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Let’s start off with my Status.


Name: Zephyrus

Category: “Main character”

Job: [Brave] LV26

SUP: 22P in total

No limit

[HP 222/222 → 228/228]

[MP 272/272 → 304/304]

[STR 80 → 100] (× 1.6)

[VIT 70 → 100] (× 1.6)

[INT 70 → 80] (× 1.6)

[RES 60 → 80] (× 1.6)

[AGI 60 → 100] (× 1.6)

[DEX 20 → 22] (× 1.6)

[SUP 132P → 0P]

[SP 6P → 0P]


“Body strengthening LV10” “Intuition LV5” “Appeal LV5”

“Sonic Sword LV5” “Hate Slash LV1”

“Defense LV1” “MP automatic recovery LV1”

“Abnormal condition resistance LV3” “Luck”


“Shine lightning LV1” “aura heal LV1” “Recovery LV1”

Unique skill:

“Hero’s Sword ”


With three skills at 100 this means that along with the bonus I essentially have three skills at 160 right now.

As for new skills [hate slash] is a slash that pulls aggro so it’s best to use it on the boss because it has to hit for it to work.

Although if you’re looking for damage it’s best to use [Sonic sword].

Next up is [defence] it’s a good skill that can be used to cover others.

When using the skill you take up defensive stance where you pit your defense against the incoming attack.

It’s very useful for charging or rush attacks.

If the defenser wins it causes a knock back effect to the enemy which essentially creates the perfect opening for a counter attack.

It also greatly reduces any damage received.

Next up is Hannah.


Name: Hannah

Category: “Villager”

Job: [Alchemist] LV29

SUP: 14P in total

Limitation: DEX 5

[HP 30/30]

[MP 80/80 → 380/380]

[STR 10]

[VIT 10]

[INT 10]

[RES 19 → 101]

[AGI 10]

[DEX 65 → 205]

[SUP 322P → 0P]

[SP 23P → 4P]


“Alchemy LV10” “Compounding LV10” “Material return LV10”

“Luck” “Strike resistance”


“Fireball LV2”

Unique skill:



As someone with a production job, Hannah has a status not built for combat at all.

Infact she only has 3 skills all of which are max level, although from here on she should be saving her SP for the 3rd stage which opens up at level 40.

“You should keep going like this until level 40.”

“Hmmm, ok, but I’d like to raise my level up to 40 in the dungeon if possible.”

Unfortunately the intermediate tier dungeons level limit is 35, in order to raise it to 40 she would have to enter the upper tier dungeons which is impossible with this status.

However since Hannah has been with me since the starting village I want to try and make this happen for her.

I’ll give it some thought.

Next up is Kahlua.

“As a [Starcat] I believe this will be the strongest path for you to take, is it OK with you to proceed this way ”

As I said this I handed Kahlua a memo, but after reading it she turned to me and…

“I don’t understand this at all…”

“You don’t understand”

Maybe we should bleach her hair blonde so the rest of the world knows what they’re about to walk into.

“Ok I’ll break it down for you.

To put this simply this is the route I want you to take with your job.

[Starcat] isn’t suitable as a front line attacker and is better suited as a scout or Rouge.”

It’s a job that focuses on speed, it even has skills that can be used to pass through traps without setting them off using pure speed.

It excels at cutting enemies off with its high mobility.

It’s a very strong job.

“As such, we’re going to focus on speed.”

“Oh-, good luck Zephyrus.”

“…….I’m not entirely sure how to reply to that.”

I took my time carefully explaining each step so thst she wouldn’t make a mistake because if you make a mistake you can’t just redo it.


Name: Kahlua

Category: “Cat man” “Beast man”

Job: [Starcat] LV6

SUP: 19P in total

Limitation: AGI 7

[HP 30/30 → 62/62]

[MP 20/20 → 50/50]

[STR 10 → 40]

[VIT 10 → 20]


[INT 10]

[RES 10]

[AGI 10 → 60] (× 1.3)

[DEX 10 → 14]

[SUP 72P → 0P]

[SP 11P → 0P]


“Agility Boost LV5” “Dual Wield LV5” “Knife Throwing LV1” “luck”



Unique skill:



It’s important to increase stats other than agility with the remaining SUP even though it’s a class that focuses on speed.

The reason being because even if you leave AGI alone it will steadily increase, but if you don’t increase the other stats then when you get to higher levels you’ll have the issue of being very fast but unable to do much else besides run around.

The three main things for [Starcat] to aim for is Mobility, Speed, and Firepower.

There are 3 types of skills to look at.

The first are passive skills like [agility boost] which is a down graded version of my skill [body strengthening].

This skill only increases AGI but it’s very useful, I want to raise that to level 10 quickly.

Next, [dual weild] will increase her damage with the two daggers.

Like Ester’s [two handed spear knowlege] it is a passive skill, although it doesn’t raise the status it increases damage output.

Next is [Knife Throwing] this is a long range attack skill that shoots out a Phantom blade.

It’s very useful in hit and run maneuvers.

For the time being I want her to aim for level 20 with just those 3 skills.


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