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“It went that way Ester!”

“I’ve got it! 《Long thrust》!”

Ester dealt a devastating amount of damage to a sword goblin, cutting it down in an instant.

“《Sonic sword》!”

Since I can still raise my level in the intermediate tier dungeon, I’m participating in battle as well.

“Is it over”

Ciara finished the last one of with a crushing shield bash and then looked around, checking the area before relaxing.

“Good work.

That felt good..”

It was Monday morning and all 5 of us had come to the Wildflower dungeon.

Rana was still disappointed about not being able to participate as a healer so she took the role of director.

She was doing a lot of shouting ‘here’ or ‘there’.

I’ll have to teach her how to direct a fight later.

Although for a new party our movement isn’t that bad.

I was able to keep a good balance and fit in well to the party as I was able to both join Sierra as a tank and play attacker with Ester.

Also Sierra is very stable in her position as a tank.

So I’m pretty sure that even though the number of enemies rose to 6 at once our formation wasn’t going to collapse.

“Alright, up next is the boss room! With us all cooperating there’s no way we will lose!”

“Yeah, lets go!”

“I’m only level 17 Is that ok”

“We all have high level jobs, and they have high SUP so even if our levels our a bit low our attribute values are higher than normal.”

“I’ll be cheering you on, good luck everyone!”

Although Rana was excited to be playing an active role now and was excited for the boss battle.

Ester was worried about her lower level, although she is correct, normally level 20 is the ideal level for challenging the boss.

Of course, Ciara is correct as well.

With our higher ranking jobs there’s no need to worry, about fighting the boss.

I was even able to solo the rare boss so we’re not in any danger.

This time Hannah was by my side as we went in, she’d taken the guest bracelet off in order to get proof of clearing the dungeon.

I have no objections to this of course.

“Thank you lady Rana.”

“N- there’s no need to thank me.

Hannah is a member of Eden as well so it’s only natural.”

Hannah was slowly beginning to open up around the other aristocratic members of the guild.

Rana is also making an effort to get along with her although both of them are a little shy.

As such I went to challenge a boss with several beautiful girls at my side.


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