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Aristocratic Boys [Part 1]


The storm had passed.

Really, again, I didn’t need these death flags.


Flare in the Otome Game was intense, but she was even more intense in reality.

She was only five years old.

Five years old, mind you.

I wonder what would happen to her when she entered the magic academy


By then, I would need to unlock as many spells as possible and raise my basic physical strength as well.


As long as I could increase my base strength – to be precise, to the point where I’m strong enough to battle 100 or so knights in the capital, I didn’t know how strong I’d be.

I wouldn’t blame Flare or Dirk, but I’d like to avoid encountering other capture targets or anything like that (seriously).


“Carol Ojou-sama, would you like to take a walk in the garden for a change of pace”




Should I take a walk to take advantage of Maia’s kindness in taking care of me


“Well then, young lady, let us hold hands!”




I didn’t have to hold hands with her, but she insisted on holding my hand.

She also stayed by my side when I read books, and the skinship was getting more and more intense year by year, but it was too much trouble to persuade her to stop, so I begrudgingly held her hand quietly.


I was probably just a bit distracted after Flare’s arrival departure, which came and went like a hurricane.


Don’t tell me――


“Oh, are you the Bunny-Chan my sister told me about I see, you’re a lovely girl.”




I had no idea that after Flare left, the Duke’s heir apparent who came with him was still there.


“Carol! Why did you come out of your room! A subhuman like you should never be seen by other nobles!”


No, I have already met Flare, big brother.


“Well, well, Dirk, don’t scold Bunny-chan so much.

I’m the one who wanted to tour the gardens.”


The beautiful boy with silver hair and blue eyes, similar to Flare’s, smiles so kindly that it is hard to believe that he and Flare are brother and sister, and bows gracefully.


“Hello again, Bunny-chan, I am Cashmere Flute Prata, nice to meet you.”


“…I’m Carol.”


Could it be that this man was a ‘decent’ person, which is rare for an aristocrat


“Hmph, subhumans can’t even greet properly.

I guess I shouldn’t let her out of the house after all.”


Dirk was behaving obnoxious as usual.


“Well, that’s okay.

It’s much better than my sister, who comes to stab me when I greet her absent-mindedly.

My butler got stabbed the other day, and it was a bloody mess.”


Flare was also being Flare as usual.


“And I originally came here to talk to you about Flare because you have a sister who is the same age as mine, and I’d like to talk to Bunny-chan about it.”


“…Tsk, I suppose it can’t be helped.”




But still, Dirk and Cashmere seem to get along very well.

Perhaps they had a good time talking about his no-good sister


Then, regardless of my consent, it became a tea party with me included.

“Cashmere, please get the heck out of here”, I thought to myself.


“Well, my sister, who was supposed to arrive in the carriage with me, has hastily departed in a different carriage by herself.”




That Flare, seriously…


Cashmere and his guards were getting ready to ride in another carriage departing from our house, so they were free until the carriage was ready.


“Bunny-chan is so cute compared to my Flare.

Would you like to be my adopted sister”


“Hmph, I’m not letting her out.

She’s staying with me all the time.”




For some reason, I have been seated in between Dirk and Cashmere on the sofa.

I received numerous stares from the servants who were serving the aristocrats.


I disliked being in this position, but Cashmere was relatively decent for an aristocrat, so that was my only relief in all this discomfort.


“Bunny-chan, you can come to me anytime you want.

I have a special dragon-skin ‘collar’ for you, sweet Bunny-chan.”




“Cashmere, I told you I wouldn’t let you have her.

Carol, I’ll get you a golden collar and shackles.”


“What are you talking about, Dirk, dragon leather can’t be broken even by half-elf magic, so they can never escape And drugging people to take away their freedom is not my cup of tea.”




“Oh-ho, it has that effect”


“That’s right.

I’ll let my Flare be your fiancée, and you can give me Bunny-chan.

I’ll be responsible for her.”


“I don’t want such a scary young lady.

I don’t want a strong woman.

I’ve decided I’m going to raise her to be a lady and keep her in short skirts, so Carol, wouldn’t you prefer it that way”




It is not a good thing, you idiot!


What the heck was wrong with these guys Is this the default state of aristocrats in this country The servants were nodding in agreement, at least on the duke’s side, that they wanted to keep me.


These folks are no good.

They were rotten to a level that is impossible to correct anymore.

Thanks for reading.


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