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Magic Academy [Part 3]


My basic physical strength has increased a lot, so I can be an adult for a longer period of time, but I still have to avoid the perverts until I can fight for about 10 days straight while protecting Maia and the other servants.


Well, we finally arrived at the Magic Academy.


There are many new students dressed in brand-new uniforms just like me.

I am still small, even though I have grown up.


If the others look like they were in the 4th~5th grade, I only have the size of a 3rd grader. 


Five years ago, I was the size of a 4-year-old child, so I thought I had grown a lot, but it would appear that half-elves were slower to grow.


…How many more years would it take for me to regain my full strength


“Well, then, don’t embarrass yourself too much!”


Dirk moved away while saying that.

What Did he leave me alone Okay, but please find yourself a wife as soon as possible.

Didn’t you have a fiancée in the game


At any rate, as I walked in the direction of the new students, I was met with a number of stares.


First they were surprised at how small I was, then they noticed my long ears and frowned or looked at me strangely.


There were noble children from outside the Royal Capital as well, and aside from the upper and middle-class nobles, the lower-class nobles from the countryside may not have as much prejudice against the subhuman.


In the future, I became the [hated] young lady of the school, but the future could always change.

If I stay mature here, I could at least get rid of my image a little, couldn’t I




I found a gathering of boys among the new students.


I wonder what was in there Could it be a class assignment I took a quick peek to see what was there…




Oh, no.

I saw a fluffy blonde-haired person among all the sparkling effects.


I had avoided her for a long time, but I knew she was here… Alice.


She was the heroine of Otome Game, of course….


And her cronies, who used to be all low and middle-class spirits, had now grown up to be several high-class spirits.


Even if I dumped her in an Orc nest, she would probably come back fine and annihilate them all.


I must not get involved with her.

I should get away from her as fast as I can.


“Ahhhhh, this school has elf kids too!”


I was involved.


“Wow, I didn’t think there were elves here.

Me and… kya!”


Perhaps because I was a rarity, Alice, who had abandoned the others and rushed over to me, somehow slipped and fell on the empty ground.


[Alice-chan, are you okay]


Several boys ran up to her.

A cute little boy among them, who looked a bit young, rushed over to her and offered her a handkerchief, and Alice smiled cutely with a blooming smile.


“Wow, thank you, but I can’t use such a beautiful handkerchief because it will get dirty.

But I’m glad you feel that way! It’s nice to be kind.”


“Oh, umm…”


The boy’s face turned bright red as he smiled at Alice, who was wiping mud from her knees with her bare hands.


He was a bit of a fool, but I thought it was acceptable.


“Oh, Elf-san, wait! I know a dark-haired elf like you.

I’d like to have a little chat with you.”


Saying this, Alice held out her hand for me to shake.


Muddy hands….


“…Your hands are dirty.”


“Eh Oh, it’s okay.

I grew up downtown, so I don’t mind!”


Saying that, she grabbed my hand a little forcefully.


“[Water Ball]”


The 1st class water magic [Water Ball], whose power was reduced to the point of not causing damage, explodes in Alice’s and my hands, washing away the mud cleanly.


It was self-destructive.

We both got covered in water for quite a while, and that was how I became a [hated young lady] on my first day at the school.


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