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Silver Rose Flare Mercury Prata


Flare Mercury Prata was born to the Duke of Prata, the closest to the royal family in the Caenista Kingdom and the family that had produced many queens and from which the princess was descended.


She had an ambitious and discerning father.

A beautiful mother, a former princess who was likened to the flower of the kingdom, a gentle and talented older brother, and many servants who upheld a long tradition.

Flare was raised by them with love and care, and grew up healthy and happy.


She had the beauty of an eye-catching doll and the intelligence of a bright young woman at the age of three, but instead of acting selfishly toward those who pampered and cared for her, she tilted her head in wonder.


“Why am I in the position of having the foolish ones teach me”


She couldn’t understand why she, who was clearly superior to others, had to be treated by the servants like an infant who was unable to do anything.


“It is our role to guide the inferior.

In return, the inferior is to bow down to the superior and offer everything to serve them.”


“Okay, I understand.”


It made sense to her when she was told that.

But Flare looked at the king, her cousin princes, and others she’d met before and couldn’t understand why she, who was superior to them, should bow down to them instead of becoming a member of the royal family.


She knew the simple reason.

Because they were born into royalty, and she was born into a ducal family, she must support them.


Still, Flare could not tolerate bowing to their inferiority.


“Everything in this world is mine, and yet…”


From then on, Flare stopped bowing.

She decided to take back everything that was rightfully hers.

If it doesn’t belong to me, then she didn’t need it in this world.


The moment she came to this conclusion, the irritation vanished from Flare’s mind.


If it became hers, she would cherish it.

If it wasn’t, she’d throw it away as useless.

Flare, who had decided that she would eventually kill everyone, even the royal family, regained a composure and intelligence that was hard to believe at the age of three, but the Duke of Prata, sensing the capacity of the High Majesty that oozed from her, made a proposal to his daughter to calm the danger hidden within.


“If Flare is the best in the country, she could be the crown princess, couldn’t she”


The crown prince, who was the same age as Flare, had a gentle disposition and was somewhat fastidious.


In times of peace, he would be fine, but if something were to happen, Flare’s name had long been mentioned as someone who could handle the situation.


Flare accepted the proposal.

Flare did not dream of becoming a Queen like an ordinary young lady, but only thought that it would be easier to gain the kingdom by eradicating the royal family after becoming the Crown Princess, rather than just assassinating them.


But their means were not enough.

Although her own security maids had completed their training, she still thought it would be difficult to assassinate the royal family by themselves.


The royal family had one [Spirit Contract] for each of them to protect them.


It seems that this contract was made by the founding king with the spirits, and at that time, the founding king fulfilled the wishes of the spirits and made them swear to protect the royal family from then on.

According to The Founding Fathers’ Chronicle, “The spirit disappeared after many years and went somewhere else.”


Some spirits had disappeared over the years, but there were currently four spirits of earth, water, fire, and wind remaining.


The Spirit Contracts had been weakened over time, but they were still more powerful than the higher level spirits, and could destroy about ten assassins in the blink of an eye.


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