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In The World Of Modern Stallion Man Who Counterattacks (3)


‘This is too creepy…’

‘How did this author manage to write so well’

Even though the book has only begun with a short chapter, readers already felt true horror from it.

They grew more and more curious about what the protagonist will do next and what kind of experiences they will go through in the future.

Because the tone of horror themes is dark and gloomy, it is really not suitable for promoting interesting values.

Therefore, most online literature authors choose not to write horror-type literature.

Many readers’ impression of horror novels is still stuck in the revenge stories of female ghosts printed on some third-rate magazines when they were in elementary school and junior high.

Overcooked bad stories and **ty endings that have no meaning at all constitute their entire impression of ghost stories.

But after reading this new kind of horror that comes in chapters, readers find themselves trembling while anticipating what happens next.

[It’s the first time I read this kind of novel.

It’s too scary and too exciting,]

[Writing well, there are more authors! ]

[I was about to fall asleep, but after reading this book, my brain is awake now.]

[I shouldn’t have read this book in the middle of the night…]

[I really want to read the next chapter.

By the way, who is the person who gave the job to the protagonist ]

[I’m just curious, is this a true story…]

A large number of readers poured in, leaving enthusiastic comments in the comments section.

Even some of the more timid readers couldn’t help adding this book to their favourites.

They all vaguely realised that as long as the author does not cheat, or does not write particularly disgusting plots, then this “True Horror” will inevitably catch fire.


The next day, when Lin Xiaotang woke up, it was already noon.

Because there was no class in the morning, none of her roommates disturbed her and let her sleep peacefully.

However, in the afternoon, they have a professional class.

In order to attend class, Lin Xiaotang could no longer stay in bed and had to change clothes and eat.

Seeing her getting off the bed, the other roommates looked at each other and asked carefully, “Xiao Tang, how are you How are you feeling recently”

Since the rumours spread on the internet, Lin Xiaotang has been hiding in the dormitory, reluctant to go out to meet people.

If there is a class, she will ask other roommates to help her take time off.

Being roommates with the original Lin Xiaotang, they knew better than to trust the rumors spread on the internet.

In their opinion, although Lin Xiaotang comes from the countryside and has a withdrawn personality, she is very honest, and she is not the money-worshipping woman mentioned on the internet at all.

Moreover, Lin Xiaotang does indeed have a boyfriend.

Although she didn’t say who it was, she would message that person every night and even gave him a sum of money every month.

None of them could have imagined that the boyfriend was actually Li Fan.

They also did not expect that so many rumours would suddenly appear on the internet.

It’s a pity that only the three of them wouldn’t be enough to refute the viscious rumors being spread.

They couldn’t really say anything to comfort Lin Xiaotang besides trying their best to help her through this difficult time.

“Do you want us to help you ask for leave today” the roommates asked worriedly.

“How about we go to help you cook”

Hearing what they said, Lin Xiaotang shook her head and said, “no.”

‘It’s just a meal, there’s no need to trouble others.’

People are different.

The original Lin Xiaotang, who was only nineteen years old, was still a young girl who has just come of age.

She couldn’t bear with the violence she received through the internet nor could she stand the advice from the people around her.

But for Lin Xiaotang, who was a few hundred years old and had also been a demon king, what would she think about all of that

She doesn’t care.

She only had a rough impression of the rumours about the original Lin Xiaotang.

After she published the chapter and slept again, she forgot all about the little things on the internet.

Seeing Lin Xiaotang’s calm tone and natural expression, the other girls looked at each other.

‘Why did Lin Xiaotang suddenly become so normal…’ 

‘Could it be that she came out’

They wanted to ask, but they were afraid that it would annoy Lin Xiaotang.

In the end, they just nodded their heads and said, “Okay, then be careful on the road, and call us if you need anything.”

Lin Xiaotang told them thanks and got ready to leave.

She picked two clothes at random, put them on, and went downstairs.

The university canteen is not very far from the dormitory building.

Lin Xiaotang walked a few steps before arriving at the canteen.

After she walked in, many people shifted their eyes to her.

It’s not because they recognized Lin Xiaotang, or the “golden worshipper” who recently made a fire in the school forum.

They looked at Lin Xiaotang because she was good-looking.

Lin Xiaotang has been a female star for more than ten years before and she is much better than ordinary people in terms of her appearance and manners.

Even if she only has a ponytail and her face is turned upside down, her attractive appearance made it hard for people to ignore her even if they didn’t want to.

“Who is she So beautiful…”

“What’s her name I want to talk to her for a little bit.”

“Better than a star.

Is she really a student of our school”

The voices of the surrounding people suddenly resounded.

Have a nice girl

The commotion from other people attracted the attention of Li Fan who was waiting in the cafeteria.

Li Fan’s book had only been on shelves for a short time and the money he made is still limited.

Therefore, on weekdays, in order to save some money, he will still come to the canteen to eat at a good price.

At this time, he was standing in front of the window, waiting for the kitchen aunt to bring the food.

After hearing the chatter of the people around him, Li Fan subconsciously turned his head and glanced towards the entrance of the cafeteria.

Then, he saw Lin Xiaotang standing at the door.

After a short period of amazement, Li Fan immediately recognized this person, the fiancée who had been dumped by him.

‘Why is she here’

Logically speaking, Li Fan was already quite disgusted with Lin Xiaotang in his heart.

After reading the rumors on the internet about her, Li Fan wanted nothing to do with her.

What good is there being around a woman people considered, “gold worshipper.”

But now, after looking at Lin Xiaotang’s cold phoenix eyes, his heart was about to be moved again.

‘Why didn’t I realise that Lin Xiaotang’s appearance was actually a bit better than An Qingyu’s.

‘No matter what, Lin Xiaotang should still have some affection for me’.

‘Or, he tried to coax her and take her to see’

‘After all, aren’t all women materialistic at heart’

‘Just give a woman some money to buy lipstick or handbag, sweet words, and they’ll fall into my hands.’

Last night, An Qingyu’s gentle obedience greatly satisfied Li Fan’s vanity and gave him a lot of confidence.

A wealthy woman can be easily charmed by him, but what can Lin Xiaotang know, a little girl from the countryside who has never seen the world

With that in mind, Li Fan put down the dinner plate and walked towards Lin Xiaotang.

“That’s great, Xiaotang, fortunately you didn’t have an accident.”

As he walked, he showed a gentle smile, trying to impress her with what he thought was affection, “Did you come to see me I’m so happy.”

He thought that Lin Xiaotang would be moved after seeing Li Fan come to speak with her.

However, for some unknown reason, Lin Xiaotang seemed to be unmoved and didn’t look at him at all.

Her dark eyes have been staring at the window of the school cafeteria, looking at the dishes inside.

No matter what Li Fan said, she didn’t bother to look back at him.

‘It’s just food Why is she paying attention to food but not me’

‘Lin Xiaotang must be trying to play hard-to-get with me.’

Seeing this, Li Fan felt a little smug in his heart.

He stretched out his hand and tried to grab Lin Xiaotang’s arm.

“Xiaotang, do you know that you didn’t reply to my message yesterday I’m really worried about you—ahhhh!!”

What Li Fan never expected was that before his hand touched Lin Xiaotang, she broke his arm quickly and ruthlessly!

Her movements were so fast and so skilled that before Li Fan could see her movements, he felt a piercing pain in his wrist!

“My hand! My hand! It hurts!”

Li Fan’s face turned pale and he let out a shrill scream as the severe pain of his broken bone set in.

‘What happened Why is this happening!’

‘Why is Lin Xiaotang acting like this!’

To be honest, not only Li Fan, but even Lin Xiaotang herself felt a little puzzled.

She was still thinking about what to order for lunch just now, but a malicious wave suddenly rushed towards her.

Then, a hand appeared in front of her eyes.

After having developed fighting instincts as an immortal cultivator, Lin Xiaotang subconsciously grabbed and broke the aggresor’s wrist.

After the other party cried out, Lin Xiaotang realised that the person was Li Fan

‘Is he trying to talk with me’

Looking at Li Fan who has a ferocious face, Lin Xiaotang frowned and withdrew her gaze lightly.

She has another class later, so she can’t delay her meal because of an unimportant person.

Ignoring Li Fan who was crying, Lin Xiaotang turned around and left.

Lin Xiaotang’s confrontation with Li Fan, as well as her indifference to him throughout the whole event, was photographed by the peopel around them.

Good-looking girls are often photographed secretly.

Expecially when she’s involved in an exciting scene.

Soon, the conflict between Li Fan and Lin Xiaotang in the cafeteria was posted on the school forum by someone who knew them both.

At the same time, the person who posted the post did not forget to match it with an explosive title –

[Subject: Report! Miss An’s new boyfriend Li Fan and “gold worshipper” Lin Xiaotang met in the cafeteria!】

Li Fan and Lin Xiaotang are the most recent popular figures.

Shortly after the post was posted, a large number of netizens rushed in and finished looking at the pictures.

Then, they fell into collective silence.

【Ah this…】


[…This is the same Lin Xiaotang who people said was crying and considering suicide】

[…No, I didn’t say it, it was made up by Li Fan himself.】

Public opinion is a very strange and uncontrollable existence.

Sometimes, a small change in the parties can easily reverse public opinion completely.

If Lin Xiaotang’s words and deeds were consistent with the content of the rumours, everyone would believe those rumours and think she was such a person.

But once she showed anything contrary to what’s been said about her, it would instantly arouse self-doubt among netizens.

After seeing Lin Xiaotang’s action and seeing her beautiful face again, everyone’s impression of her took on a new look.

The rumours of “gold worshipper” and “entanglement with Li Fan” in the past are completely untenable.

[Didn’t Li Fan say that Lin Xiaotang had been pestering him But now it seems that it is Li Fan who is obsessed with the beautiful sister and won’t let go…]

[I laughed so hard, Li Fan obviously didn’t catch up with others, so he was slandered by rumours 】

[Why am I beginning to think Lin Xiaotang is beautiful】

【She likes money That’s great, I’m willing to give her money! I want her to be my girlfriend! Does anyone have her contact information 】

[I also want her contact information.

A reward of 500 yuan, my WeChat is xxxx】

[I am speechless, is this the real version of “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily”】

[To be honest… if I had money, I would also want such a good-looking girlfriend QAQ…]

Everyone’s comments became more and more crooked and Lin Xiaotang’s reputation had an amazing reversal in just a split second.


Lin Xiaotang isn’t aware of the change in her reputation amongst the netizens.

After eating, she went straight back to the dormitory to get her cell phone and textbooks.

To Lin Xiaotang who had experienced countless assisnation attempts on her life, what happened in the cafeteria was a trivial matter that she already forgot after turning around.

Lin Xiaotang turned on her phone and was surprised to see that several strangers have sent her text messages.

She took a quick glance and saw that the content of these text messages were basically the same—

[Hello Author The Great Demon King, I am the editor of Yunxiao Novel Network.

Your work, “True Horror,” has reached the signing standard.

In order to allow more readers to see your work, would you like to sign a contract with our website Let’s promote the work.

[My contact information is xxxxx, if you are willing, please contact us as soon as possible.】


———End of this chapter. -

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