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In Qin Lins office.

When the last prize winner was born, Gao Yaoyao came in to report.

“Boss, the information of all the winners has been registered.

You can see their identity information backstage.”

Qin Lin turned on his computer and logged into the villas backstage program.

He saw seven winning IDs.

The names, IDs, and contact details were complete.

Four of the seven spots were familiar.

Chen Shengfei: 2

Ma Liewen: 2

Both of them had bought two winning places on the first day.

There was also another tycoon in the Ming City, Liu Yi, who had previously said that he wanted to buy the spot.

This person had also bought it twice.

It seemed that the people who bought the winning spot from the tourists today were sent by these three people.

The last person was called Wang Yang.

He had never heard of him.

Gao Yaoyao said, “Today, six tourists sold their winning tickets.

Only the last one called Wang Yang didnt choose to sell.

When he registered just now, he even asked when he could eat this Supreme Set.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he said, “Inform everyone who registered.

If they win during the event, they can eat at any time.

As long as they go to the service area to register, our villa will arrange it immediately.”

After thinking for a moment, he continued, “Also, inform Mr.

Chen and the other rich people that other than the time of this event, if they want to save their winning spots for the future, they have to ask us in advance if we have the materials.

If we dont, we have to wait until we have the materials.”

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‘It means that no matter how many times they buy it, Ill make it for them during the event.

If they want to save it for later, theyll have to wait until I have the materials.

Actually, there were plenty of materials.

These rich people could come at any time.

In fact, he had already gone to the kitchen to prepare the ringing water tribute rice, snails, buttercup, and wild goods that he needed to win this time.

The Xiangshui Tribute Rice could be stored for three months.

It could be kept for a long time even if it was not cooked.

He did not have to bring anything else for three months.

Master Lin could keep these things safe.

However, there were still 14 winning tickets in two days.

Who knew how many times these rich people would buy them

This kind of notice could show that this material was difficult to obtain.

After all, it was not easy to get the Xiangshui Tribute Rice outside.

Moreover, this could express another meaning.

Their villa could still get some from time to time.

After all, they had to have style.

“Okay, Boss!” Gao Yaoyao nodded and went back to the general management office.

She had her own office in the general management office, and a computer.

The villas application program and her supervisor account also had some authority.

After logging in, she called up the registration information, picked up the office phone, and called them one by one.

She would only be at ease if she personally informed them of this.

Qin Lin locked the office door and entered the game.

He had to fill the antique bronze bottle with wine first.

He had to take out a portion first.

The sun was about to completely disappear into the forest.

Wang Yang had already brought his female companion to the bridal chamber and found Room 110.

Initially, he did not manage to book a room.

The netizens were too fast.

But now, not only had he won the prize, but he had also accidentally discovered tourists who had booked a room and could not check out in time.

He decisively booked a room.

When luck came, nothing could stop it.

His thoughts were extremely clear now.

He was just waiting to eat the Supreme Set meal.

They found room 110 and went inside.

In front of the bridal chamber was a small courtyard with a set of tables and chairs.

There were also barbecue tools and a stove to cook independently.

The bridal chamber was not large, but it was fully equipped and decorated warmly.

It was very comfortable to look at.

Separated by a glass door at the back, the interior was the bathroom.

The key bathroom also had a bathtub, which was very nice.

“Its quite big and can fit two people,” Wang Yang said to his female companion with a smile.

When he looked at his female companion again, his mood was different from last night.

Initially, everyone was just playing in the nightclub.

However, when he heard the other party say that she had a husband, it was more or less a little exciting.

“Brother Yang, what do you think about me divorcing him” The girl had mixed feelings now.

She asked tentatively, “Although he earns a lot in a month and gives a lot of pocket money, he cant accompany me on business trips.

Besides, he doesnt exercise.”

How could Wang Yang not tell that the other party was testing him Who asked him to say something he shouldnt have just now He could only laugh and say, “Baby, dont think that way.

How good is it to have such a husband He loves you, gives you money to spend, and can even give you freedom.

Many girls are envious of you, okay Live well with him.”

“…” The girl rolled her eyes at him.

Men who played in nightclubs were indeed unreliable.

At this moment.

His cell phone rang.

When he answered the call, a pleasant female voice came from the other end.

“Hello, Mr.


Im Gao Yaoyao, the service supervisor of Qinglin Villa.

Youve already received the Supreme Set in our villa.

You can let us prepare it for you anytime.”

Wang Yangs eyes lit up.

“Anytime Then can I have this Supreme Set for dinner”

Another voice came from the other end.

“Of course, sir.

You can register at the special service office in our villa lobby now.

Well make arrangements for you immediately.”


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