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“Young Master Li, what are your orders today” President Zhuang asked immediately.

He did not dare to neglect Young Master Li.

Li Qing went straight to the point and said, “President Zhuang, send me a batch of special mixed wine and materials to Youcheng County.

I want about 1,200 catties of raw wine.”

President Zhuang was surprised.

“That many Which winery is Young Master Li in”

Li Qing said directly, “Dont be in a hurry to find out.

It wont affect your business.

Your wine is too inferior.”

“Uh!” President Zhuang was at a loss for words for a moment.

“Young Master Li, can you not be like this My wine is at least the boss of mid-grade wine.

Moreover, theres also a wine that has squeezed into the ranks of high-end wine.”

Li Qing couldnt be bothered to discuss this and continued, “Im at the old wine cellar in Qinglin Villa.

Remember to send the things over quickly.”

Qin Lin smiled when he heard Li Qings words.

Qinglin Villa had an old wine cellar.

It would be good if the news of the aged wine spread through Li Qing.

With Li Qings status, he could give him the best cover.

In the future, if he took out medicinal wine again, the outside world would think that it was from this old wine cellar.

“Qinglin Villa Qinglin Medicine Wine” President Zhuang suddenly raised his voice.

“No wonder Young Master Li said that my wine is too low-grade.

Qinglin Medicine Wine is too high-grade now.

It cant be compared to it.

Im currently at the market for white wine.

Ill go back and arrange for it to be delivered tomorrow morning.”

Li Qing hung up the phone and said to Qin Lin, “This aged wine medicine is mixed with special wine and materials.

Its just that the price is not cheap.

One catty costs more than 300 yuan, and mixing these wines costs at least 200,000 yuan.”

“Yes, Ill settle the bill with the other party then.” Qin Lin nodded.

He didnt care about this at all now.

After all, if he mixed 300 yuan a catty of wine into 30-year-old wine, it would be worth 10,000 yuan.

If he brewed more medicinal wine, it would be worth 100,000 yuan.

“Lets seal this wine back first.” Li Qing looked at the opened wine and said to Master Zhang, “Do you have the sealing material and yellow mud”

“Yes!” Master Zhang nodded hurriedly and went out to prepare.


It took Li Qing some time to reseal the opened wine jars.

When they were done, the three of them left the wine cellar again and sealed the entrance.

When they returned to the villa, Qin Lin was still worried.

He called Chen Dabei and asked him to bring people to guard the winery.

He did not see any security guards during his two visits to the liquor factory.

When the time came, the security guards would have to be arranged.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome if anything happened to a group of teachers.

Also, he wanted the old masters to recruit apprentices and let the apprentices do the heavy work.

Previously, no young people came because the salary was low.

He did not believe that no one would come if he raised the salary.

He did not care how much money the winery could earn in the end.

What he cared about was that the winery could cover for him.

In the future, as long as he did not take out a large amount of wine from the game, no one would pay attention to things that they should not.

Ming City.

In an office in the white wine market, after Zhuang Rui ended the call with Li Qing, he put down his phone and said to the other people in the office, “Im sorry, I have no choice but to answer Young Master Lis call.”

The others were also in the liquor business like him.

They had gathered here today to discuss joining forces to lower the price of a raw material.

The others nodded in understanding when they heard Zhuang Ruis words.

After all, they knew who it was when they heard Young Master Lis name.

Everyone in the wine industry knew about Young Master Li.

The other party was an extraordinary person in the Ming City.

Instead of taking the path of a family, he insisted on studying wine.

Most importantly, he even became famous after researching wine.

In Ming City, those famous old masters were also inferior to Li Shaogan.

He was even famous in the entire Min Province.

If not for the fact that the other party could not do business because of his identity, Young Master Li would probably be able to easily surpass them if he wanted to start a wine business.

He envied Zhuang Rui for being able to interact with him.

One of them asked curiously, “President Zhuang, you mentioned Qinglin Villa just now.

Is Young Master Li related to Qinglin Villa”

The others also looked curiously at Zhuang Rui.

They could not help but pay attention to Qinglin Villa.

The Qinglin Medicine Wine that appeared now was too popular.

Moreover, the moment the Qinglin Medicine Wine appeared, it directly became the top-notch kind.

That level was so high that they couldnt even see the tail of it.

They were all in the wine industry and were in Ming City.

It was difficult for them not to be curious when they heard this name now.

Zhuang Rui explained, “Young Master Li said that hes in the old wine cellar of Qinglin Villa.

It seems that theres another batch of wine in the old wine cellar of Qinglin Villa.

Now, theres a lack of specially mixed wine and materials.

He asked me to send it over.

It seems that Young Master Li is running errands for him.”

That shocked the others.

How could Qinglin Villa let someone like Young Master Li run errands It was really unbelievable.

However, this also meant one thing.

The wine in Qinglin Villa was really good.

Young Master Li did not even bother to look at the wine.


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