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Chen Li and Sun Xian discussed a lot more about the winery.

After Sun Xian left, Chen Li started looking up information about the winery.

If he wanted to convince someone to buy something, he had to be prepared.

He couldnt talk without evidence and expected to trap them with a few words.

Actually, he shouldnt be doing these things as the director of the Tourism Bureau, but recently, more and more such things have inexplicably happened to him.

It wasnt easy on him.

On the other side.

The popularity of the Qinglin Medicine Wine made the tourists in the villa even more enthusiastic.

Moreover, with the actions of the twin sisters, it also meant that the Supreme Set at Qinglin Villa was worth far more than 60,000 yuan.

As Qinglin Medicine Wine alone cost 60,000 yuan, the Qinglin Set meal became even more popular.

Now, other than the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea, no one else would mention the okra when talking about the legendary Qinglin Villa.

Instead, they would talk about the Qinglin Medicine Wine and the Supreme Set meal.

When many people talked about wine or food, they would probably casually mention the Qinglin Medicine Wine and Qinglin Set meal.

In online parlance, that was worthwhile.

This made the tourists more enthusiastic about the lottery than they had been the day before.

The sales center had suffered as tourists tried to make up the number of draws.

The entire afternoon, the sales center was almost in a rush.

By the third day, they would probably have to inform Lin Feng to send more goods over.

In the evening.

While the villa was bustling with activity, Qin Lin carried a few bamboo baskets stacked together into the backyard of the original hall.

Some of those watermelons were ripe again.

They had to be removed.

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Those who had grown watermelons knew that when they were ripe, they would dehydrate if they did not pluck them.

Then they would lack moisture and would taste sandy.

Without moisture and taste, they would rot even faster.

Instead, the watermelon could be stored longer in a cold place.

Many fruit farmers planted watermelons.

For the convenience of transportation, they would pick them when they were about 7 or 8 years ripe.

During the transportation process, the watermelons would continue to ripen.

When they arrived at their destination, they would sell them.

Actually, many farmers did not know about this scientific principle, but it was passed down by word of mouth.

Qin Lin entered the courtyard and looked at the artificial water field as usual.

There was still no movement.

After all, this was his first attempt at cultivation.

Before this repeated experiment was successful, he really didnt know if his method of cultivation was wrong or if he didnt trigger the probability of the mutated Xiangshui Tribute Rice seeds adapting to the environment.

“Ill try the intra-chamber cultivation method later.” Qin Lin had seen more than one Southern rice cultivation method.

Since this one had never produced any results, he would try another one.

He carried the basket to the watermelons and separated the stacked bamboo baskets.

Then, he gently knocked on the watermelons one by one.

The ripe ones were immediately plucked and placed in the basket.

His watermelon had no transportation problems, so it could be picked when it was ripe.

Qin Lin plucked a few and the first bamboo basket was almost full.

He was about to take the second bamboo basket when a few people walked in.

It was Chen Shengfei, Ma Liewen, Li Qing, Ma Liewens wife, Chu Qing, and Li Qings wife, Lin Liu.

There was another woman that he had not seen before.

In this situation, she should be Chen Shengfeis wife.

When Chen Shengfei saw Qin Lin, he said, “Boss Qin, I heard movement inside.

Its really you.

Otherwise, I would have called you if there was no one in the hall.”

The group naturally came to this villa for the Supreme Set meal.

The assistant and secretary sent by Chen Shengfei and Ma Liewen had already bought two slots yesterday, and today, they had also bought another slot.

This added up to three slots.

Both of them knew that the Qinglin Medicine Wine was magical, so they naturally made arrangements.

They were in a hurry to come over today.

Coincidentally, there was a place to stay, so they treated it as a vacation.


Chen, youre here.” Qin Lin put the watermelon in his hand into the basket and greeted Chen Shengfei and the others.

At this moment, Chen Shengfei and the others also saw the watermelons inside and the spreading green melon vines.

Chen Shengfei said in surprise, “Boss Qin, are these watermelons planted outside like this”

Although he was not a farmer and did not know how to grow watermelons, he still had common sense and knew that this was not the season to grow watermelons.

The watermelon seeds would not even germinate if they were not in the greenhouse in winter.

Now that it was winter, not only was Boss Qins watermelons alive and well, but they were also growing very well.

It seemed like these watermelons had ripened.

Ma Liewen and the others also stepped forward curiously to pick up the watermelon or pat it, as if to make sure it was real.

Planting melons like this in the middle of winter was also strange news to them.

Li Qing asked curiously, “Boss Qin, what kind of watermelon is this I dont think Ive heard of such live watermelons being planted in winter.”

Once the watermelon seeds of the game were cultivated, they would be released sooner or later.

Li Qings problem was unavoidable.

Qin Lin smiled and said the reason he had already made up, “I dont know what breed it is.

I accidentally found some watermelon seeds germinating in the old field in the winter.

The watermelons planted are especially delicious.”

“Youve eaten those watermelons too, those of special quality.

There arent too many of them.

Im trying to cultivate seeds in the greenhouse over there.

If I dont cultivate these seeds, these special varieties of melons will be extinct in the future.”

There were actually loopholes in this lie.

The simplest one was that his villa still had Quality 2 strawberries and okra.


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