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“I present our newest member, Kahlua! [Starcat] level 6!”



The day after recruiting Kahlua I made and announcement at the guild hall but was greeted with silence.

“What did you do after we disbanded yesterday”

“You did the same thing to her that you did to all of us didn’t you.

“[Starcat] is a high ranking job and she’s already level 6…”

“Hahaha, it is Zephyrus after all.”

The other members were all familiar with the way I did things, Kahlua looked confused however.

“For now, why don’t we introduce ourselves”

I’m glad that Ciara was here to facilitate things.

I pushed Kahlua towards everyone as they began to introduce themselves.

After the introductions Kahluas ears were twitching happily, of course Hannah and Esters eyes were glued on them.

I understand… are we allowed to touch them

“You’re ears are cute… can I touch them”

Hannah actually asked! It’s wonderful that she’s not afraid to say such things.

“These are important to me, only my family can touch them.”

Kahlua covers her ears as everyone looked disappointed….I was too.

“Zephyrus, where did you meet her”

“Hm Oh I bumped into her on C street and saw her panties.


Oh, that didn’t go well….

Should I apologize

“Zephyrus, what did you do to her!”



“*cough* it’s fine, I apologized properly and bought her a meal so it’s fine now.

Oh right, I probably should have told Kahlua why I bought her a meal.

“You two went out to eat”

“Yeah, to apologize and discuss her recruitment.”

Why is Hannah looking at me like that

“Yeah, Zephyrus is awesome! He bought me 6 bowls of curry!”

“Where….did you put it all”

Ciara was staring at Kaluahs stomach.

“It was delicious! Can we go again with everyone”

“Mm, I agree.”

Ciara and Kahlua had diverted the conversation away from her panties so I happily jumped on the opportunity.

“Ok, now that Kahlua is officially one of us, I would like to talk about recruiting New members in the future.”

When I started talking everyone was quiet and listened.

“Our aim now is to rise up to D rank, so we have to have cleared and intermediate tier intermediate level dungeon and have 10 members.

Anyone who disagrees with this please raise your hand.”

“I don’t mind, we should rank up as quickly as possible if we’re aiming for S rank.”

“Alright then, since there’s no objection I’ll keep talking.

I checked their facial expressions and moved on.

“Is there anyone you would like to recommend as a member”

Being able to meet new people isn’t something I can ask of his holy kittyness so I don’t actually have many acquaintances.

Surprisingly Rana was the first one to respond.

“I know two people”


I was surprised, if we recruited two more we’d already be most of the way there!

“That said, they’re my servants.”

“Kind of like Ester”

“Yeah, Ester is my escort.

I’m a princess after all so it’s obvious I’d bring my servants..


What do you mean ‘right’!! Although I did kind of expect that.

“Rana is a princess!”

“Kahlua didn’t know!”

Rana was shocked because she thought there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know her.

“I’ll explain later.

Anyway can they join the guild”

“Hmm Yeah, if I asked them to, they’re my servants after all.”

“Ok, I’d like to interview them though.

Can I meet with them”



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