire sign.

Therefore, the actual value of this sign board should exceed the previous calculations.

Qin Lin was still very satisfied with the Quality 2 and Quality 1 rosewood signs.

As for the rest of the wood and yew, either they couldnt be taken outside or they wouldnt be worth much even if he worked hard to get them out.

He could just sell them in the game!

Two of the three processors in the experience hall had already been used.

All that was left was the thread processor.

Ordinary men were definitely not interested in silk threads, but if silk threads could be processed into silk stockings, underwear, and so on, it would be different.

Qin Lin was curious about the attributes of the Quality 1 and 2 stockings.


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Unfortunately, he didnt have the raw materials to produce the finished product, nor did he have the chance to try it on Zhao Moqing.

Qin Lin exited the game and planned to go to the warehouse to move all the signs out.

Then, he would leave them in the warehouse for a few days before transporting them to the villa.

Chen Shengfei had just sent the template blueprint over, so he definitely couldnt take it out immediately.

Even a fool would know that the time didnt match.

So he would have to wait a few days.

But if he waited in the game for a few days, a day would be half a year.

Then the time wouldnt match.

Qin Lin opened the office door and saw a finance lady leading Master Zhang to Zhao Moqings office.

“Boss” Master Zhang greeted Qin Lin with a warm face.

He was in a very good mood.

Because the winery was really saved.

He knew that it would be different if someone like the new boss, who knew about alcohol, took over the winery.

It wasnt as if theyd given him and his old buddies a raise as soon as they took over the brewery.

Theyd even made him start recruiting apprentices.

The lifeless brewery was about to come to life again.

The finance lady also reported respectfully to Qin Lin, “Boss, the lady boss asked Master Zhang to come over.

We have to find the raw materials of the winery again and then our finance department will calculate the price.”

Qin Lin nodded.

The original winery had been messed up by the officials that Master Zhang had mentioned.

Naturally, he could not use those inferior raw materials and had to find new ones.

It was all thanks to Zhao Moqing, his good wife, that he was able to handle all these troublesome matters.

Master Zhang suddenly said in embarrassment, “Boss, can I choose the raw materials personally”

“Alright, when the time comes, the finance department will cooperate with you.

Theres no need to be afraid of the price.

I only want high-quality materials.” Qin Lin nodded.

No one knew better than Master Zhang about winemaking.

Moreover, after the incident in the cellar and the aged wine, there was no reason not to trust Master Zhang.

There were some things that he should let go of.

Holding on to them would only tire him out.

“Thank you, Boss.” Master Zhang immediately promised enthusiastically, “The winery will definitely produce a batch of new wine as soon as possible.

The quality will definitely not disappoint you.”

Qin Lin naturally believed in Master Zhang.

Moreover, with the 60 years of wine brewing in the wine cellar, at least the fragrance of the new wine could be guaranteed.

If he brewed it with good raw materials and matched the taste, the new wine would definitely be good.

Qin Lin left the villa and went to buy some silk before heading to the warehouse.

He moved the three signs out of the game and wrapped them in silk.

After doing this, Qin Lin received a call from Li Qing.

His face lit up and he immediately picked up the call.

Li Qings voice came through.

“Boss Qin, Ive brought Uncle here.

Hes already in the parking lot of your villa.”


Li, Im outside now.

Ill go back immediately.” Qin Lin was waiting for Li Qings uncle to come and save him.

When he arrived at the villa in the morning, he went to the greenhouse in the backyard to take a look at the watermelon vines.

His condition still did not improve.

Instead, there were more withered leaves.

He could not do anything about this situation and could only rely on Li Qings help.

In the original parking lot of Qinglin Villa.

Li Qing hung up and said to the man beside him, “Uncle, lets go in first!”

Although Li Kai was Li Qings uncle, he was only a few years older than Li Qing.

This was not uncommon.

Nowadays, many uncles are a dozen years younger than their nephews.

“Li Qing, I hope youre not lying to me.

Otherwise, Ill cut ties with you.” Li Kai followed behind Li Qing unhappily.

Was it easy for him

After several years of low-temperature genetic experiments on crops, there had been no new progress in the past few months.

He was so frustrated that he didnt even want to go home from the research institute.

Who knew that the bullys call would force him to take a vacation Now, he had no choice but to follow his nephew here to help Boss Qin resolve the watermelon seed problem.

Inwardly, he refused.

He didnt even want to come if he hadnt drunk the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

If he helped Boss Qin resolve the problem and his nephew couldnt get him a bottle of Qinglin Medicine Wine as promised, he would definitely cut ties with him.


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