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Chen Xiao noticed the strange gazes of his husband, son, and daughter-in-law and asked in confusion, “Why are you looking at me like that”

Zhao Xianhong did not think that his wife did not know anything.

He handed her the phone and looked at it.

After all, he did not know the actual situation of the rice either.

However, Chen Xiaos face turned red when she saw the contents of the phone.

They could not buy this rice at all.

Fortunately, she had only said that in front of her family.

It would be so embarrassing if there were outsiders.

She returned the phone as if nothing had happened and immediately changed the topic to praise Qin Lin.

“Qin Lin is really capable now.

The villa is doing well.

Its all thanks to him that we can eat such rice…”

When Lin Fen heard Chen Xiao praise her son, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Her in-law did not blame her son for what he had done.

She immediately praised Zhao Moqing.

“Xiao Lin is a brat.

Its his blessing to be able to marry such a gentle and virtuous girl like our Moqing.”

Chen Xiao shook his head and said, “My daughter isnt as good as you say.

Shes very delicate.

Qin Lin is still the best…”

Lin Fen also shook her head and said, “No, there are really too few good girls like Moqing now…”

Zhao Moyun and Li Jiawen looked at each other.

To be honest, the two of them were a little envious.

When they were engaged, the parents of both parties didnt praise each other like this.

Zhao Moqing came out with the wild fish head soup.

When he heard Chen Xiao and Lin Fens words, he was delighted.

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What woman didnt want her mother-in-law and mother to get along The two families were harmonious.

After putting down the fish head soup, she said to Qin Lin, “Help me serve the dishes.”

“Okay!” Qin Lin entered the kitchen together.

Lin Fen picked up an empty bowl and gave Chen Xiao a bowl of fish soup and a piece of tender meat.

“In-law, try this fish soup.

Its a wild big product and is usually very rare.”

Zhao Moyun and Li Jiawen had been to the villa and seen the big fish in the hall.

They also knew that this kind of big fish cost 280 yuan per catty.

The key was that it really cost 280 yuan per catty.

It was really impossible to buy it outside.

Therefore, after the three elders got a bowl of fish soup, the couple quickly got a bowl for themselves.

They had just swallowed it when they could not help but continue taking a second mouthful.

It was a classic!

It was indeed a big item that they could not buy even if they wanted to.

Chen Xiao and Zhao Xianhong were also shocked.

People in their teens usually only ate home-cooked food or went to restaurants or banquets.

They had never eaten such delicious fish.

Or maybe they hadnt even thought about fish being this good.

They used to hear about delicacies.

This was probably it, wasnt it

Soon the big wild salmon cargo was brought out.

After the meal, everyone felt comfortable all over.

As time passed, the fish meat was digested in their bodies, and there was a warm current flowing in their bodies.

It was very comfortable.

“Not only is this fish delicious, but did you also put in some medicinal herbs” Zhao Moyun couldnt help but ask.

The feeling of comfort was indescribable.

Li Jiawen also held Zhao Moqings arm and said enviously, “Moqing, Im so envious of you.

In the future, Ill always be able to eat such delicious food.

Ive decided to come to your house often to freeload.

You cant despise me.”

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The first time the two sides met for dinner was very pleasant.

After that, Zhao Moqing was responsible for sending the family back to the East District.

Qin Lin prepared 5 catties of Xiangshui Tribute Rice and two wild goods for Zhao Moyun to bring back.

He didnt give too much for fear of startling Zhao Moqings family.

When they arrived at the East District, Zhao Moqing stopped the car and said, “Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law, I wont go up with you.

Qinglin Villa is going to launch a new product tomorrow.

We still have to organize the sales center and promote the new product in the afternoon.

Ill go back and fetch him to the villa.”

Chen Xiao said with a smile, “Okay, go ahead and get busy.

Also, dont throw a tantrum with Qin Lin.

Where can you find such a good son-in-law”

“Yes, Mom, I know,” Zhao Moqing replied sweetly.

Now, she finally didnt have to listen to her mother telling her to guard against Qin Lin.

It was too awesome.

Chen Xiao also let her son and husband carry the rice and two wild goods upstairs.

When she arrived at the door, she saw a neighbor coming down.

“Chen Xiao, did you guys come back from outside What a big fish.

Is this wild”

Chen Xiao smiled and said, “Yes, theyre all wild!”

The neighbor was surprised.

“Its amazing how big a wild fish is.

You cant get it outside, can you Where did you get it”

Chen Xiao said proudly, “Of course not.

This is from my son-in-law.”

“Son-in-law” The neighbor asked in confusion, “Is Moqing married I didnt see any news from your family!”

Chen Xiao hurriedly explained, “Theyre not like us.

They registered their marriage first and found a chance to get married later.

By the way, the recently popular Qinglin Villa is owned by my son-in-law.”

Zhao Moyun and Li Jiawen watched from the side as Chen Xiao suddenly became a show-off.

Who would have thought that they had to guard against Qin Lin before this If Moqing came home a little later, Chen Xiao would call her, afraid that the two of them would mess around.

From the looks of it, Chen Xiao probably couldnt wait for the two of them to mess around now.

After Zhao Moqing picked up Qin Lin, he did not go straight to the villa.

Instead, he went to the largest car shop.

He planned to order a car first and take a look at the house when he had time.

Both parents had met, and the house and car should be ready.

There werent any 4S stores in Youcheng County, and the car dealerships were all integrated services, but he could order any car.

They would run the 4S store for you and pull the car to Youcheng County.


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