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Senken freckle tries to overcome the onslaught of king absolute but their formation is hard to defeat and the number of people in senken freckle is greatly reduced.

This shows how important formation is.

The most prominent formation among the attackers was a group of five all wearing golden armor.

A group of seven from senken freckle tried to stand against then but even when they out numbered then ever member if the senken freckle group was defeated.

But something surprising happened.


“Huh That’s Ranas brother”

“Yes, that’s lady Ranas older brother, Prince Yuri.

He’s a guild master.”

Ester filled in the gaps of my knowledge for me, it was surprising.

Although the overwhelming power makes since.

The prince category is strong, although I couldn’t tell he was royalty at a glance because I wasn’t able to see the symbol on his helmet.

The name of the guild makes since now though [king absolute].

And as I watched he used a skill that I recognized.

“[Hero king] is strong isn’t it.”

“Zephyrus, you know about that!”

“Theres no job that I don’t know!”

“Thats off the record… if Zephyrus knows..”

“Ah-, wait wait, I get it.

Don’t ask.”

“O-ok I understand.”

It looks like this would be troublesome, however I’m busy right now.

“Ah! Prince Yuri has been stopped!”

“Hmm Thats!”

King absolute was now heading for senken frackle’s home base.

If this is taken they will receive 8000 points by taking all four larger castles at once.

And even more so it will stop Senken freckle from taking anymore castles for two minutes.

In short its a forced ceasefire and Senken frackle will lose valuable time if they want to turn this around.

In other words it’s forcing PvP.

Senken frackle wanted to prevent this at all costs and was making a last stand in front of their castle.

There the golden warrior Yuris advance ground to a halt in front of a black haired beauty.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing a Hakama, I knew who it was.

“Kiri! ”

“”Who’s Kiri””

Hannah and Ciara were both curious of who had locked down prince Yuri.

“The sub master of Senken frackle! I talked with her before.”

“Not that, why are you calling her Kiri!”

Oh that’s it I don’t know why they’re worried about that though, this is the main event.

This fight will decide victory or defeat!

“Stop distracting me and watch! This is the deciding fight!”

The two of them reluctantly turned their attention back to the fight.

King absolute had 23 members left to senken frackle’s 15.

If they used their numbers they would definitely win but prince Yuri seemed to be fighting one on one with Yuri.

The other members are all holding back watching the fight.

This is a nice development.

Kiris job is samurai and she approached in an instant, she seemed to have used a skill but there was no time for me to explain, I was watching the fight intently.

Prince Yuri was put on the defensive dodging and parrying attacks to the point he wasn’t able to attack himself.

“This..is amazing.”

So powerful, it was completely different from the battles that I knew.

New possibilities for [Dun-life] was revealed to me.

The main reason I wanted to come was so the other members could see what laid ahead.

But it seems they were not the only ones learning something.

This was exciting.

Pi, pi, piiiii!

The referee blew the whistle, two hours had already passed.

Their battle couldn’t finish but the results of the match were clear.

King absolute had 22 members left and 29,520 points while senken frackle had 12 members and 21,320 points.

King absolute had won.


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