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The category a person is in dictates what kinds of jobs they can get, however this only applies to humans.

There are also other categories such as [cat person], [elf], [fox person] and [giant].

They are a special group that is limited to the jobs in their own category, in return Humans cannot get the same kinds of jobs.

They have many powerful jobs and abilities, when I played the game I also made use of the various races.

As for scouting them the requirements are different, it doesn’t rely on fame like it does for humans.

For instance I the case of a cat person you can scout them if you meet the strength and Mir requirements.

And as such, I’m not being reverse scouted….

“Right now, I’m only 5 million Mir, it’s a bargain! ”


Don’t misunderstand, this is a guild scouting.

For a cat person 5 million isn’t bad, although it’s not exactly a bargain either.

It’s essential to increase the number of guild members in order to rank up.

And the amount of Mir she stated is the amount I reached just now.

Wait, did this trigger because I went over 5 million Mir I decided to listen to her.

The girl I had just knocked over, recognized me and immediately switched into reverse scouting mode.

From her blue skirt she appeared to be a first year and was actually rather cute.

Her appearance passes the test so all thats left is her job.

“I’ll hear you out but let’s move somewhere else first.”

“Ok, are we going to the lounge”

“No, lets go to a restaurant, I’m hungry.”

I invited her to eat but she suddenly looked sad.

“…..I don’t have any money.”

“Huh Not even for food”

“Yeah, I eat breakfast and dinner in the dorms everyday.”

Oh right, there was a poverty setting for cat people.

Cat people are often mercenaries, so someone who is unskilled can’t earn Mir.

That’s why the scouting often starts with the money for a contract.

Although after thst you don’t have to pay her anything else since rather than properly scouting her she’s more of a mercenary.

She’s also rather cheap since the amount can be made back easily from the intermediate tier dungeons.

Although I was a little surprised that she didn’t even have money for food.

Apparently it was more severe than I thought.

“Oh, I can pay.”


“I don’t mind.

I’ve made a decent amount of money.”

Who could leave a hungry child I’m pretty confident in the contract now though, no I’m certain.

But before that I said bye to Maria.

“See you later Maria, thanks for the emblem.”

“Oh, I’m surprised you didn’t forget about me.

See you later then.”

I can’t underestimate Maria’s information network, I don’t know what would happen if I’d tried to buy a cute child right in front of her.

‘The [hero] just invited a girl to a restaurant.’

Maria typed something in her notebook but I didn’t notice.


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