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“I found them.”


As I headed in that direction, I came across dozens of cloaked men and warriors, including Harry, fighting to protect the women and children.


“–Why did they attack us!”


“You Daemons are not welcome in the land of our noble people.

You will die here, but you can rest assured that your women will be used as slaves.”


“Damned you…”


“[Acid Cloud]”




I apply an opening of [Acid Cloud] to stop the humans from moving, holding back so as not to get the Daemons involved.

Then I hit [Fire Ball] to those who were outside the range of the Acid Cloud to get in between the humans and the Daemons.




“What, What the”


“Daemons’ reinforcements!”


“Sh*t! Fall back! Fall back!”


What They retreated so quickly, didn’t they I expected it to be difficult because there were so many of them, but it appeared that the recent slave hunters were very well organized.

They were wearing pretty good-looking armor.


“Oh, you are here, Witch!”


“We’ll talk later.

Let’s move first.”


“Oh, oh, I’m sorry.

I’ll take you to the elders.”


Thus, the attackers were quickly dispatched.

He appeared to be well-prepared, but who was he


But when I took a closer look, I noticed that there were quite a few wounded people.

A child was bleeding from the head and a warrior who had lost his arm.


I had a feeling that if I left the situation as it was, not only would they have problems moving, but some of them would probably be dying by morning.


“Elder, gather the wounded.”


“Witch-sama, that’s…”


“Just do it!”


“I, I understand.”


After rushing the villagers to gather the injured in one place, I utter a certain [Command] while calculating my remaining magic power consumption.


“Setup [Saint Cloche] all.”


At the sound of my voice, the bright red Witch Dress was replaced by a pure white Chinese Dress, and the Daemons stared at me.


The third of the three charged Equipment Set, the last one, the Saint’s Armor set–Saint Cloche.


I prepared the long staff dedicated to Saint Cloche with both hands and put my magical power into the staff.


“–[Extra Heal]–“


This was the only unlocked 8th Class magic that I currently have, Extra Heal.


This had a massive impact.

Except for death, it heals all injuries and abnormalities perfectly.

Still, it was a difficult magic to use, not only because it consumed a lot of MP, but also because its area of effect was so limited.

It couldn’t heal unless the injured person was within 2 meters, and it was unable to tell the difference between friend and foe.


Saint Cloche and its Wand specialized in reducing MP consumption and expanding the spell’s area of effect, and only offers recovery and defense.


The Daemons were astonished as the magical light spread out and enveloped all the injured.


“–This girl’s consciousness has returned!”


“Oh, my arm is back!


“It’s healed!”


“Ooooh, this is…”




That was good.

I forced a small smile on my face, and I noticed the change in the Daemons’ eyes.




I met up with the surviving Daemons.

Since it was too dangerous to go back to the village, we decided to continue our half-day trip to the place where the original village was located.


Everyone seemed to have regained their strength and were upbeat.


This village was ravaged by me and the orcs, and there were orc corpses everywhere, but they had to bear with it for now.


I didn’t get a good look at the village before we arrived, but there are many old facilities.

Furthermore, there are large buildings that give the encampment the appearance of a town rather than a village.


“Oh, Witch-sama, how can I help you”


“Oh, Elder.

I was just wondering how old the buildings are.”


“Yes, well… This place was once a Daemon trading post that operated until about 500 years ago, and some buildings are still around.”




Isn’t this the land that the Daemons invaded about a hundred years ago in a war




There was something else I didn’t get.

Is it possible that the history I know is incorrect


Well, I’ll look into that later, but I hope it won’t cause more trouble.


I heard that two squadrons of knights on a training exercise met a terrible enemy in the area and suffered a lot of damage.

I wonder what the terrible enemy was.


What happened The Knights of the Royal Capital were affected, so I should take precautions.


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