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In the main hall of the villa.

Li Qing and his wife sat by the window with Zhuang Rui, who had stayed behind at noon.

Lin Liu said with a smile, “Hubby, although Youcheng County is small, its really well-equipped.

Moqing brought me to the shopping street in the morning.

There are many people there early in the morning.

The flow of people wont be smaller than some shopping streets in Ming City.”

“Besides, there are all kinds of facilities.

Beauty parlors, manicures, hairdressing, health care, restaurants… I feel like there are many places in Ming City that have everything.”

Li Qing explained, “Dont underestimate these small cities.

Since property prices can rise so high, their spending power is still very strong.”

Master Lin brought people out of the kitchen with the dishes.

At noon, there were Quality 2 wild fish, conch, eel, and broccoli.

This was specially arranged by Qin Lin.

Li Qing had spent a lot of effort helping to mix the original wine in the morning.

Although both parties had agreed on the remuneration of four bottles of silver wine, there were times when friendship could not be simply calculated like this.

When Li Qing saw the dishes served, he said to Zhuang Rui, “President Zhuang, youre lucky today to be able to eat good food on your first visit.”

As he spoke, he had already picked up his chopsticks and started eating a piece of braised eel meat.

After having a few meals with Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen, this braised eel meat was still his favorite.

Lin Liu got a bowl of fish soup and drank it.

The light fish head tofu soup was unbelievably delicious.

This was a womans favorite.

When Zhuang Rui heard Li Qings words, he immediately picked up his chopsticks.

After taking a few bites, he couldnt help but ask, “Young Master Li, is this the Supreme Set meal”


He understood what Li Qing meant.

This thing was surprisingly good.

Although he didnt want to admit it, he had never eaten anything so delicious.

On the other side.

Qin Lin had already arrived at the warehouse with two bottles of wine.

After parking the car, he carried the two bottles of wine and the wine from the winery out of the car and brought them into the game.

Now that he had good wine, he naturally had to soak the wild ginseng and the nine bitter ginseng into medicinal wine.

Qin Lin also saw the notes for the 30-year-old wine and 20-year-old wine:

[Qinglin Wine: Quality 3]

[This is a rich white wine produced by an old wine cellar for decades.

It naturally has a rich and mellow fragrance.

It is an excellent material for brewing medicinal wine.

Rich wine fragrance 3, texture 2.

Drinking it in small amounts has the effect of increasing metabolism 1, and promoting blood circulation 1!]

[Qinglin Wine: Quality 2]

[This is a rich white wine produced by an old wine cellar for decades.

It naturally has a rich and mellow fragrance.

It is an excellent material for brewing medicinal wine.

Rich wine fragrance 2, texture 1.

Drinking it in small amounts has the effect of increasing metabolism 1, and promoting blood circulation 1!]

It seemed that because the winery was owned by Qinglin Villa, the system had silently recognized the two types of wine as Qinglin Wine.

Moreover, the wine of these two years should be the highest quality thing Qin Lin had seen in reality.

Naturally, this quality was only in the rich wine fragrance.

One was 3, and the other was 2.

It was not a special effect.

The wine fragrance attribute was something that some fragrant old wines had.

It was just a matter of strength.

Compared to the special attributes of the medicinal wine, this was another pseudo-high-level attribute.

This Quality 3 and 2 were much lower.

This was thanks to the 60-year-old wine cellar.

The wine produced was already rich in wine fragrance.

After 30 years of precipitation, the wine fragrance was even more charming.

It might even have something to do with the original materials.

Naturally, Li Qing must have contributed to this.

If the original wine was not mixed well, the fragrance of the wine would definitely not be perfectly preserved.

If he and Master Zhang were to do it themselves this time, they might just mix it with any wine or water.

After all, he really did not understand.

Master Zhang clearly did not have such experience.

If it were anyone else, the wine fragrance might not even have 3.

Then this 30-year-old wine would definitely be greatly affected.

As for the texture attribute, it was normal.

The 20-year-old wine had texture 1.

The bulk wine he bought outside would also increase by 1 after more than 10 years.

Now, the 30-year-old one has reached texture 2.

In addition, alcohol of both years had the attribute effect of promoting metabolism 1 and blood circulation 1.

Of course, this was if it was drunk in small amounts.

Wine was good, but dont be greedy!

That was true.

After all, wine could both liven things up and kill people.

From this attribute, he could also understand why the aged wine was so expensive.

After Qin Lin read the information of the two wines, he brought over two containers and poured the wine in.

Then, he took out the wild ginseng and put it into 10 catties of 30-year-old wine.

There was no need to cut open the wild ginseng to brew the wine.

Instead, the overall effect would be better.

With this wild ginseng, the value of this 10-catty 30-year-old wine immediately soared.

If the 30-year-old Qinglin Wine was sold for at least 20,000 yuan like the 30-year-old Maotai, then it would not be sold even if it was multiplied by 50 times.

After all, a 100-year-old ginseng that grew to a catty s in reality was bought by a tycoon for 9 million yuan.

It was unknown how effective it even was.

This was a game product.

The medicinal wine had the effect of nourishing vitality by 3.

It could really save lives.

20,000 yuan per catty for 30 years was only a million yuan.

Rare wild ginseng had an extremely low respawn rate.

It was unknown if this thing could be refreshed again in the future.

It was only a 10-catty treasure.

One million yuan per catty was impossible.

It was not for sale.

He sealed the 10 catties of medicinal wine containers and moved them to a table in the storage room.

This wine already had a rich wine fragrance 3 and had a texture of 2.

When it reached the 100-year level, he wondered what attributes it would have.


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