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“Zephyrus! I came to consult with you like you promised I could yesterday.”

“Rana can’t you ask a little nicer.”

“Its fine, I’m a princess and you promised.”

“I mean, as the guild master I’m obviously going to keep my promise but would it kill you to spoil me a little”

“Probably not but why take the chance”

“Stop messing with her highness.”

“I was being completely serious.”

“Then should I spoil you instead”

“Ciara, you’ll spoil me”

Suddenly an image of the cool beauty that is Ciara crossing her arms like a secretary and declaring her love for me flashed in my mind.

How much do I have to pay to make this happen I only have 580,000 Mir right now, is that enough

“By all means, please do.”

“…..I was kidding.

Can you teach me more about my job as well”

“Fine, fine! Just ask me whatever you want! I’ll answer it.”

“Hey! Teach me too! I’ll cry if you don’t.”

I ended up agreeing since Rana looked like she was already half crying.

“After you finish with Lady Rana and Lady Ciara I too would love to learn from you.”

“Zephyrus, me too.”

“Alright, I’ll just teach everyone what they want to know.”

“Zephyrus is so popular.”

“I’ll help you as well Kahlua, just wait for me because you might regret it if you just distribute the points by yourself.”

“Ok, I’ll wait.”

Rana, Ciara, and Ester had become level 20 yesterday opening up the second stage of the jobs.

Today we will be selecting the optimum skills and magic for proceeding in the dungeons.

It was hard to fit all this information in a small memo so today became a study session.

“First Rana, although to being with you were stuck with buff and healing magic, from this light on you’ll be able to select attack magic.

This means you’ll be able to participate more.”


Rana slammed her hands on the desk in excitement.

“Lady Rana, that was improper.”

Ester was ever vigilant but she looked happy for Rana.

The [saint] job can use quite powerful attack magic but it quite far from a damage dealer.

It also has good healing magic such as rain of life, which is a continuous heal over time that is doubled by the Saints unique skill.

As well as miracle of resurrection which can bring an incapacitated comrade back into the fight.

Purification prayer is also indispensable because it can cure Abnormal states.

I also gave Rana various instructions regarding her status, because there was no dragon statue in the room she ended up having to write her status down on a piece of paper for me.


Name: Rana

category: “royal family” “princess”

Job: [Saint] LV20

SUP: 21P in total

Limitation: RES 5 or INT 5

[HP 90/90 → 94/94]

[MP 210/210 → 340/340]

[STR 10]

[VIT 10 → 30]

[INT 60 → 110]

[RES 110 → 150]

[AGI 20 → 30]

[DEX 22 → 30]

[SUP 168P → 0P]

[SP 13P → 0P]


“Luck” “MP automatic recovery LV1” “MP consumption reduction LV1”


“Recovery Prayer LV1” “Recovery Wish LV1”

“Prayer for total recovery LV1” “Rain of life LV1”

“Miracle of Resurrection LV1” “Purification prayer LV1”

“Lion’s blessing LV1” “Sacred Devil’s blessing LV1”

“Guardians protection LV1” “Magic protection LV1”

“Rapid blessing LV1”

“Blade of Light LV1” “Pillar of Light LV1”

Unique skill:

“Saints prayer”



I looked at what she wrote and nodded, with 110 INT she should be able to do enough damage as an attacker.

OK next.

“My turn.”

Next up was Ciara.


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