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As noon approached, another tourist won a prize.

This was the third tourist to win the next day.

They were a beautiful pair of twin sisters.

The sisters were wearing identical white coats and blue jeans.

If one wasnt familiar with them, one probably wouldnt recognize who was older.

“Ah Sha, we won.

We actually won.”

“Ah Jiao, praise my luck!”

When the sisters won the prize, they held hands and skipped excitedly.

This youthful and beautiful scenery attracted the envy of the surrounding tourists.

Many tourists even thought of the effects of the medicinal wine.

If they could drink that medicinal wine and have the company of these sisters, they would be the ones enjoying themselves.

While the sisters were feeling happy, a young man in a suit immediately ran over.

“Ladies, do you want to sell your winning spot My boss is willing to buy it.”

The sisters looked at each other when they heard that.

One of them clearly wanted to sell.

After all, compared to food, 60,000 yuan could buy them a lot of clothes and jewelry.

They were not men, and they did not have a boyfriend or a husband.

That medicinal wine was not attractive to them.

However, the other person looked at the young man and said, “Were not selling the Supreme Set.

However, if your boss wants to buy the medicinal wine, Im willing to sell it to him for 60,000 yuan.”

“” The young man in the suit.

“” The tourists.

Everyone was stunned.

No one had expected such a thing, right

The key was that no one could be sure that those rich people had bought the winning spot for the sake of medicinal wine.

It was just whatKnife Beating People said.

After all, there was the Xiangshui Tribute Rice.

It seemed unreal that something so divine had suddenly become the foil for this medicinal wine.

This girl had clearly watched the video and believed that those rich people wanted to buy the spot for the Qinglin Medicine Wine.

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Seeing this, the young man in the suit could only take out his phone and call his boss.

“Chairman Zhao, the other party doesnt want to sell the Supreme Set Meal.

Shes only willing to sell the wine… Yes, its still 60,000 yuan… Okay, okay…”

The man in the suit hung up and immediately said to the twin sisters, “Our boss has agreed to pay 60,000 yuan for the wine.”

“Yay!” the girls shouted excitedly.

Now, they could sell the wine for money and also enjoy a set meal.

The tourists who saw this scene were in an uproar.

Was it really just for medicinal wine

It seemed that the video had not been exaggerated.

Perhaps the medicinal wine was really that magical.

For a moment, the tourists were already discussing Qinglin Medicine Wine.

Even the news was quickly spread online.

In the afternoon, more and more people on the Internet learned that those rich people had bought the winning spot in Qinglin Villa for the medicinal wine.

The topic of the 60,000 yuan Supreme Set meal gradually turned to 60,000 yuan for a bottle of wine.

How many bottles of 60,000 yuan a bottle were there in the country Only aged wines like Moutai.

However, that wine did not have the same effect as the medicinal wine in Qinglin Villa.

Everyone knew that medicinal wine with real effects was usually rarer than pure white wine.

The most important thing was the hard value of supply and demand.

Those rich people were fighting to buy this Qinglin Medicine Wine, which meant that it was really worth so much money.

As word spread, the price might quickly increase again.

In a short period of time, the Qinglin Medicine Wine seemed to have become a god and entered the ranks of famous wines.

The county.

The Tourism Bureau had been following the news from Qinglin Villa.

Today, Nine Clouds Mountain and the Zhizi Cultural Garden were still holding a ticketing event with the Qinglin Villa.

The two scenic spots had diverted more than 1,500 people yesterday.

They should be able to maintain this number today.

Moreover, the people who came to Qinglin Villa had almost filled up some of the snack bars yesterday.

There were a few snack bars with specialties and old skills that were almost filled to the brim.

They were even promoted and became famous among the tourists of Qinglin Villa.

After Chen Li found out about this situation, he had a thought.

Should he set up a snack street and place it on an old street that led out of the city to Qinglin Villa

In fact, the county had always wanted to redevelop this old street, but they didnt know which way to go.

After all, there were already two shopping streets, and the market street wasnt worthwhile anymore.

Now, there was a clear path in front of him—a snack street.

After he told Sun Xian about this suggestion, Sun Xian immediately asked him to write a plan report.

Chen Li was looking at the blueprint of the old street when he saw Sun Xian walking in.

This made him hurriedly get up.

“Sun Xian, why are you here Just call if you need anything.

Ill go up to your office.”

Sun Xian waved his hand and said, “Dont do that.

I have something to discuss with you.

Another product in Qinglin Villa has become popular.”

“What did Boss Qin do this time” Chen Li asked curiously.

Sun Xian said, “Its a kind of medicinal wine.

Theres already a discussion online, and its on the verge of becoming popular.

Or rather, that medicinal wine has instantly become famous.”

Chen Li curiously took out his phone and went online to search for the trending topic regarding the medicinal wine in Qinglin Villa.

A moment later, he was shocked.

“Oh my god, a bottle of medicinal wine costs 60,000 yuan I think even Maotai, which is more than 200 years old, only costs this much!”

Sun Xian nodded and said, “This price is indeed very exaggerated, but the key is that the rich people in Ming City acknowledge this price.

This also means that this wine is worth so much money.

Then this wine is a famous wine.”

Chen Li frowned and said, “But there shouldnt be much of this wine.

Perhaps Boss Qin bought some from somewhere else because he was doing an event and discussing with the other party to get the packaging of Qinglin Villa.

After all, Boss Qin has never taken it out before.”

Sun Xian smiled and said, “Chief Chen, is this important Now that the name Qinglin Medicine Wine has become famous, even if Boss Qin doesnt have this medicinal wine anymore, or if this wine was only bought from elsewhere, the name Qinglin Medicine Wine will still have a lot of influence for a period of time.”

Chen Li seemed to understand.

“Sun Xian, you mean the liquor factory in the county.”

Sun Xian nodded and said, “As you know, the wine brewed by the dozen or so old masters in the winery is actually very good.

Its a pity that its half-dead now.”

Chen Li immediately said, “Ill talk to Boss Qin tomorrow.”

Although the wine factory was not big, the wine brewed was indeed good.

The county would also use that wine as a gift during festivals.

Unfortunately, the market was focused on publicity and brand effects now, and there were no management talents in the county who knew about this.

The wine factorys wine was not as good as the old wine from the town below.

They could only make ends meet.

The key was that the craftsmanship of the dozen or so old masters was troublesome.

The salary was not high and was not equal.

Young people could not bear the hardship.

He was afraid that this old skill would be gone soon.

Besides, it would be a pity to lose the decades-old wine cellar.

If Boss Qin could make a move, with the Qinglin Medicine Wine, he could at least have a Qinglin Medicine Wine, right

As long as he had this reputation and could sell it, the wine would not disappoint.

Thinking about this, Chen Li sighed.

The county was becoming more and more reliant on Boss Qin.

For a small city seeking development, it was really lucky to have such a person.


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