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While Inwardly I was striking a victory pose, Hannah seemed to notice something and opened her mouth.

“But I don’t know if I’ll actually be able become an alchemist.

Apparently sometimes just taking an elective isn’t enough, if you don’t have the talent for it you still won’t fulfill the conditions.”

Her saying that actually reminded me of something.

When the game was first released a lot of the jobs actually had hidden requirements, there were numerous discussion boards that were dedicated to strategizing different job builds.

Although the current world only has the statistics that were originally available.

Me being me, I got curious about the conditions for other jobs even if I didn’t play them so I often frequented the discussion boards.

Which means, I know the requirements for the job so, it’s not an issue.

“Relax, you’ve already met the conditions to be an alchemist.”

“How do you know”

“Well, you produced those slimes didn’t you ”


The conditions required for the job is 1.

Activate the skill two thousand times.


Create one hundred of the same item.


Experience a Great failure.

All three conditions should have been met due to the Slimepop tactic.

It seems like the next even was starting as we talked.

The teachers were bringing large dragon statues that when touched will show you the job choices currently available to you.

Those who have just entered the academy have to confirm their available jobs once and then choose electives.

But if the job you want is already available, it’s a month’s vacation!

Although most students don’t actually decide on their job until the deadline.

“Perfect, go check it out.

There’s no way the job won’t show up.”

“What I mean I did use at the shop, but I haven’t even taken the class yet.

The job shouldn’t be available to me”

“Are you trying to say that if you don’t take a class the job won’t show What about those who practice with the sword at home Don’t they always get the option for swordsman right away”

“Theres a difference between a low ranking job like and an intermediate job like .”


Let’s go check.

It’s not like you have anything to lose.”

As I said this I began pushing Hannah towards the statues and we got in line.

There was an enormous amount of people waiting to use them so even though there were roughly a hundred of the statues it was going to take some time before it was our turn.

We passed the time by talking to each other but not long had passed when a cheer rang out from the row next to ours.

“What was that”

“Ah, someone got a hit.”

“A hit”

A hit is what you call it when someone gets a rare job, since they’re rare they are generally considered high class jobs.

The kind of job that would allow a commoner to ascend into the ranks of the nobility.

So what was the hit Maybe the highest ranking swordsman job[sword saint] or even the highest rank priest job [bishop] or what about [sage] the highest ranking magic job.

But, I definitely did not expect what came next.

“I did it![berserker] !”


Hannah and a rather pretty girl that was in line behind me both appeared surprised by my outburst.

My bad….

But it couldn’t be helped, I mean honestly, why is everyone getting excited about

When it comes to jobs, this job is unrivaled, it is one hundred percent, with out a doubt, the worst job you could choose.

It is the king of trash/joke jobs.

Sure it has high stats so at first it’s ok but later on its horrible, you can’t equip armor or anything so it’s basically just a large almost naked man.

I mean honestly, even an idiot, if they made it to their sixteenth birthday would know not to choose that job.

“I choose ! I’m going to be a berserker!”

“……I stand corrected.”

Are they insane

Hannah was giving me her best mom look, so I turned away and made eye contact with the girl behind me.

“You’re being loud.”

She seemed angry too.


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