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I was walking back home after shopping with the girl I’d met at the store.

“Uuuu, sorry for causing you trouble.”

“Its fine, I had my eye on it as well so, I can let you enjoy it this much at least.”

In the end I had bought the oversized stuffed animal.

The reason for it being so expensive was because apparently a famous third year made it using rare materials.

Therefore it was a one of a kind item that was unlikely to be duplicated.

When the staff explained this, the girl beside me had looked like she was drowning in despair.

For that reason I had proposed an alternative, I would buy it and hold onto it for now.

After she saved up enough money, she could come to me and I would sell it to her.

“I didn’t find it troublesome or anything so, I’d be happier if you just say thank you.”

“A, r-right.

It was nice of you to forget how I acted, I will happily show you my appreciation.

Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.”

She seems like she a good person at heart.

“Oh I haven’t introduced myself yet, I’m Rika.

I’m aiming for the dungeon strategy major/ combat division.”

She introduced herself, I didn’t remember anyone with that name so it was our first time meeting after all.

But why is she in disguise It’s probably better not to ask, I’ll just introduced myself for now.

“I’m Zephyrus, hero level 26.

Unofficially in Dungeon strategy/ combat division.”

“I see, your generosity is nothing like the rumors.”

I was in a normal uniform right now, my equipment had been placed on a purification tool in my room.

I wanted it to be shiny for the next time I wore it.

But because I wearing it Rika didn’t recognize me, although of course on top of that we’d never met.

Since I was just going shopping I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t go out in my uniform.

Besides, this uniform has its own appeal and I like to enjoy wearing it sometimes.

After that we were walking along the road as I listened to Rika talk.

It was a little too early for her to feel thankful after listening to her talk.

Apparently as Rika didn’t have a job yet she couldn’t enter the dungeon and was living off of money she got from her sister.

As such it would be nearly impossible for her to come up with 120,000 Mir.

Because you have to update your equipment as well it will be nearly impossible to get the money unless you go to the Intermediate tier dungeon.

Although even then the market has been flooded with materials from both dungeons so the price of the materials has gone down as well.

If you go into the dungeons now with a party of 5, at best you’ll be able to earn 20-30,000 Mir per day at best.

Meaning it could take 2 or 3 months before she has enough money to buy the stuffed animal from me.

I didn’t want to keep this a secret from her so I quickly told her my thoughts on the matter.


I somehow got the impression that she was quite ignorant when it came to the dungeons and took a look at what she was wearing.

There I saw a familiar symbol, a sword Keychain, Rika was the daughter of a marquis.

Now, what should I do about this little girl.

Someone from the Marquise category has access to the [samurai] job.

This is a very strong job that can be used as both a tank and as an attacker.

There are also other jobs such as [girl in a box] which is also for some reason a pretty strong magic using job.

“Rika, I have something I’d like to talk to you about, can you come to my guild for a bit”

I shoved the stuffed animal into my item bag.


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