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[Please select the style of bottle you want to process]

[You can also use blueprints for related processing.]

There were the same two options.

One could use the style in the game or use blueprints to process it.

Qin Lin naturally did not choose the blueprint.

He couldnt just look up a bottle design on the Internet, could he

Those were all used by others.

It would be a little embarrassing if he was discovered after stealing their pictures.

Unless he hired someone to design a wine bottle blueprint especially for him.

However, that would take time.

He would see what the style of this game was like first.

If the game design was too lousy, it would be urgent to find someone to design a wine bottle blueprint.

He clicked on a few game-style wine bottles and used the games 2D cartoon.

It wasnt very intuitive, but the last design caught his attention.

The style was a vintage bottle.

The mouth of the bottle slowly expanded downwards.

The key was that the entire bottle was engraved with landscape paintings.

It looked very stylish.

And the bottle was exactly what he needed.

Qin Lin immediately chose this bottle.

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[Please select bottle size]

There were three options: big, medium, and small.

Qin Lin directly chose the medium bottle.

This time, the reward for the Supreme Set was a catty of Qinglin Medicine Wine.

The year naturally couldnt be the highest.

At most, he took the second batch of wine that was put into the game.

It was about 10 years old now.

After all, it was a set meal worth 60,000 yuan.

He could not take the new wine that he had just put in.

After selecting the size, a medium-sized transparent bottle appeared in the game.

It should be processed in this bottle.

When the time came, the materials would be wrapped outside.

[Please select the materials for processing!]

This request for materials was not surprising.

That version of Olive Towns processor required the corresponding materials to process anything.

On the other hand, his new version did not have any specific requirements for the materials used.

It was more open and casual.

Qin Lin opened his game backpack.

There were water bottles, fishing rods, and other items inside.

There were also two pieces of gold, silver, and copper ore each.

They were all left behind for emergencies.

He tried clicking on the watering can.

Nothing happened.

Random clicking was clearly not an option.

Then he clicked on another gold ore.

The gold ore immediately jumped into the lattice of materials used to forge the bottle.

Processing bottles with gold ore apparently worked.

Was he going to learn from Denmarks most expensive vodka bottle Was it going to be made of gold and inlaid with diamonds

Gold ores could be made, but there were not enough of them.

Qin Lin tapped the silver ore again.

The silver ore jumped back into the lattice of forging materials.

Apparently it was also usable.

Finally, he continued to click on the copper.

The copper ore also jumped into the forging material grid.

It was also usable.

Gold, silver and copper

This gave him a strange idea.

This seemed to be able to be divided into three grades of wine bottles.

In the future, he could contain medicinal wine of different years.

Copper was the lowest grade.

Silver was higher.

Gold was the highest.

Copper grades were normally taken out.

For example, the prizes won this time were in copper bottles.

Silver bottles could only be obtained by people like Chen Shengfei and Li Qing.

As for gold, he would make it a legend.

In the future, when the medicinal wine was 100 years old, he would occasionally put it out and show it off.

If an outsider really wanted to get this level of wine, in addition to having a lot of money to buy it, they had to have a relationship with him.

More importantly, it depended on his mood.

Qin Lin felt that this idea was definitely not bad.

Wasnt there a company that specialized in making and selling antique silver and copper wine bottles

That kind of mastered flat silver hand bottle was still popular.

However, it was impossible to imitate ancient copper wine bottles with brass and the like.

Only a small number of copper types could be molded steadily.

The only question was what kind of bottle this games processor produced.

It was not enough to forge a one-catty bottle with two copper ores.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to go to the third floor of the Spring Mine to mine.

Although special ores and special items could only be obtained from digging the first time and would not be repeated the second time, gold, silver, and copper ores were considered ordinary ores.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to take out his tools and start mining.

He sold all the gold and silver ores, leaving only the copper ore.

After some time, he dug a bag of copper ore and headed to the machine experience center.

He went to the bottle processor again and chose the vintage one-catty bottle.

Then he used the copper ore to process it.

The copper ores looked like a grid of materials.

When the buttons lit up, it meant that there were enough materials.

He directly clicked confirm.

[Please select the characters you want to leave blank!]

Typing notes appeared in the game in his mind.

Qin Lin typed out theQinglin Medicine Wine and then clicked to forge it.

A moment later, the game prompt appeared:

[Congratulations on processing an imitation of an ancient bronze wine bottle (Quality 1)!]

Qin Lin was delighted when he saw the notification.

This Quality 1 processor could really create a Quality 1 bottle.

The key was the bronze bottle.

As long as it wasnt brass or anything like that.

Bronze was one of the copper materials suitable for making wine bottles.

Qin Lin put the bronze bottle into his backpack and chose the retro style again.

After some time, the copper ores he dug up in his backpack became three imitation ancient bronze wine bottles, and they were all Quality 1.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to return to the ranch.

With a thought, he entered the game and saw three bronze wine bottles.


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