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On the practice field Rana and the other members were practicing their new skills and cooperating with each other while using them.

Everyone else seemed to be quite interested and had stopped there own training to watch.

If you don’t hurry and get your own jobs the distance between us will only grow you know

“Fuuh, wow I’m sweating a lot.”

“Yeah, that was a worthwhile use of our time.”

Watching the three beauties wipe their sweat off was actually kind of sexy, all though in comparison.

“Thanks Hannah.”

“Kahlua, you should wipe yourself down as well.”

For some reason the Loli group was wiping their sweat off while standing bolt upright.

[《T/N: if while reading this you’re wondering why they didn’t just go shower, it has to do with the types of sweat glands or something or another.

After playing soccer or something in the park with my friends while I was in Japan I was usually quite jealous because I always kinda stank and wanted a shower while my mates just wiped themselves off with hand towels and were fine.

Meanwhile they all asked if I forgot to shower that morning T.T.

So we dropped by my place so I could shower before we went on with our day and I came out to them all on their phones telling me apparently I’m just predisposed to stink…..

that was a fun conversation lol.

Lots of new hard to understand words and there’s nothing like finding out your friends just Googled ‘why do westerners smell bad.’》]

Rana was off to the side taking a break due to mana depletion while sipping juice.

“Its noon, good work.”


We decided to split up for lunch and meet back up later.

After eating lunch in the cafeteria I decided to go shopping.

Although my balance was just 580,000 so it would be difficult to update any of my equipment.

“Oh, this looks nice.”

I passed by a shop and noticed a large stuffed animal there.

Since all of our guild members were girls I was worried that his kittyness would be defiled again.

But when I reached out my hand overlapped with someone else who was reaching for it at the same time.



It seems like a girl had appeared next to me without me noticing.


Our eyes met, she had a long ponytail covered by some kind of head gear, it covered her whole face.

Was she in disguise I could tell she was a first year by her blue skirt, had I seen her somewhere It felt like I was having deja vu, did I see her in the game or something No, I didn’t remember any one like this.

“Did you want this stuffed animal as well”

She talked to me as I was trying to remember.

“Y, yeah.”


But there’s only one, this is troublesome.”

I feel like I’ve heard this way of speaking before.

I searched my memory but couldn’t remember.

I decided this was probably my first time meeting her.

“I’ll go ask the staff and see if they have another.

Please wait a moment.”

But I held out my had to stop her.

“No its ok, I’ll find something else.

You can buy it.

I had given up and was about to leave but she stopped me.


You wanted this over sized stuffed animal too, there’s no reason to just give up”

I mean, I didn’t really want it that much.

Besides even if I bought it, it would just get kidnapped by my guild members.

“No, I’ll be easily satisfied with something else.

If someone really wants it they should be the one to buy it.”

“I see, is it really ok”

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

It was nice to see her running off to buy it with a huge smile on her face.

But then something troublesome happened.

“It comes out to 120,000 Mir.”


Her sorrowful cry echoed around the store.

Luckily I was the only other customer.

“What about 5,000 mir”


No mercy.

But as expected you couldn’t buy it for only 1/24th of the price.



She looked at me with with tears in her eyes.

She seemed to think that if she didn’t buy it now that I would and it would be gone forever.

Her hand was like a steel vice on the bears arm like she was unwilling to let it go.

“A, ah, n, no!”

Where did the dignified girl from earlier go, what am I supposed to do in this situation


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