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It was the day after the guild battle, it was a Saturday so I introduced the rest of our guild to Maria.

“Uhm, I’m actually having a little difficulty with the princess’ delivery.”

“What are you talking about Maria We’re going to be coming here quite often, your not used to us yet”

“I see.”

For some reason it kind of seemed like Maria had gone a little pale.

“Oh, can I ask you to do a job for me.”

I pulled the free ticket from my pocket that I’d gotten from Maria last time.

She regained her energy when she saw that.

“Oh so soon Awesome, I haven’t had any professional jobs since graduation season!”

“No its not for equipment.”

There are two main features of Marias guild, the first is color change for equipment coordination.

And the secondー

“Oh I see, you did make a guild recently didn’t you.

Well in that case I’ll make sure to make you a really awesome emblem.”

In the game we were able to create our own emblems, players often screenshotted them and showed them off.

The emblem shop was there for those who had difficulty creating their own.

I changed my own emblem quite a lot, often making my emblem according to the main characters job that I was playing.

I attempted to make my own emblem yesterday but I ended up just throwing it in the trash and deciding to rely on Maria’s guild.

“If possible I’d like you to do the emblem, embroidery and flags as well.”

“Omg I’m so happy I’m going to start screaming! But one ticket isn’t enough, I’ll do it for 5.”

“Wait wait, wasn’t this a free use ticket”

“Yes, but making an emblem and all that is not worth it, although a normal design would definitely be free.”

“Hmm true, but there aren’t that many people in the guild and the emblem is already included.

How about 2 free tickets”

“Oh, but you’re the [hero] and more over you have the Princess who is a [saint].

You’re practically celebrities so it’s a lot of pressure, 4 tickets.”

“Well if we’re celebrities the advertising potential should be taken into account don’t you think Shouldn’t that make it worth 2 tickets”

“Our guild is famous by itself, we don’t need outside promotion.

Four tickets.”

After a bit more haggling I worked it down to 3 tickets with the promise to sell future dungeon materials here first.

There also seemed to be an issue with the drops from the rare boss.

“You’re pretty close with Maria aren’t you”

“Yeah, I was actually surprised that Ciara was acquainted with her.”

“I’m just a good customer.”

Apparently Maria’s household was famous fashion designers do a lot of aristocrats went to them for clothes.

Since Ciaras parents went there fairly often she ended up getting to know Maria.

“Well, we’ve entrusted here with the emblem creation so… I was actually thinking about heading into the dungeon, what does everyone else feel like”

“Sure, let’s go!”

“I agree.”

“I also would like to raise my level quickly.”

“I’ll go as well!”

“Its decided then.”

Everyone seems to have been inspired by the guild battle yesterday and was excited.

We disbanded to prepare and then regroup in front of the abandoned mine dungeon.


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