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It was almost difficult for others to get their hands on 100-year-old wine.

Their storage techniques were limited.

With the characteristics of his game, if he wasnt afraid of death, he could simply create a 100-year-old wine without any worries and directly lower the market price of the old wine.

Naturally, he was afraid of death.

It was fine if he did it secretly now.

He was really not afraid of dying and causing trouble.

Then, Qin Lin took out the nine bitter ginsengs.

The bitter ginseng and wild ginseng were both ginseng, and even their appearances were very similar.

However, the two ginsengs did not belong to the same type of plant.

The bitter ginseng was not even completely considered ginseng.

The effects were worlds apart.

After all, one was a tonic while the other was for hemorrhoids.

Qin Lin poured the 20-year-old wine into the wine container as well.

Then, he took a knife and cut the bitter ginseng into pieces before pouring them into the wine.

This was also the difference between the wild ginseng and the wine.

After the bitter ginseng was cut and the wine was soaked, the medicinal effect would be better.

A 20-year-old wine would cost 6,000 yuan no matter what.

It would cost more to turn it into medicinal wine, right

After brewing both medicinal wines, Qin Lin walked into the house on the ranch.

There were many antique bronze and silver wine bottles inside, all prepared for the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

As time passed, he would have to mine more in the future.

Qin Lin took four imitation ancient silver wine bottles to the first batch of brewed medicinal wine containers and filled them up.

Then, he took a bag and packed the wine.

With a thought, he exited the game.

These four bottles of wine were promised to Li Qing.

When Qin Lin returned to the main hall of the villa, Li Qing, Zhuang Rui, and the others had already finished their lunch and were eating watermelon to digest their food.

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When he saw Qin Lin carrying four bottles of wine in, Li Qings eyes lit up.

He immediately stood up and walked towards Qin Lin.

“Boss Qin, if Im not wrong, youre carrying my four bottles of wine, right”


Li, youre right.” Qin Lin smiled and handed over four bottles of wine.

Li Qing took the four bottles of wine and placed them on the table as if they were treasures.

He took out the bottles and lined them up.

Looking at the four bottles of wine made him feel a sense of accomplishment.

Including the original winning bottle, there were five bottles now.

If Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen knew about this, they would be extremely envious.

Zhuang Rui looked at Li Qings precious appearance and could not help but step forward.

He looked at the wine bottle curiously and asked, “Young Master Li, is this the Qinglin Medicine Wine in the Supreme Set”

Li Qing smiled and asked, “Your winery has a wine that has squeezed into the high-end ranks, right”

“Thats right!” Zhuang Rui immediately nodded in response.

Young Master Li finally remembered that he had a wine that had squeezed into the upper class.

Li Qing explained seriously, “Your high-end wine can only be compared to the Supreme Sets Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Now, these four bottles of wine are even better than the set.

Compared to this, your high-end wine is trash.”

“…” Zhuang Rui.

Young Master Lis analogy was clear and easy to understand.

It was easy for him to understand the value of this wine, but why was he speechless

Although he was a little shocked by Young Master Lis use of his own wine, he knew that Young Master Li was serious about wine.

The fact that he could make such a comparison meant that the wine was really good.

Zhuang Rui looked at the four bottles of silver medicinal wine and had an urge to ask for them, especially when he thought of the effect of the Qinglin Medicine Wine on male compatriots.

The silver bottles were definitely better than the ones on the Internet, right

But in the end he held back.

He made wine and also had high-end wine.

He could not be attracted to other peoples wine.

He was determined to only use his own wine.

It was his principle.

No matter how beautiful other peoples wives were, they belonged to others.

His own wife was his.

Only by sleeping with his wife could he prove how good she was.

Only by drinking his own wine could he tell others that his wine was good.

Zhuang Rui forced himself not to look at the wine.

At the same time, he reminded himself that the wine was not as good as his high-end wine.

He had high-end wine.

Li Qing threw the bag of wine into the trash can and couldnt help but complain, “Boss Qin, youre using this lousy bag to store such good wine.

Youre insulting wine.”

Qin Lin smiled.

Li Qing was especially particular about alcohol.

He wondered if his wife would be jealous of alcohol sometimes.

Li Qing carefully picked up the wine and asked Lin Liu to help put away the four bottles of medicinal wine.

Lin Fen walked out of the courtyard with Wang Cai.

Ever since Wang Cai learned the skill of catching Frisbee after entering the game, it had a special fondness for the Frisbee game.

Many tourists even saw it and took photos of it.

Lin Fen had also been bringing Wang Cai to the undeveloped clearing in the villa to play with the Frisbee.

While playing with the dog, she could also be considered to be exercising.


When Wang Cai came out and saw Qin Lin, it ran to his feet and rubbed against him.

It grinned and its eyes seemed to be filled with anticipation.

When Qin Lin saw this, he reached out and rubbed the dogs head.

Satisfied, Wang Cai circled him.

After this dog came out of the game, its ability to act cute had increased.

It was clearly a large dog, but it was begging for a hug like a small dog.

Lin Fen came over to hold Wang Cais hand, worried that it would scare the guests.

She thought of something and said to Qin Lin, “Xiao Lin, I came over to take a look at your greenhouses watermelon vines.

They seem to have withered a lot.”

Qin Lin knew what his mother was talking about and immediately walked towards the backyard.

Li Qing followed her inside.

He knew that the watermelon vines in the greenhouse were seeds of the mutated watermelon that Boss Qin had cultivated.

Qin Lin entered the greenhouse and frowned.

Many of the watermelon vines had turned yellow.

He stepped forward to check and saw that it wasnt just the leaves.

Some of the roots were showing signs of decay.

If this went on, they obviously wouldnt survive.

This was clearly a problem with the experiment, but he had clearly followed the steps mentioned in the book step by step.

He was also very careful.

Moreover, the watermelon seeds from before had grown very normally and even harvested watermelons.

Or rather, there was nothing wrong with the content of the book, and there was nothing wrong with the steps he was taking.

But the seeds in the game he was using were different from the usual seeds, and that was going to go wrong.

This sudden change caught Qin Lin off guard.

It seemed that there was no way to become an expert in this area by reading a book a few times.

After all, he was not on the Internet.

When he saw a paragraph of text, he felt that he understood it and could wave it around.

Reality was often not that simple.

“Is there a problem” Li Qing came in and knew that the situation was not good when he saw the dried-up watermelon vines.

“Yes!” Qin Lin nodded and said, “I was too careless.

Even according to the book, there are still many changes in reality.”

After the villa expanded, Chen Dabei, the head of security, became busy.

He had been patrolling with Captain Hong, who was cooperating with the security guards, and dealing with some tourist conflicts.

He couldnt help him keep an eye on the backyard.

He had been busy with the winery for the past two days and did not pay attention to it before something went wrong.

He did not pay much attention to the withered leaves that appeared previously.

It seemed that something went wrong at that time (Chapter 138).

“Boss Qin, dont be anxious.

There must be a way to save him.” Li Qing hurriedly comforted him.

He had heard from Qin Lin that these seeds were the last ones.

If they were not cultivated successfully, they would be extinct.

Moreover, he also knew how useful this watermelon seed would be if it was cultivated.

Therefore, after comforting Qin Lin, he said, “Boss Qin, why dont I go back and get my uncle to help you take a look Hes an expert in agricultural research.

I can guarantee you that my uncle will never reveal the secret of this seed, nor will he have any designs on it.”


Li, Im not worried about that.” Qin Lin hurriedly said, “I just thought that this would be too troublesome for your uncle.”

He really did not know how to deal with this situation.

It hadnt been mentioned in the book hed read about seed cultivation.

It would be nice to have an expert in the field to take a look.

Previously, he had heard Li Qing and the others chatting.

It seemed that Li Qings uncle was in the agricultural research field.

If the other party could come and help take a look, it would be better than him, who was studying tourism.

Li Qing smiled and said, “With my uncles personality, he would definitely be too lazy to come here except to fiddle with the research at the Ming City Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

But Boss Qin, dont worry.

I have a way to bring him over tomorrow and the day after.”

Li Qing had always been a person who did what he said, especially when he promised others.

In the afternoon, he bade farewell to Qin Lin and returned to the Ming City with his wife and wine.

Zhuang Rui left with him.


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