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[Setting and Characters – Part 1]


[World Setting]


A game world was a place where a person who could see beyond the other worlds and was also a game creator could make a game with a setting that closely resembled the events of the other worlds.


Although the original world was very similar to the game, it was referred to as a “Game World,” despite the fact that it was a real world, not a fictitious one.


The VRMMORPG and Otome Game took place in the same world, but on different continents.

The settings of both games were similar from the source, and both settings remained valid in reality, unless they were original things made up by the game creators.


Both games were based from a future-view of another world, and the future could change at any time, just as the game’s route would change depending on the actions of the protagonist.


The Otome Game took place in the Kingdom of Caenista, where the heroine and two villainesses turned 10 years old, at the time of their entrance into the Magic Academy.


[Main Characters]


-[Black Lily] Carol Nym Arceides 




Race: Half Elf


She was reborn as a “villainess” in an Otome game with the power of a VRMMO player character after a misunderstanding with God that resulted in a variety of bugs.


She remained physically young, but by wearing a set of VRMMO equipment, she could temporarily take on the form of her player character.


It could be that Carol was not reincarnated as “the villainess Carol who appeared in the game,” but was instead a future-version of Carol herself.


In the Otome game, Carol was born as a subhuman-an “Abominable Child” – from the perspective of a nobleman who believed in the supremacy of humanity, and although she began with a negative likability rating towards most nobles, she fought back without attempting to dispel it, making her even more recognizable as an “Unlikable Daughter.”


Player Character.


She was 160 cm tall.

When equipped with heels, she stood at 165 cm.


Straight, lustrous black hair that goes down to her chest.

Originally, the hair color of half-elves was a mixture of various dark colors, but in the game’s settings, it was set to a solid black.


Her eyes were golden.

Her skin color was based on Caucasian, with a little yellow added according to her taste.


Level 95 Basic HP 340 MP 520


-[Silver Rose] Flare Mercury Prata




Race: Human


A true villainess.

She was known for her beauty, with her magnificent silver hair and jewel-like blue eyes.


She was protected by a great spirit of fire, and her character was harsh.

She does not retreat, does not flatter, and does not care.

What she did was supreme, and although she was a villainess, she was not bound by the framework of good or evil.


Although she was a duchess, she was more like an Empress than any other member of the royal family, a true ruler.

She was the embodiment of a fairy-tale Demon King.

Anyone would fear her as an enemy, but even as an ally, she would be feared.


She and the heroine got along like water and oil.

Neither of them understands the other’s inner life or actions.


Although she and Carol were not friends, they acknowledged each other to a certain extent and had a sense of camaraderie, but they would not hesitate to eliminate each other if they got in each other’s way.


-[The Beloved Child of the Spirits] Alice Lannon




Race: Human


The heroine of the Otome Game.

She has fluffy golden hair and gentle jade green eyes.


She was always cheerful, healthy, and energetic, and was popular with everyone.

With her cute appearance and cheerful personality, she naturally attracted the Capture Targets and any Male person without restraint.


Despite her pretty appearance, she was a shrewd and tough person on the inside, and she often misleads Males by unintentionally using kind words to her own advantage.

Therefore, she was not well received by Females.


She was loved by many spirits, and they protected Alice, who attracts them unconsciously regardless of attributes, although her innocence could also be considered as a good-natured or childish attitude.


She was discovered to be a beloved child of the spirits, and at the age of ten, she was admitted to a nobles-only magic academy, where she became involved with numerous Capture Targets.


Her personality was optimistic, and she interpreted everything that happened in the world in a positive way.


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