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In Ming Citys mansion district, a car stopped.

Li Qing got out of the car with his wife.

He took out the five bottles of silver wine that he had obtained from Qinglin Villa and carried them upstairs.

After graduating from university and not taking the path of his parents, he moved out of the courtyard and lived outside.

A moment.

Li Qing entered a 300-square-foot duplex.

It was beautifully decorated in a Nordic style that his wife liked.

The house was legit.

The kind hed earned with his skills and wasnt afraid to be checked.

Although he could not do business, with his attainments in wine, he was second to none in a place like Ming City.

He was also famous in the entire Min Province.

It was very easy for him to earn money.

For example, there were really many people who wanted to ask him to mix the aged wine.

There were even more people who wanted him to help taste the wine…

He had to pay the appearance fee according to the market and see if he was willing to take action.

None of which he would be restricted from doing.

After returning home, Li Qing instructed Lin Liu, “Wifey, help me bring up the custom-made wine box.” As he spoke, he carried the five bottles of silver wine and walked towards the second floor.

He went upstairs and opened the door to a good-sized room.

There were several wine racks with bottles of wine in wine boxes.

This was his collection room.

Back then, in order to build this collection room, he had even changed his wifes favorite design plan.

In the end, he had to renovate it and get his wife a cloakroom of the same size to settle her.

He had collected the wine inside over the years.

Many of them were unknown wines.

Although these wines were not famous, they were not necessarily inferior to those famous wines.

Naturally, no matter how good these wines were, they were nothing compared to Boss Qins wines.

Or rather, there was no need to compare them.

If they were compared to Boss Qins silver bottles, it would be an insult.

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To tell the truth, he was rather grateful to this guy Ma Liewen.

If the other party hadnt brought him to Qinglin Villa, he wouldnt have been able to get to know Boss Qin.

The other partys attainments in wine made him a bosom friend.

Lin Liu came in with three exquisite wine boxes and handed them to her husband.

“Dont forget what you promised Boss Qin.”

“I wont forget.” Li Qing took the box.

This kind of box was a double cabinet.

It could hold two bottles of wine and could mobilize a fixed space.

He put the five bottles of wine in one by one.

It would be his best possession.

However, just as he fixed it, Li Qing thought of something.

He took out another bottle from it and instructed Lin Liu, “Honey, help me pack it up.

Ill go to the courtyard later.”

Lin Liu looked at Li Qing and asked seriously, “Just one bottle If we find out, youll suffer.”

Li Qing sighed and reluctantly took out another bottle.

“Honey, remember, we only got two bottles from Boss Qin.

This wine concerns our sex life.”

“Pfft!” Lin Liu blushed at Li Qings actions.

She picked up the two bottles of wine and went downstairs.

She naturally knew what her husband meant.

Her husband had indeed become stronger after drinking this wine.

He was even more energetic than when he was a young man.

Li Qing also took a set of clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

He was exhausted from the drive back.

Lin Liu went downstairs and took out a gift box from a cabinet to wrap the two bottles of wine.

Her husband had some achievements in wine, so gifts were usually related to wine.

Her family had already prepared such gift boxes.

Lin Liu packed the two bottles of wine and placed them on the table.

Soon, Li Qing changed his clothes and came downstairs.

“Ill go to the courtyard first,” Li Qing said as he picked up the two bottles of wine and went out.

It was already evening when he drove to the courtyard.

Unlike him, his father, grandfather, and eldest brother had a specially assigned house in the compound.

Li Qing was about to drive through the gate when he was stopped by a guard.

Fortunately, he came back to the compound often and the guards knew him, so they let him in and drove to the largest villa inside.

This was naturally the allocated villa.

As long as one reached a certain level, they would be assigned different-sized villa residences.

His fathers was the largest one.

Li Qing parked the car and entered the villa.

He saw a man in his 50s watching the news in the hall.

“Dad.” With a smile, Li Qing stepped forward and placed the two bottles on the table.

“What is it” Li Zhen asked with a frown.

Li Qing explained, “The medicinal wine that was sent to Grandpa last time.”

“Huh” Li Zhen was inevitably attracted to this.

He naturally knew the effect of this medicinal wine.

Previously, his son had brought it over.

Other than the taste being inferior, the effect would not be inferior to the medicinal wine of the two traditional Chinese medicine families in Min Province.

Not only could this medicinal wine treat painful illnesses like the old mans frequent urination, but it also had a very strong effect on replenishing blood and circulating qi.

It was very effective for him and the old man.

Every year, the Li family would also ask for some medicinal wine from the two traditional Chinese medicine families in Min Province.

However, their family was not the only one who wanted it in the entire Min Province.

Moreover, the two families that inherited Chinese medicine had limited medicinal wine.

The Qinglin Medicine Wine that his youngest son had brought back was an unexpected surprise.

Li Zhen opened the package and was slightly surprised to see two silver-bound bottles.

“Two at once The packaging seems to have taken great care this time.”

Li Qing smiled and said, “Dad, these two bottles are also more effective than the last one.”

“The effect is even stronger” Li Zhen was surprised.

Wasnt this more than the medicinal wine of the two families of traditional Chinese medicine in Min Province He couldnt help but ask, “This kind of thing should be very rare, right You begged for two bottles at once”


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