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Chapter 6:

Guest House

It was only natural for Osakabe to be led to this guest house1 after mentioning that he still hadn’t decided on a place to stay during his stay in Jodogahama.

The guest house, run by the girl’s family on her mother’s side, was arranged with the reception desk, kitchen, and the family’s living space on the first floor, and all the guest rooms on the second.

It was small, able to host at most five groups at a time.


“Back in the day, there were loads more guest houses in the area, but almost all of them closed up as the times changed.

The large resort hotels have taken over most of the tourists’ business,” the girl added in a lonesome voice.

“Here too, we’re somehow able to stay in business because of our regular customers, but it’s doubtful how much longer we’ll be able to continue.”


After greeting her grandmother and completing the procedure for checking in as prompted, the girl announced, “I’ll show you to your room.” He followed behind her as she climbed up the stairs.


“You said this is your mother’s childhood home So right now you’re staying here too” he asked while looking at the wooden walls.

“That’s right.

I’m using summer vacation to visit my mom’s family.

I plan to stay here on the first floor until mid-August.

My parents had their own plans and couldn’t come, so it’s just me living in peace and quiet, free to do as I like!” She smiled.

“Sounds nice, right”


“So I’m free everyday,” she continued, “just like you, Osakabe-san.”

“I see, I see… Not to change the subject, but you’re…”

“Nineteen,” she told him, whirling around.

“You were just trying to ask a girl her age, weren’t you”


It’s not so rude if you’re only nineteen, right he thought as he answered, “You guessed it.

That’s exactly what I was going to ask.”

“I have surprisingly good intuition,” she laughed.

“Speaking of, I’m in my second year at junior college.

And although my mom’s from Miyako, I’m actually from Morioka City2.”

“Morioka… That’s pretty far from here.”


How long are you planning to stay in Miyako, by the way”

“At the moment, I’m thinking about a month.

I haven’t decided on a specific date, but much like you, I’m fundamentally a person of leisure,” he said with a tinge of sarcasm.

“That’s quite a long time.

Does your job—”


He cut her off, not wanting to make other people say it.


“I quit my job a few months back.

So I really am free.

All I have is time and a small amount of severance pay.”

“I see… I’m sorry for bringing up an uncomfortable topic.”

“What Don’t worry about it.

I can always find another job.”


Certainly, that’s all there was to it. That’s all, and yet at the same time, it’s not quite that simple, he thought.

But she doesn’t know anything about the life I’ve lived up until now, so I won’t say anything more.

Besides, I’m not trying to get any pity.


“That’s true.” She nodded, convinced.

“By the way, Osakabe-san, how old are you now”

“I’m twenty-five.”



She was left speechless after her exclamation of surprise, disbelief written all over her face.


“That’s rude, you know… I’m aware that I look a little older, but still.

Exactly how old did you think I was”



Give or take.”

“Now that’s rude.”


When their eyes met, they roared in laughter.

So, you live in Morioka, he thought to himself.

Osakabe had lived in Morioka for a while due to his father’s work.

Now of course, his life was located in Saitama City, and his family’s home in Urawa, but Morioka was something like a second hometown for him. Thinking about it now, picking Jodogahama, a scenic spot also in Iwate Prefecture, for this trip may have actually been quite inevitable. 


At the farthest room on the second floor, the girl stopped and said, “This is it.” When she slid open the door and flicked the lights on, the room was washed in a soft, orange glow.

The room was a simple, traditional, Japanese-style room, with as many as ten tatami mats spread across the floor.

Inside were a square, wooden table and a low, legless chair.

White walls gave off a calming ambience.

Along the wall, a tall, ornamental houseplant and a television.

Although not the same view as Jodogahama itself of course, the view outside looked out on a beautiful scene of the port.

He threw open the window and stared out over the ocean.

The lights from the boats flickered on and off, and the colors of sunset deepened further.


“… The sea is beautiful.”


Through the window, the chilly, sea breeze blew out the room’s stuffy air.


“It’s not such a bad room, is it” the girl asked, and Osakabe nodded.

“Yeah, this place isn’t bad at all.”

“Although the age and the location really bring down the ratings.”

He laughed.

“Not at all.

The view of the sea is amazing, even if it’s just the port.

And it really helps that the price is so reasonable.

Really, this is exactly what I was looking for.”

“Is that so Then I’m glad I could show it to you.” She stepped out of the room, leaving behind the words, “Please enjoy your stay.”


Hearing the door slide shut, Osakabe fell back onto the floor and stared up at the ceiling.

While he breathed in the scent of the soft rush woven into the tatami… He reflected on the memories of his time in Morioka, long ago.


Takasaki Minako.


That was the name of the classmate in junior high school whom he had liked at the time.

He had only attended three years of junior high school during his life in Morioka.3 But because he once again transferred in February of his third year, he couldn’t even go to graduation.4 So the last time he had spoken to her was likely during that short period in third semester.

In junior high school, he had belonged to the photography club.

Out of all the cultural clubs, it was the club for the boring kids—it often became the hang-out spot for those who weren’t good at sports, or those who wanted to goof off with a somewhat lenient activity.5 That kind of club.

Osakabe himself was part of the latter group.

Nowadays, of course, his hobby was photography, but at the time he had no interest in it at all.

The first time he even touched a camera was after he joined the club.

He wasn’t interested in going out of his way to build friendships if he was bound to transfer again anyways, nor was he planning on devoting himself to the club.

It was simply the story of a student who had that kind of cynical view on life.


The first time he met Minako was right after he joined the club.

She was in a different class their first year, and if he hadn’t joined the photography club, they might have spent all three years without ever crossing paths.

That was how little presence she had at the school.

She had long lustrous hair.

A relatively well-proportioned face.

A nice figure, with her tall stature and long arms and legs.

But she—Takasaki Minako—was a girl who would not speak up unless it was necessary, going beyond well-behaved to downright gloomy.

But she was an entirely different person once she pointed her camera at a subject.

Her usually dull eyes would sparkle and she would passionately go on at length when asked about photography tricks or how to use a camera.

Most likely, Osakabe was the only person in the whole school to notice Minako’s hidden side.

They naturally began spending more and more time together, and gradually he was drawn to her.

Thinking about it now, falling in love was inevitable.


—And now here I am at twenty-five, visiting Iwate again.

Even if fate was taking on the guise of coincidence, it was likely a single thread had securely tied him to the area.

How was Minako doing nowadays Though he casually pondered that question now, he was certain her life had not come to a dead end the way his had.

Although she was a silent girl, she was rather good-looking.

There was no way the men of the world would ignore her.

He laughed at his own worthlessness and stopped that train of thought.


He closed his eyes.

Then sprang to his feet as he remembered.

From inside one of his bags, he pulled out a single book and laid it on the wooden table.

I just about forgot and fell asleep, he thought.

After coming so far, he wanted to at least write in his journal about everything that happened during his stay.


Today—I left Saitama and came to Miyako through Morioka.

At the Jodogahama bus stop, I met a girl with a strange presence.

Her name was—


His pen stopped at that line.


I forgot to ask her name.”


He was ashamed of his own thoughtlessness.



The guest house is a minshuku, small, bed-and-breakfast style places that are typically family-operated, often with the family living on the same premises.

Generally not as fancy as a ryokan inn, they generally feature simple, but traditional Japanese-style rooms, with baths shared between guests.

Meals may or may not be included.


Morioka is the capital city of Iwate Prefecture.

It’s a 1.5 hour drive west of Miyako.


In Japan, students attend junior high school for three years, from 7th-9th grade (from when they are about 12 to 15 years old).

The school year may be divided into two or three semesters, depending on the school.

Osakabe’s time in Morioka is almost the entirety of his JHS years.


The Japanese school year ends in March, which is generally when JHS graduation is held.

This graduation ceremony is so important that some parents may even find alternate lodgings for their children to be able to finish the year at the same school.

However, poor Osakabe had to transfer with the rest of his family at the very end of the school year.


Unless given an exception, all Japanese JHS students are required to join a school club, which meets year-round.

Changes between clubs are rare.

Osakabe is at least lucky that this school had non-sports clubs as an option.


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