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That evening, I received an immediate response.


“Um, Young Lady, Carol.

Three people asked me if they could have more Face Lotion.”




“…Yes, I understand.”


There was no way people could consume that amount of products created that fast in a few days.

Those who didn’t get it must have wanted it because they realized how potent it was.


“Next time, hand this cream to the four tight-lipped people who did not reveal anything about it.”


“This, this is…”


This time, the product I gave her was [Beautiful Skin Moisturizing Cream].

Players in the VRMMO game made it for the Alchemy Skill 30 quest.


“Sell away half of it.”


“I, I understand.”


There were whispers and badmouthing of my ‘evil deeds’ in the mansion from the next day on.


Neither Meiya nor Maia spoke a word about these acts, but I could hear them over the other servant’s theatrics.

Many words were used to put me down, such as “abomination” and “subhuman,” but to sum it up, I was labeled as ‘stingy’.


The three people who asked for more [Face Lotion] also apologized directly to me, so I gave them some Mochimochi Cream.


It was apparent at a glance that between the two groups of women who obtained and utilized the cream and those who didn’t, because those who did show a different skin glow.


As I did so, I could see a tinge of impatience in the women who did not get their hands on the cream.

Their badmouthing lost its venom too. 


Is something wrong Oh, dear.


In the meantime, the Commerce Guild stores started selling the cream.

The products were priced several times higher individually than the wholesale price.

There were plenty of creams waiting for shipment.


Also, that 30-something senior lady-in-waiting tried to steal cream from a commoner maid, so I cast [Confusion] on her again, and this time, she attacked a teenage boy.

I became giddy just by imagining what would happen. 


…Huh Casting a spell on somebody without them knowing had turned up more enjoyable before I knew it, but it was not something that I planned on enjoying in the first place.


I wasn’t sure, but I suspect the Commerce Guild may have leaked the information away.

Perhaps someone placed a bounty, but bad actors who noticed that I was the source of the beauty products managed to sneak a handful of people onto the castle premises.


My counterattack was surprisingly quick.

This castle was, after all, the villa of a frontier count.

Without an insider mole, one cannot possibly easily enter, let alone navigate the corridors, without alerting any patrolling knights or staff members.


Did someone who disliked me snuck them in




A pillar of light fell into the courtyard, and in the aftermath … A few figures evaporated in an instant … They just disappeared, disintegrated.

The pillar of light formed a large crater in the courtyard.

Well, I’m ‘sure’ it was ‘surely’ an ‘accident of unknown cause’.


There was a bit of a commotion, but a few senior servants started scaring people away the next day, and the overt harassment ceased.

I overheard what happened was described as the “Curse of the Abominable Child”.


The outcome deviated from what I had planned for, but it turned out alright.


If I had been able to control magic better, I could have taken more peaceful measures, but there were still many magic spells that I had yet to unlock and learn.


I had the Commerce Guild of the Frontier Domain collect grimoires for me, which mostly turned up as useless scribbles, but some grimoires obtained were legitimate.


However, the intermediate-level grimoires I had obtained only had spells up to the third level.


So what are intermediate-level magic spells like Well, it was a bit dull.

It was like a very poor pudding.


I heard that even the advanced level spell books only go up to the 5th level spells, and beyond that, there were rumors that court mages in the royal capital were rumored to have acquired the 6th level spells.


No way, was there really a human growth limit of 50 skills Certainly, players in the VRMMOs completed several [Divine Test] quests and released their skill limits to 100, but….


But, well, one could never be too careful.

There may be people who have transcended skill restrictions, and if there were 100 Players at least Level 50 or so, such a group would be enough to defeat even me in my prime.


There might be a possibility that the frontier territories’ fighting force was not good enough.

I couldn’t believe that the knight who protected the country was only as weak as a Level 10 Demon Wolf.

How is that even possible


That was why I decided to find as many letters of incantations as possible and increase the number of magic spells that I could unlock.

Thanks to the purchased grimoires, I unlocked and learned some high-level spells, but it was still not enough.


I was able to purchase light and dark advanced magic grimoires.

However, it is only possible to buy more grimoires in the Royal Capital.

So I decided to take a nap, changed into my Witch Dress and left for the Royal Capital late in the afternoon.


-and before that.


“Set [Marking]”.


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