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This time the boss was waiting in the boss room like normal, if it was a rare boss then the room usually starts out empty.

“Alright like I said earlier, the boss is 1 knight goblin, 2 sword goblins and 2 regular goblins.

Well use the strategy we talked about before.

Rana… are you going to be able to follow the plan”

“Leave it to me! I won’t fail like last time!”

“I mean, it’s ok to mess up..

just be careful.

If anything happens I’ll cover you.”

If you’re afraid of making mistakes you’ll never do anything, besides it’s ok to make a few in the beginning.

“Hannah, you support us from behind with fireballs.

You don’t actually have to try and defeat anything, just try not to hit us.”

“G, got it.”

Hannah still isn’t very good with her magic so, for not I’ll just be happy if she avoids hitting any of us.

“Ok, lets go!”


The boss waits on top of the wolf with the other goblins around him.

“《Shine lightning》!”


The goblins split up so I was only able to hit two with my magic.

But it should of dealt a good amount of damage to them, it also focused their attention on me.


“《Guardians blessing》 《lions blessing》!”


As soon a Ciara pulls aggro Rana layers Buffs over everyone and Hannah launches a fireball.

Although unfortunately Hannah’s attack didn’t land.


“《Long thrust》!”

“《Blessing of the holy devil》《speed blessing》”


I pulled more aggro from the two goblins I was in charge of and Ester rushes in with her skill.

Our idea is the cut the weak ones down first.

Hannah’s fireball flew near Ciara and struck one of the sword goblins.

“I did it!”

The goblin was knocked back by the fireball, then Ciara followed it up with a well timed shield bash that sent it sprawling on the ground.

In the opening created a switched from Tank to attacker and pounced on the sword goblin.

“《Sonic sword》!”


I decided to defeat it before it could stand and dealt a critical blow on it.

But that wasn’t enough to end it.

“《Long thrust》”

Ester charged into the other sword goblin as I swung my sword at goblin once more finishing it off.

“The boss is moving! I’ll Buff again! 《Guardian blessing》 《lions blessing》!”

The knight goblins attention was focused on the one who defeated the most goblins, that is to say…me.

I was once again a tank.


I took the focus of the boss while Ciara and Ester finished off the sword goblin.

Of course after defeating the emperor goblin solo if I got serious I could probably finish this myself but I’m trying to play towards party tactics.


“《Healing prayer》”

Rana cast healing magic, and although Hannah’s fireballs weren’t landing she was doing a great job interrupting the bosses attacks and forcing it to reposition.


“《Long thrust》”

Ciara and Ester join in the boss fight as soon as their own battle is finished.

The bosses attention changed to Ciara.

Our skills have very similar effects but because I wasn’t attacking and was instead focusing on defense Ciara was easily able to pull agro away from me.

I switched to an attacking role but I only used normal attacks, if you do too much damage too quickly it’s attention will switch off of Ciara so I had to be careful.

“《Healing prayer》”


“《Long thrust》”


“《Sonic sword》”

Ciara acquired even more agro so I was able to use a skill of my own.

Although i wasn’t able to use heros sword, I was afraid that would end the fight to quickly.

“Go, Gobuuuuuu”

Esters Long thrust connected beautifully with the boss and it exploded into light particles.

“That felt good! Good work everyone!”

I tried to raise up a victory cry like usual but everyone’s voice was cut off when they saw what had appeared.

In place if the boss, was a gold chest.


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