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“Next, I finished the prototype.”

“Seriously Let me see, let me see!”

“Ok, over here.”

Maria brought something wrapped in paper from the back of the shop.

“Open it.”

“Don’t mind if I do! …….oh!”

Inside was a blue, yellow, and white guild flag with a symbol for our guild on it.

“Its a guild flag! It’s such great quality!”

According to an old legend where a hero slayed a dragon I was represented by a sword and dragon emblem.

In the background was a tiara, a shield, a knight on a horse, and a alchemy kettle.

All our founding members were represented in the emblem.

It looked amazing.

“This is awesome!”

I did have a question though.

“Wiat I thought we were supposed to pick out a design.

Why is there a finished product all of a sudden”

Normally you would be able to choose from several designs on paper before getting a finished design.

“Ahahaha, yeah I did that.

We started with all the guild members but the upperclassmen that usually organizes things and directs the process graduated so… before we knew it we finished it.”

What would they do if I asked for it to be changed

“So, do you like it You like it right”

“To be honest it’s way better than what I expected.”

“Good, if I had to remake it that’d be a real problem.”

Why is she whispering

“Then why don’t we go ahead with this design and you take that flag back with you.”

“No, I still need to get the opinions of my guild members first.”

“That okay, if you say it’s good I’m sure they’ll agree.”

Is that so Do I have the right to decide this on my own

“I’m ready to sew and engrave the emblem onto you’re equipment at anytime so you can drop it off whenever you’re free in the evening and then pick it up in the morning before you go to the dungeon.”


We go to the dungeon everyday so it’s nice that it won’t take that long to get all the equipment finished.

I told her I would bring all the equipment by friday so she would be free.

But for now I stuffed the guildflag into my item bag.

“Oh I forgot! Give this to the princess!”

“Oh the price assessment of the items! OK will do.”

I took it and turned around to head back to my room but something hit me in the stomach.


“Oh, sorry.

You ok”

I’d bumped into a small girl.

I was wearing armor so nothing happened to me but she had fallen over so that her skirt was flipped up.

In short, her panties were completely visible.

“Uuuuuuu, don’t look.”

“Ah Aaaahh, sorry.”

She was rubbing her button as the ears on her head twitched.

I had bumped into a small cat girl.


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